Lando Erif :: current blog story

My current blog story :: a collection of short stories.

:: synopsis ::

You think dragons don't exist? Fairies? Fire-breathing kids?

Think again.
I personally can vouch that they do. 

Dragons? See 'em every day.
Fairies? Awkward fact is that I've kinda got one as an arch enemy.
Fire-breathing kids? Well...that's me.

This is a compilation of a few of the more mundane events of my life. 
Like that time that I accidentally turned my birthday cake into a lump of charcoal.
Or when the Twins got duct-taped to the train tracks.

But before you start, I'll just say: 
This is something I don't suggest you try at home.

:: story parts ::

- not officially story but sort of I don't know xP -

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