Monday, 3 July 2017

Wisteria Writer's Tag // apparently it's tagging time

And after ages of silence in the tagging realm SUDDENLY TWO TAGS WITHIN A WEEK OF EACH OTHER.


This time it's the Wisteria Writer's Tag which is perfect because it's Camp NaNo and this should fit right in.

and yes I know they're Rain Lillies or something like that, not Wisteria, but shhhh. Still flowers. :P

Thank you to Brianna for tagging me! (everyone go check out her snazzy new blog)

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the ten questions asked.
3. Add ten (writing or book related) questions of your own.
4. Nominate people.

1. Why did you start writing?

Because my older sister started. And older sisters always do the cool things.
So naturally I copied her.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

2. What is your favorite book on writing?

Creating Character Arcs - K. M. Weiland
Also I won this in a giveaway and that was so cool because the giveaway hosts actually bothered to make the effort to send an actual paperback copy all the way to Australia. How cool is that??

3. Who's your favorite character to date?

How can I choose between all my precious babies??? YOU CAN'T ASK ME TO DO THIS.
I think maybe- BUT NO. I cannot do this. *curls up under a blanket and hides from the question*

4. What's your favorite way to write? (pen and paper, computer, typewriter, dictation, etc.)

Usually just computer/laptop, because that's the easiest and quickest. ALTHOUGH I do want to try a just pen-paper novel sometime because that would be super cool.

But can I just bring up that dictation is an option?? I WANT TO MEET SOMEONE WHO USES THIS METHOD. I could not possibly do that. Whenever I try tell a story out loud my brain goes on strike.

5. Plot first or Character first?

I have this thing called an obsession with theme and character arcs. Theme first. Always.
In plotting my Camp NaNo novel at last minute, I did it in the order of 
1) characters 
2) theme 
3) character arcs 
4) world building 
5) oh wait yes I also need an actual plot. 
(step five was completed 12 hours before Camp NaNo began)

6. Writing essentials? (coffee, a blanket, chocolate, etc.)

Basically the same list that I gave in my post last Monday. XD But just to change it up a little, another thing I like to have when writing (I've discovered this in the last week) is physical things. I printed out my face-claims for my main cast of characters, and it's been SO COOL. Also I did all my theme, character arcs, character profiles, world building, and plot stuff in one notebook. And that's been really good and I'm definitely doing it again.

7. Favorite quote about writing?

That has got to be one of my favourites. I think it's such an important thing to remember, and it's what I keep reminding myself as I'm writing my first drafts.

And right now I'm SURE there's some really really cool quote about writing that I have written down somewhere but I can't remember. So this'll have to do. :P

8. What's your current work-in-progress about?

OKAY YES. *grabs out handily written synopsis*
Actually no. I have no synopsis. Or pitch line. Or any of that stuff.

Basically it's a sci fi novella with hints of fairy tales, not very much green, a smol determined girl called Michayla and a stiff, logical and secretly insecure guy called Braden (who also happens to wear a suit and sunglasses constantly)
Oh yes and it's titled A Sprig of Green if I hadn't already mentioned that.

9. Music or silence?

It honestly depends on my mood. Usually I'm a very music-y person, and I've got playlists for all my characters. But then sometimes I just don't want to have music. And particularly editing, I'm not keen on having music. But again, it depends. Sometimes I like it with editing too.

10. What is the one thing you wish you'd known when you started writing?

Sometimes I think about going back in time, calmly placing my hand on my younger self's shoulder and saying: YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO BE PERFECT, JANE. DEAL WITH IT AND KEEP DOING THE THING. YOU'LL BE FINE.

*bows* And then my younger self would be terrified and quit writing right away. So I'm not sure there'd actually be any point at all.

Time travel makes everything complicated.

Now I get to think up questions and tag people and ack isn't it exciting?? I'm actually following the rules. *cue shocked gasps from all the readers*

1) What inspired the idea for your current WIP (work in progress), and how long have you had the idea?
2) What are you most looking forward to about this WIP?
3) Have you ever dreamed about your characters?
4) How do you go about naming your characters?
5) Do you plan out your theme?
6) Do you discover the MBTI thing of your characters? (if so, what are the types of your WIP protagonists?)
7) Have you a favourite genre to write in? (or do you like switching it up randomly)
8) What is a big inspiration for you in writing? (a person, book, quote, scenery, ect.)
9) Are you competitive in your word counts, or more chill and relaxed?
10) Do you like sharing small snippets of your work? (*hint hint* :P)

(note to said tagged peoples: if you don't want to do this that's fine by me I only spent half the day thinking up these wasted ten questions ahem)

Sarah // Novus Papilio

Clare // Clare's Spot

Quinley // Adventure Awaits

And everyone else who I didn't mention because really I just don't want to make you feel obliged to do this because you mightn't want to. If you haven't done this before, please consider yourself tagged. Like, honestly. Do. Please. I want to see your answers. DO ALL THE ANSWERING, OKAY? :P

Or else you could just answer them in the comments, because I'm a curious person.

Do you make character or story playlists?
(drop me a link if you do!!! Mine are on my youtube channel: here)
What's your's or your character's MBTI??
(as I said, I'm curious. :P)


  1. I love reading tags. XD
    Yes yes, a plot is a very good thing to have. :p
    As for story/charrie playlists, yep, I make them. :)
    *need stuffs about Michayla and Braden sooooooooooon* :p

    1. Plots are handy to have. XD Otherwise things are a bit bothersome and difficult.
      Ooh yas. You must tell me more about these. *nods*
      *shall flop on skype or oyan and flail soon* (although it's probably already night almost there, but anyways whatever. xD)

    2. exactly XD
      okay, I can do that. :P
      *bounces excitedly* (XD)

  2. This looks like a fun tag! I'll have to work on this one...


  3. thank you tagging me, It means a lot!:) I can relate also, I come up with the character before the story!:)


    1. I HOPE YOU LIKE DOING IT!! :D I tried to think up fun questions so hopefully that's good. :P
      Awh yas. *fistbumps*


    A MAJORITY of my characters are introverts (probably bc I am. sort of), but when I do write extroverts it's a blast. Currently I have an INFJ protagonist and my other main character is ISTJ. Then I have a collection of ESFJs for some reason (though they're minor characters) and my next WIP has an INTJ protagonist ('cause they're masterminds and will be fun to write).

    (and I STILL haven't read the Character Arcs book though I have a copy.)

    audrey caylin

    1. YES LOOK AT HOW RULE ABIDING AND ORGANISED I AM. XD (same actually though, I usually forget about them for aaaages)

      Ooh cool. ACK YES. INTJ characters are really interesting. My sister is INTJ so it's kinda amusing sometimes because it's one of those types that are often either SO ACCURATE or hugely wrong. And having a sister as a reference I can usually tell when they're hugely wrong. XP

      YOU MUST READ IT. IT'S SO GOOD AND AMAZING AND HALP YES. *flails* I have it marked as 'currently reading' on goodreads and it's just staying like that because I've read it and reread bits and checked back and never actually written a review yet. XD

  5. Ooh cool! I'll have to get on to that soon :D P.S I quite like that quote... That's a really good quote *nodnod*

    1. Yeet yas. I can't wait. *jumps up and down excitedly* Saaaame. I really like it, and it's so true and good to remember in the midst of a hugely messy draft.

  6. Hey Jane! We are in the same Nano cabin so I thought I would pop on over to your blog and say hello! I love your little spot here, will definitely follow and am excited to read more! Nice to meet you! :)

    1. HELLO CLARA!!! *flails* I'm honoured that you checked out my blog and liked it. *tries not to shriek in excitement* *does so anyway* It's so cool to meet you too! :D
      *goes to stalk your blog*

  7. DUDE YES I TOTALLY WANT TO MEET SOMEONE WHO DOES DICTATION BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE SO COOL?? I just want to know all the ins and outs and see if it's worthwhile. I feel like it would be so hard... but... I don't know, I could maybe see it as a future possibility? Who knows. Dialogue would be pretty easy, but I'm not sure how it works with quotation marks and punctuation. I need to interrogate someone about this. xD


    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?? THAT WOULD BE SUPER. It would be hard not to just lose track or sidetrack from what you were doing, but at the same time it seems like a cool, quirky method. I must know more. :P

      YAS. *fistbumps* <33

  8. Cool! I liked this post! XD
    My main character's MBTI is the same as mine! INTJ! And yes, I plot out all the characters MBTI types. I like to name my characters based on how they act, usually; or what role they play. :-) I think I'll enjoy writing in Sci-Fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and so forth; but I mostly have done historical fiction in the past. :-D
    LOL, I always come up with characters first! Usually I'll have about ten people I made up in my brain, and no story to put them in. XD XD XD
    I like that quote. ;-)

    1. Thank you!!! :P
      Ooh how cool is that. Ah sweet, same here actually. (although not the names, but that is SUCH a cool idea??)
      Historical fiction is one of the genres I honestly wouldn't have the patience to write. SO GOOD JOB FOR DOING IT. XP
      Yaass I have several of them at the moment. XD

  9. Yay it's a tag! How fun! Tags can be pretty exciting sometimes *jumps up and down excitedly* I love your blog as well, girl! I can't wait to read more from you :P

    1. They can! I always love doing them, and it's always a bonus if I have people to tag. :P
      Thank you so much, Ashley!! :D *flails* That makes me so excited to hear. ^-^

  10. My Main Character is an INTJ. Another characters is an ENFP. I don't remember what the other two are...

    1. Ooh yes for INTJs. *nods* OH SWEET. *highfives whichever character that is bc we're buddies* I'm ENFP too actually! :D


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