Monday, 10 July 2017

The Beauty of Poems // I bought my friend's poetry book!!!

You probably noticed in my vlog on Friday, that I read out a poem written by Julia Ryan. And not only that, but it was read out from an actual physical paperback book.

That, my friends, is because Julia Ryan has her AMAZING poetry available to buy.

Hence today you get a post with lots of beautiful photos (credit to my sister - obviously) and not very many words (I blame camp nano).

When I heard the news, I was so super insanely excited. I bought it that day. And YES, it was, like, a bit over twenty dollars (what with converting US dollars to AUD + postage) but that's the price I have to pay for about 80% of new books. And this was absolutely and definitely worth every cent.

"I laugh a lot
for no good reason
I just catch myself doing it
and then I grin
and keep on laughing"

"her laugh
it's changed
it seems a bit more open
almost a bit more
f r e e "

"I thought that books were
harmless enough
but I was wrong
they aren't just a bunch of words
printed out on paper
they play with your mind
giving you a sensation
of a world
you are yet to be a part of"

Poetry is such a beautiful gift. Reading through this was so amazing and I could honestly feel the realness that was behind each poem. Every poem has a story that shows just a little bit of the author's heart. The part of them that isn't often on display for anyone to see. 

That's one of the things that I love most about poetry and about songs and about writing. It's all like a little glimpse into a deeper person.

"you have to be brave
to let people in
to trust them
with your story
and heart
and love
you can't just run away
bc you are scared"

. . .

"be brave
trust in God
and then
my dear friend
you will find beauty"

I know that with some of my artistic creations (using words, of course, because drawing/paint = nooope) I pour my time and my energy into it and there is so much of me in the stories and the characters and the words and phrases. 

To be entrusted with reading someone else's story and heart should be just as scary as telling people yours. Because we're handling something that is so close to them that it should be frightening. And for me, it is. But in a way that makes me excited and so alive.

Because we've got to be brave, even if it doesn't feel like we can be. 

Check out the lovely Julia Ryan at her blogging corner of the internet to find out more about this wonderful person - and hop over to her poetry blog for some of her amazing works!!
Blog - The Barefoot Gal
Poetry blog(!!!) - Twilight to Dawn
and don't forget to check out her 'my poetry book' page and BUY IT NOW.

Do you like reading or writing poetry?
(if the answer is yes - shoo, off you go and buy Julia's book. If the answer is no. . . off with you and do it anyways)


  1. I love poetry! I'm definitely gonna check out Julia's book :P Thanks for sharing about it here!

    1. Yes do! I absolutely love it and it's honestly so thought provoking and just yes. Definitely recommended. You'll have to tell me how you like it if you get it! :D

  2. what do i even do. all i can do is cry. THIS IS SO AMAZING JANE MY FRIEND *sobs* I legit was tearing up. no joke no lies. <333333

    1. Crying is okay though. <33 Your poems are worthy of many tears. *hugs you tight* I'm so so glad I bought your book, honestly.

  3. I'm kind of broke right now, but as soon as I start working my part time job again, I'm buying this book! :D

    1. YAS GOOD GIRL. <33 you won't regret it at all, I promise. You must take pictures and show me when you get it. *nods*

  4. I really should write more poetry again... I only do it now to go in my stories as prophecies or random things trees and talking branches say :)

    Really nice photos by the way :D

    1. ohh yes yes you should. *nods enthusiastically* But those ones are cool too though. :D

      I know, right? :P

  5. THIS SOUNDS AWESOME!!! I LOVE writing (and reading) poetry, and if you want to, you can go read them on my blog Ink and Page Reviews. Maybe I should go buy it... beautiful pictures, btw. :-)

    1. IT HONESTLY IS THOUGH. *nods* Ooh I might just check those out...
      AND YES YOU SHOULD. *pushes you toward Julia's blog*

  6. *seriously dies at these photos* omw this is so cool. LIKE MY SIS AND I DESIGNED IT AND NOW ITS ALL OVER THE WORLD *flails*

    and yes, her poetry is awesome *rolls eyes* lol XD again, awesome pics!

    1. I'm very much in love with the gorgeous photos. <3 Clare does such an amzing job, doesn't she?? YOU DID SO WONDERFULLY ON IT!! I LOVE the cover so much and ack it's all just so pretty. <33

      Haha, but it isss. XD Thank you! :)

  7. I bought Julia's book too and it's wonderful!


    1. YESS. *shrieks* It is /so good/. I'm honestly honoured to have it on my shelf.

  8. That poetry is beautiful! I love it. :)
    And the pictures are AMAZING. Your sister is very talented with her camera. ;)
    And I'll have to see if I can buy that poetry book.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?? Julia has amazing talent.
      Yass. She's a wonderful sister. :P
      YES. Do it. You'll love it, I know you will.

    2. I'm sure! *squeals* Hopefully I will be able to.

    3. YAY. It's decently priced for a new + self published book so yeet, off you go and buy it. :P


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