Thursday, 16 October 2014

Ana's Adventures

   I thought I could amuse you with a few funny bits from my novel so far (by the way, The main character's name is Ana, and it's from her point of view. And yes, I'll probably change the title to something more interesting than Ana's Adventures, that's just all I could think off at this stage)....


Leonora looked at me grinning. I frowned back, “What’s so funny?” I asked suspiciously.

She tried to hide her smile, “Oh, nothing, nothing at all.”

I glared at her then gave up; if she didn't want to tell me, she wouldn't. 

Then Leonora burst out laughing, “Your hair! It’s sticking up everywhere!”


When Leonora got a slice of bread she said, “I would give a toast to you, Ana, if only we had a fire to toast the bread on.” She grinned at her own wit.

Eumin sighed and rolled his eyes, “You just don’t get any better do you?” He said in mock despair.

Leonora raised her eyebrow at him then turned to me and said, “He has absolutely no sense of humour, he just doesn't appreciate it.”

Eumin replied with some spirit, “I have a very good sense of humour, I just know how to deal with people like you who don’t.”

Leonora shot him a challenging look, “Oh really? And just how do you know that?”

Eumin looked at her, a superior smiled on his face, “Well, it might have something to do with the fact that I have experience in dealing with blocks of wood.”

Leonora screwed up her face, “Are you comparing me to a block of wood?”

Eumin gave her a pitying look, “Yes.” He said.


“Yes indeed. We should get to my place before dark.”

I felt relieved; I didn't think this would be the most pleasant and welcoming place to be at night. 

Then Leonora added, “I'm not guaranteeing anything though.”

I glared at her, “Oh yes of course, get my hopes raised to the sky then drop them into the well.” I muttered under my breath.  Leonora turned away and started off down the path again. 

I followed her, and I am steadfastly sure that I heard her snickering.


So far I have 2,767 words in chapter one, 4,877 in chapter two and 2,578 in chapter three (which I haven't finished yet). The synopsis is going to be something like this:

Anastasia Newbridge lives in a modern Australian town. She has bad relationships with her family, and no way to love. When she accidentally falls into the land of Eireraendil, Ana must work with her new friends, Leonora and Eumin, to save the land for a deadly peril.

With the King on his deathbed, the power-hungry Lady Morgal is killing off all the nobles until she is the first in line to the throne. 

The Prince disappears, and it is up to Ana and her friends to rescue the Prince and return him to his rightful position. But with dangerous cliffs, soldiers at every turn and time running out, can they reach the Prince in time?​ 

Hope you enjoyed it!

~ Jane, Misty Maiden