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Dusty Red ~ Part 10

Wow! We're up to part ten?! I really am amazed. Thank you everyone for sticking around so long, you don't know how much it means to me when I see your votes/comments. I really feel like I'm actually doing something someone's interested in. All of my readers are very welcome to comment, so don't refrain from it! I find it much easier the more comments I get, that way you make all the decisions for me, and all I have to do is write!
I'm afraid to impart that I had to make the decision last time. And I have decided to go with option number 2, the flying lizard, as it was my favourite.

I found a picture on pintrest that was quite funny I just had to put it here. That's almost what I imagine the 'flying lizard' (otherwise known as a Seodín Dragon) to look like. I found it rather amusing. I'm not sure why the Seodín in Dusty Red would be hanging upside-down, but the one in the picture is for some random reason...maybe it thinks its a bat...

The dragons in Rocos and the surrounding countries don't grow very big. The biggest they can get is 30 cm long not including the tail, which can be another 30 cm.
I've always thought that small dragons are the best kind, as they are easy to hide and...well, they're still dragons no matter how small they are. And dragons are always cool, and quite often be rather on the useful side or so I'm told. And to use the words of Tolkien (a very reliable source on the topic of dragons)

"It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations."
~ Tolkien  

I guess I'd better get on with the story.

It was a lizard. A flying lizard.

Or more correctly, Flicks realised, a little dragon.

Nainsi lifted an arm and the dragon settled on it, folding its green wings neatly at its sides. “It’s a…” Flicks trailed off as the dragon turned its bright orange eyes on her.

Skilf leant forward. “I think he likes you,” she said.

Nainsi smiled. “It’s a Seodín Dragon.”

Old Ron peered at the dragon. “I niver be thinkin’ I’d ever see one o’ these,” he said in wonder. “Ye’d not told me as there be dragons ‘ere.”

Kendal reached out a finger toward the creature. The Seodín snapped its mouth and Kendal drew back his finger quickly, muttering a curse under his breath.

“Is it your dragon?” Flicks asked.

Nainsi shook her head. “I’ve never seen it before, but I think it’s trying to tell us something.”

There was silence for a few seconds then old Ron spoke. “How can we be findin’ out what the little fella be tryna say?”

The blank look on everyone’s faces was answer enough. Nainsi considered for a moment then said, “Maybe it wants us to follow it, then we don’t have to understand it at all.”

"Sounds a bit clichéd to me," Kendal muttered. 

The dragon spread its wings and flapped to the ground. Flicks watched curiously as it scraped its claws through the dirt. Then it flew up into a nearby tree. Flicks knelt down. “It wrote something here,” she said. “It says, ‘i-fo-lo-mee’?” she frowned. “At least, that’s what it looks like.”

“Aye, follow me,” Ron murmured.

Everyone looked at him in surprise. “Why should we follow you?” Skilf asked.

“No, that be what the dragon thing as wrote. ‘Aye, follow me’,” he repeated.

Nainsi nodded, “Aye, it must have meant that.”

“Well, it certainly makes more sense that way than how I read it,” Flicks laughed.

They set off after the dragon who flew above them slowly, weaving in and out of the trees. It was heading south, towards Manirus. Flicks walked beside Skilf. “Where do you think it’s going?” she asked softly.

“I don’t know, but I certainly has somewhere in mind,” Skilf replied in the same lowered tone.

Just then the dragon stopped. It landed on the top of a large, moss covered rock.

“What now?” Ron questioned.

The dragon seemed to understand and it began tapping its feet on the rock, producing a scraping rasping sound as its claws scraped the stone.

“Does it want us to knock or something?” Kendal furrowed his brow.

Skilf shrugged, “I guess it can’t hurt trying.” She walked to the stone and rapped her knuckles on it. “On second thoughts, it can,” she added, shaking her hand. 

The dragon flicked its tail, continuing to scrape its claws on the rock. Skilf, deciding that using her hand wasn’t worth it, kicked the stone instead. She winced and grabbed her foot. Flicks tried to conceal her mirth, pressing a hand to her lips to hold back the laughter. 

Skilf glared at her companions. “Well, are you just going to stand there? What should I do now? You don’t happen to have a mallet in that pack do you Nainsi?”

The golden haired girl shook her head. “Nay, I didn’t think we’d need one. Besides, you might smash it to bits on that stone.”

“I wasn’t planning on using it for the stone,” Skilf replied haughtily. “I wanted it for your heads.” She turned back to the stone in frustration, slapping it with the palm of her hand, “What is it supposed to do anyway?”

Then the stone moved.

It gave a creaking groan and slowly began to shift. The Seodín flew to the ground out of the way as it opened in and down, revealing a passageway underground.

Flicks stepped forward, but Skilf grabbed her arm. “Careful, you never know what might be in there,” she said cautiously.

Old Ron looked around. “Do it jest be me, or do it be gettin’ warmer?” he asked.

Nainsi frowned, her eyes on the cloud strewn sky, “I noticed that too, so it isn’t just you. I think we might be about to be caught in a storm.”

Flicks gestured to the cave. “All the more reason to go inside,” she replied.

The Seodín stood impatiently at the entrance, its orange eyes staring around the group. 

“I’m game,” Nainsi said at last.

The other three still looked unsure, but then, with a brilliant flash of lightning and a resounding rumble of thunder, the storm broke right over their heads.

Flicks plunged into the passage, beckoning for the others to follow. Now that the only other option was to stand in this downpour, everyone seemed fairly eager to do so. 

The interior was rather dark, but there seemed to be some kind of light at the far end. The distant twinkling drew them deeper into the passage.

Flicks lead the way; the Seodín perched on her shoulder, its glowing eyes fixed on the tunnel ahead. As they drew nearer, Flicks saw that the light was coming through an open door. She stopped and turned to Nainsi who was behind her. “Do you think someone’s in there?” she asked in a whisper.

Nainsi shrugged. “Keep going and we’ll find out I guess.”

“What’s the hold up?” Skilf called from the back.

“Quiet!” Nainsi replied over her shoulder.

“All right, I was just asking…”

Flicks proceeded with even more caution, her shoes making small scuffing sounds on the clay and dirt underfoot. The Seodín on her shoulder flicked its long tail against her back. The door was wood, reinforced with steel strips, and as Flicks crept closer it moved slightly as if blown by some wind.

Then Flicks stuck her head around the corner, the Seodín on her shoulder mimicking the movement….


I was a little more imaginative in my options this time...Just comment to vote for your favourite. (Do like comments...)

1. She saw, first of all, that the light emanated from a blazing fire that warmed the neat, clean room. To the side stood a round table and one or two chairs, a red plaid rug covered the dirt floor. 

2. A tangle of huge tree roots filled the large cavern, forming an underground forest. Along the twisting wood hundreds of candles flickered, lighting up the web of roots.

3. The door led to a massive hall, like that of a palace. Inside crowds of people filled the room. Ladies in swirling dresses accompanied by men in stiff uncomfortable-looking suits danced across the floor. Flicks was stunned at the sudden change of scenery, and stood, staring at her surroundings, an awestruck expression fixed on her face. 


Thank you all for being such faithful readers, I'll have to think up some kind of giveaway to reward you....
I'm looking forward to seeing all your comments.

Fare Thee Well!

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

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Dusty Red ~ Part 9

As you all know I was on holidays last week, away by the sea. But I didn't have to do school work this week either which has been quite nice. A week to recover from holidays! And read books and write stories and just do nothing in general. I think that was one factor (that we needed a week to recover) but having a visit from a Board of Studies person was another. So that happened on Wednesday and as far as I know it all went well.

I hope you're ready to meet a new character! I must say Skilf has interesting friends. I just thought I should add: if you are ever wondering how I imagine the characters in Dusty Red look I have a Pintrest Board for it, so if you ever want to have a look please do!

A shadowy figure leapt out of the darkness and slammed into Flicks, pushing her to the ground in a whirlwind of damp leaves and twigs.

Flicks jumped to her feet once more, as did the figure who’d slammed into her. The small light trickling through a window of the house fell on the stranger’s face revealing a golden haired, smiling girl.

“Well, fancy seeing you here Skilf! Sorry I smashed into you, I didn’t see you at first,” the girl said.

Flicks took a deep breath to say something but Skilf interrupted her. “Hey Nainsi,” (pronounced the same as Nancy) she said, taking a step forwards.

“Umm…Skilf?” Nainsi asked, looking from Flicks to Skilf and back again. She rubbed her forehead, 
“I’m really going crazy now. Knew I shouldn’t have eaten that Winslein gronida.”

 “This is your friend?” Flicks asked Skilf.

“Aye, that she is,” Skilf replied, “Nainsi, meet my friend Flicks and her companions Ron and Kendal.”

Nainsi nodded slowly. “So…am I going crazy and coming down with a bad case of Fingrandio or do you,” she tilted her head to Flicks. “Look like her,” this time she nodded to Skilf.

“Aye,” Skilf replied, even if Nainsi had been talking to Flicks.

“Or,” Nainsi added deliberately, “Does she look like you?” Nainsi shook her head flashing a grin at the faces around her, “But why don’t we go inside? I’ve got a pot delicious stew on the fire, there’ll be enough for all.”

In a short time they all found themselves inside by a crackling fire. “It isn’t every day I get so many visitors,” Nainsi said, stirring the large pot over the hearth. Flicks settled down on the arm of a lounge, the inside of the hut was quite as strange as its keeper. Herbs and roots of all kinds hung from the ceiling and the wooden walls were full of shelves piled with all sorts of oddments.

Skilf, leaving against the wall in one of the only clear places by the door, spoke, “Well actually, Nainsi, we didn’t just come visiting, we have a problem.”

“A problem? And what might it be? Your Uncle again?”

Skilf tilted her head. “In a manner of speaking yes,” she said.

“And in a manner of speaking no?” Nainsi asked.

“Well, you know the magic stones I told you about?” Skilf began.


“Well I took them,” Skilf said. “And…”

“Buried them,” Nainsi interrupted.

Flicks’ eyebrows went up, “How did you know?”

Nainsi turned to her. “I’ve known Skilf forever,” she said as if that explained everything.

“I see,” Flicks said, replacing her eyebrows to their original position.

“And you want advice of what to do next?” Nainsi asked turning back to Skilf.

“Aye, we’re kinda stuck,” Skilf explained the situation quickly and when she finished Nainsi nodded thoughtfully.

“You do seem to be in a little trouble, what with uncles and wolves and all,” she stood in the center of the room staring at the floor as if it might give her inspiration. The only sound in the room was that of the blazing fire and the stew boiling forgotten over it.

Finally Nainsi broke the silence. “You can’t stay here or they’ll catch you, you can’t wander around in the forest forever ‘cause they’re bound to get you eventually. The only safe place is right where they would least expect you.”

“And were do that be?” old Ron spoke for the first time since entering the house.

Nainsi glanced around the room, “Well Skilf, what you want to do is stop this double crossing plan of Lord Cameron’s and ‘save the country’ as it were. Am I right?”

Skilf nodded.

“And what you want to do,” Nainsi addressed the other three in the room, “Is get home?”

Kendal and Ron nodded immediately but Flicks hesitated. 

Nainsi grinned at her, “Getting a thirst for adventure are we?”

Flicks didn’t reply but Nainsi seemed satisfied. “We’ll see when the time comes. But now we must go,” Nainsi said, tossing her golden hair.

Flicks stood, as did Kendal, Ron and Skilf. Nainsi crossed the room and began sorting through a stack of things on a shelf. Flicks watched, impatient now to be off. A sudden thought came to her and she spoke, “You never told us where we were going though.”

“Oh, I was thinking Castle Manirus was the best place. Full of doorways and other such things we’ll be needing,” Nainsi replied without turning around.

Everyone looked startled. Skilf opened and shut her mouth, speechless.

“A castle?” Kendal asked incredulously. “You do understand we don’t want a tour of all the amazing sights around here, we want to get out!” 

Was Flicks just imagining it or did Kendal hesitate before saying ‘get out’? Flicks shook the thought away, after all why would Kendal want to stay here?

Nainsi placed a few things in a bag and Flicks watched in wonder. The things she put in there looked much too big to fit, yet they did somehow, and she put still more inside the pack. “Yes, I am quite aware of what you want and everything. But I assure you, it’s the only way.”

Skilf got her voice back, “But Manirus castle? Are you sure you didn’t mean Rocos castle?”

“I’m sure,” Nainsi replied calmly as though she hadn’t just suggested walking straight into the enemy’s lair. She swung the pack onto her shoulders, slipping her arms through the straps.

“But...but Manirus castle,” Skilf said again faintly.

Nainsi ignored her and kicked some dirt over the fire, looking regretfully at the stew. “What a pity you must be wasted,” she murmured softly. She then lifted a small cream coloured bundle from the side of the fire and carefully placed in in the pack over her shoulder.

She wiped her hands on her blue dress, looking around and her companions, “Now we’re ready to go.”

Nainsi walked to the door and opened it. A frown creased her forehead and Flicks peered out over her shoulder. Somehow, what she saw didn’t surprise her in the least.


The options are rather short today I'm afraid, I wasn't really fealing very inspired when I thought them up.

1. Lantern lights. Moving towards them. 

2. It was a lizard. A flying lizard.

3. A half circle of growling wolves faced them. Flicks groaned, not again.


So how did you like Nainsi? I think she's quite an interesting person really, not that I know much about her! But as we go on we'll find out more I guess. Thank you all for reading and remember not to leave without commenting and voting for your favourite option. Oh, and check out the pintrest board while you're here.

Fare Thee Well!

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The Short Tale of My Holidays

Hello again everyone! I'm back again. And this time I'm actually here. Yeah, sorry about that post on Friday...I just couldn't help myself. But I promise this week's Dusty Red is coming. For those of you who haven't commented please do, I have kindly linked to the post so you don't have to look for it just click right here and comment!

Now, about my holidays. It was a nice time. We stayed in an upstairs flat just a little walk away from the sea, we had to have two rooms so everyone could fit. Even so I slept on a lounge, which wasn't so bad, apart from the fridge waking me up every time it turned on and off.
Also my baby sister Ann got sick and started throwing up on Monday, that wasn't so fun.

At the beach I had nice inspiration for the new novel I'm planning as it's set on some islands and around the sea in general so it was nice to be able to watch the sea and just sit and think about it.

We had lovely weather except on Thursday and Saturday I think, which were a little rainy. Or maybe it was Wednesday and Friday...I really don't remember!
It was a nice time, going to the beach basically every day and just hanging around doing nothing, or as some would put it, just chillin'. 

I didn't actually collect any shells or anything, and only came back with as much as I left with. I did help Clare in her collecting of sea glass (glass that has been all unsharped and fogged up by the water) but I'm not entirely sure why she wanted the glass, and I never really asked I suppose she has a good reason.

The downside of sleeping on the lounge was that if you want to go to bed, you have to wait until everyone else has and is no longer sitting on your bed, and then you can. I think I only had to remake my bed once after my two little brothers (who were dogs at the time I believe) jumped all over it and everything kinda ended up on the floor...

We had a nice photo shoot by the sea, but I'm sure Clare will tell you about that in better detail if you ask. Having a sick baby and trying to take happy photos of her was rather challenging. Even for the people who weren't holding the camera. 
People like me who were jumping up and down behind Clare and pulling funny faces in a failing attempt for a smile. Perhaps I should have said especially for them.

I'm sure they was lots of other interesting things I was going to tell you but I have forgotten all but one, which I will now tell you.
Do any of you remember the post I did about the Battle of Swords? Well, at the end of that post I listed off all my injuries and one was: One greenish grey finger courtesy of the throwing knife. But what I forgot to mention was the fact that there was also an interesting lump on my finger for the same reason. And it turned one month old on Saturday! is still there...The bruise only stayed for a normal amount of time but the lump...well, it must have liked me and just didn't want to leave.

So, now I am ashamed to say I must stop as I seemed to have forgotten everything else...I'm very sorry.
I had a good time but it's really nice to be home.

Fare Thee Well (and don't forget to comment on the Dusty Red post!)

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

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Dusty Red...Or Not...

Surprise, surprise! You weren't expecting this were you? I know why, I just like to surprise you. I'm that kind of person...or am I?

Yeah, I am. Wholeheartedly and absolutely, I am. But if you are wondering why this post even exists I am surprised! You thought that I would actually break the eight weeks in a row of blog posts? Well, you were wrong. Here you are reading the ninth post in nine weeks, aren't you lucky!
I just couldn't bear to break to pattern, it would be so sad...and I could no longer say I'd posted every week for...however long.
That would be so disappointing...

But now I guess I'd better be getting to the story...Oh, hang on a second! There's something very important written under the picture...

"Sorry, the author of this post has disappeared. I'm afraid to impart to you that this was merely a scheduled post and the Misty Maiden is still on holidays."

Well, will you look at that! So I am. But this still counts as a post, so I haven't interrupted my weekly posting thingy! He he he...

See you next week!

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

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Dusty Red ~ Part 8

Congratulations to all of you who commented on last week's post! You all did very well. It's ok, I'll think up the options this time. Now you know how I feel every week! I had a bit of trouble deciding what option to choose, but I've settled with Sarah's idea: Skilf glanced around then said, "My evil uncle, Lord Cameron... He doesn't like me very much."
The name is a little out of place but it's better than nothing. It's a Scottish name I think, I also have a feeling it means 'crooked nose'. Maybe he has a big nose...No offence to Sarah. Far be it from me to disparage your idea, it's more a case of discussing.
It's a rather busy day today, as we are going on holidays tomorrow morning and it was my oldest sister's 18th birthday yesterday...Happy Birthday Clare. (Now you're positively ancient!)
But I have an announcement! Since we are on holidays for a week I'm afraid we'll miss next week's instalment....I know, it's very sad. Also I probably won't be able to publish your comments until we get back, so you'll have to bear with me until then. Today's post slightly more confusing and odd than usual for the reason that everyone is running around like headless chooks trying to get everything ready. So, sorry for that also, but I'll do my best.
Just in case you've forgotten I'll put the last few lines from part 7 at the beginning of the story...

“Sent them?” Flicks asked, “But aren’t they wild?”

Skilf shook her head, “These are no normal wolves.”

Kendal shifted, making the thatch creak ominously. “I hope the roof doesn’t collapse,” Skilf said meaningfully.

Kendal scowled at her. “Who sent them?” he asked shortly.

Skilf glanced around then said, "My evil uncle, Lord Cameron... He doesn't like me very much.”

“Sounds like something in a book,” Flicks muttered.

Skilf took a deep breath, “Perhaps I should explain.”

“Yes, and you should start with why in the world you came up here in the middle of the night,” Kendal said.

Skilf nodded. “It’s hard to know how to begin,” she ran her fingers through her hair. 

“Just start at why you came up here,” Kendal repeated.

“Well,” Skilf began, “I live with my uncle, because both my parents have gone missing. They just completely disappeared into nothing. My uncle has never liked me but he had no choice but to take me in, as everyone expected it of him. 

To cut a long story short, I came here to get away from him. I’ve been here before, and I knew that my uncle was too superstitious to follow me here, I figured without the wolves,” Skilf sighed, “I forgot about them.”

“But why did you want to run away from this Lord Cameron?” Flicks asked.

Skilf glanced at her. “The fact that I happened to steal something from him might have something to do with it,” she said, sarcasm lacing her voice.

“Ye stole somethin’ ye say? Why?” Old Ron said, his voice curious.

“Because he was trying to give it to our greatest enemy,” Skilf said, her voice low but insistent, “The Maniruns.”

“And who, may I ask, are they?” Kendal said acidly.

“They’re the people from the country below Rocos,” Skilf returned, “And there’s no need to be so high and mighty. I doubt you’ll find a country more full of evil people.”

Flicks laid a hand on Skilf’s arm, “But why did you do it?”

Skilf calmed herself with a deep breath. “Because no one else could do anything. I had to stop Lord Cameron’s plan. Besides, he wants to use me.”

Flicks felt the cold night air wrap itself around her arms, seeping into her very bones. “They want to use you?” she asked softly, her voice shaking.

“Aye,” Skilf said. “To them I’m a thing they can use at their will,” her eyes hardened, “But I will not be what they want. They cannot force me.”

“But what do they want?” Kendal roared in frustration.

Skilf stared at Kendal. “They want the magic,” she paused darkly, then she continued, “They want someone who can use magic.”

Old Ron’s eyes widened and his mouth opened and closed silently, Flicks groaned and buried her head in her hands. Surprisingly Kendal made no comment.

Eventually Flicks broke the silence, “What kind of magic?”

“Not good, or bad,” Skilf answered, “It is whatever the user makes it. Some say it is a gift, yet to others it is a curse.”

Flicks swallowed, “So…you’re magic?”

“In a manner of speaking, aye,” Skilf nodded, “There are many different kinds of magic. And many different ways to receive it, some are born with it, some find the magic stones, but others get it in a different way.”

“And what way is that?” Kendal asked.

Skilf locked her eyes with his, “The other way is when you are immersed in magic from somewhere else and when you get out of it, if you actually manage to, some of the magic still remains inside you. That is why it is considered dangerous to tamper with magic, and rightly so. It is not wise to entrust magic in the wrong hands.”

Kendal looked away, effecting carelessness, but Flicks had noticed the look and felt a tingling up and down her spine. What was wrong?

“Well can’t you be usein' magic to get rid o' the wolves?” Old Ron asked.

Skilf turned her gaze on him, “Sadly no. My magic comes from the Magic Rune Stones I stole.”

Flicks raised her eyebrows questioningly, “And?”

“And I buried them a while back,” Skilf rejoined, tossing her head.

“You what?” Kendal asked incredulously.

“I buried them,” Skilf repeated, “No doubt Uncle Cameron is furious and wants to kill me for stealing them from his house. But at the time I couldn’t think of any other way to stop his plan.”

“So,” Flicks said slowly, “To summarise, you took the magic rocks from your uncle to stop his plan of double crossing with the enemy.” Flicks looked at Skilf, “Right?”

“Basically,” she said, “Anything else you need to know?”

Old Ron spoke up, “Where ha' the wolves a disappeared to?”

Skilf sat up swiftly, causing the roof to groan ominously. She crawled to the edge of the thatch and peered over.

“Anything?” Flicks asked.

Skilf wriggled back from the edge again, “No, they’re gone.”

“But why, and where to?” Flicks murmured thoughtfully.

Skilf shook her head, “They’ve gone to fetch my uncle. Now that they know where we are, it won’t take too much to catch us.” She glanced at the faces around her, “It’s time to make ourselves scarce.”

“Good,” Kendal grumbled, “I’m sick of lying here.” He shuffled over to the side of the roof and jumped down.

“Careful!” Skilf warned, “There might be wolves left guarding.”

“You can come down now, there’s nothing here.”

Flicks shrugged and crawled to the edge, dropping to the ground below. The mist had cleared somewhat, and the shapes of densely wooded mountains loomed around them, giving a sinister feel to the place.

“Where to now?” Old Ron questioned, when they were all on the ground.

“I say, we visit an old friend of mine,” Skilf said, shrugging. “She’ll probably have some idea of what we could do." 

Kendal shrugged, “Lead on.”

Skilf raised her eyebrows and then began north towards the trees, calling over her shoulder as she went, “Try not to leave too many tracks.”

Kendal grunted and he and Old Ron picked their way after her. Flicks frowned, there was an idea just out of reach in her mind, an explanation of Kendal’s strange behaviour. But it proved elusive, and she shrugged, pushing the thought aside and hurried to catch up to her companions.

After tramping through the forest for some time Flicks noticed a house up ahead.
“Here we are,” Skilf said. She raised her hand to knock on the door but jerked back in surprise as…


Now everyone can sigh in relief, options pre-thought-of for you to choose. What luxury! All you have to do is pick a number and comment below!

1. A piercing shriek echoed around the trees, coming from behind them.

2. The door jerked open with a loud bang and a cloud of blue smoke swirled from the interior.

3. A shadowy figure leapt out of the darkness and slammed into Flicks, pushing her to the ground in a whirlwind of damp leaves and twigs.


I hope you enjoyed instalment eight, and don't forget to comment. I'll be back in a week.

Fare Thee Well!

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

Friday, 1 May 2015

Dusty Red ~ Part 7

I must say that all you readers are very lucky that I actually posted today. You see, my cousin Jessica is here, I've been counting down the days for weeks now... But anyway I took the time to do this, just for those who don't have their cousin to distract them from reading blogs. As I'm writing this it is actually Wednesday, so on Friday (which will be today by the time you read this) I really won't have to do much other than click publish... I wrote the actual story on Tuesday and Monday, not that it really matters. Also on Tuesday I got a little distracted from writing; I was just sitting at the computer thinking about 'Rocos' and where that might actually be, and then I started making a map and this is the result!

It just occurred to me that I don't have a compass thing...I'll have to fix that.

It took me most of the afternoon but I'm quite pleased with the result! I decided to put Rocos in a place I knew, so it is now in the same world as Eirerandil, which is where 'The Bridge of Anskar' is set. I haven't decided on the name of the North/top country above Rocos as of yet but I'll work it out sometime. For your information, the circle of grey termite mound looking things in Rocos is actually the Stone Circle.
I've been told that I'd have to change the name of the story soon or else get them back to somewhere dusty again. But I object, it's called dusty red, because of the colour of Flicks' hair, as well as because of where it was set. Besides, when I named it I didn't know they were going to get world transported, that was all your fault! I do understand why I might have to change the picture though... 

But now, to the story, the votes were for us Two B not not to be...if that made any sense...

Ron’s mouth opened and closed for a few seconds then he burst into tears again, “All my experiments were wasted! Now I’ll have to live out my days in a freezing place with rocks and clouds for company!” Flicks knelt beside him and patted his shoulder. Skilf stiffened, holding up a finger for silence, and everyone heard the scuffing, sniffling sound that came from outside the hut. Skilf bit her lip and when she spoke her voice was a hoarse whisper, “Wolves.”

Ron sniffed, “Wolves?”

“Aye, wolves,” Skilf replied, “We’ll have to find a place in here to hold them off.” 

Flicks looked around, “But where?” She felt her heart quicken again and she caught sight of two gleaming eyes near the hole.

Skilf crouched and picked up a fist sized rock from the floor, hefting it in her hand and watching the wolf vigilantly. The eyes came closer and Flicks heard a low growl, she too picked up a rock. Flicks threw the rock, using the force of her whole body to send it spinning in a direct line, right to where she aimed it.

The wolf yelped and disappeared. Skilf nodded to Flicks, “Good shot. But we’ve got to be careful, these are no normal wolves. We need a more defendable position.” Her gaze swept the room and she crossed to the other side of the hut, carefully avoiding the entrance where the wolf had disappeared from. 

Flicks edged towards the gap in the wall, peering out tentatively. Wolves surrounded the small hut, their bright eyes gleaming in the night, their grey coats merely shadows. Flicks drew back as they growled menacingly, returning to where Kendal and Ron stood.

Kendal was fingering his gun, tossing it in the air and catching it again. It flashed in the dim moonlight as it spun through the air. Flicks pursed her lips, one gun wouldn’t help much.

“Hey Flicks!” Skilf called, “If everyone comes over here and lends a hand we can stack up some of these stones and climb onto the roof.” 

Flicks nodded, even if she knew Skilf couldn’t see. “C’mon,” she said to Ron, smiling at him. She glanced at Kendal but he had already replaced his gun in his belt and was picking his way towards Skilf. Flicks shivered, something was wrong, Kendal was never this quiet and helpful. Then she shrugged, it was probably just the shock of being stuck in a place like this. 


The corner Skilf stood in was relatively whole, and she’d already stacked plenty of rocks in a neat pile. She nodded to them now, “If we lug them over to the hole in the roof we can stack ‘em up and climb out.” Skilf glanced at Kendal and said, somewhat stiffly, “Would you mind keeping guard?” Kendal didn’t reply but he went over to the gap, his gun in his hand again.

The others hurried in the job of stacking up the stones, Skilf packed them together below the hole in the roof, so they wouldn’t tip when someone stood on them. They’d only been doing it for a short time when Kendal warned, “They’re closing in.”

Skilf looked out over his shoulder and pressed her lip together, “That’ll have to do. They’re coming for us now.” She turned around and scrutinized Ron, “You’ll have to go up after someone else as you’re the shortest and I’m not sure if you can do it without help.” She thought quickly, “Flicks, you guard and Kendal will go up, then Ron.” She paused looking unsure.

“You can go up before me,” Flicks said, taking her place at the gap. The dark shapes of the wolves were even closer now, the growl had changed to a snarl. They were tired of waiting, it was time to attack.

Kendal pulled himself through the roof which groaned and creaked under him. “Spread out your weight so the roof doesn’t collapse,” Skilf called from below.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Kendal snapped back at her, grudgingly reaching down to help old Ron, grunting with effort as Ron scrambled up beside him. Flicks didn’t turn around but she knew something was definitely wrong, the old Kendal would never have helped Ron.

The wolves were but a few meters away, Flicks hurled a rock at one but it dodged aside and barely hesitated in its advance. The eyes of every wolf were on Flicks, she tried to think of something else she could do. She dropped her gaze, lowering her head and pretending to look down, but still watching the wolves through a fringe of her hair.

“I’m going up,” Skilf called, pulling herself through the gap. 

Flicks took a deep breath, “Do I just run?” she asked her voice tight with nervous tension.  

“Aye!” Skilf shouted down, “Now!”

Flicks dashed to the hole in the roof, the distance seeming huge. She heard a howl from behind as the wolves surged after her. Flicks had no time to think, she jumped, feeling arms grab her from above pulling her to safety. 

Flicks sensed a wolf below her and kicked out with her leg, hitting something soft that fell back at her thrust.

Then she was on the roof, winded but safe - for the moment.

Skilf knelt beside her, her breath coming in gasps. “You...Ok?” she asked.

“I think so,” Flicks panted, “That was close though, I hope I never see a wolf again in all my life.”

Skilf nodded, “Aye, it was much closer than I thought it would be. I should’ve been the one down there.”

Flicks shook her head, “No, I may not have been so quick at pulling you up. I’m fine, but what are we going to do now?”

Skilf twisted her mouth, “Wait until morning I guess, and hope the roof doesn’t cave in before then, and the wolves don’t have exceptional climbing skills.”

A howl came from below, along with vicious snarls and growls. Flicks felt the roof beneath her shake as the wolves leapt up, trying to get at the four huddled on the roof.

Old Ron propped up himself up on his elbow, “When do mornin’ be anyways?”

Skilf shrugged, “Hard to say, since I have no idea. But I started walking up here at midnight, if that helps at all.”

Ron frowned, “Not really, but do there be nothing we can be doin’?”

“I can’t think of anything, but if you have an idea I’m open for suggestions,” Skilf said, hurriedly pulling her legs away from the edge of the roof as snapping jaws chomped the air near them. “The wolves probably won’t leave until dawn, unless whoever sent them comes, but we won’t be any better off then,” Skilf said grimly.

“Sent them?” Flicks asked, “But aren’t they wild?”

Skilf shook her head, “These are no normal wolves.”

Kendal shifted, making the thatch creak ominously. “I hope the roof doesn’t collapse,” Skilf said meaningfully.

Kendal scowled at her. “Who sent them?” he asked shortly.

Skilf glanced around then said… 


 You may be asking why you see no options here, I say, ahh, but there is! Only I'm doing something slightly different this time, but there are still options, here they are:

1. It's just the same...

2. except you have to...

3. think up the options.

Even more of the 'choose your own adventure' now! This is just for fun remember so don't worry, you don't have to come up with anything amazing. It can be just a short summary of the general thing that might happen in instalment 8, or what you think Skilf might be about to say. Just randomly brainstorm and I’m sure you’ll come up with something, even if it is as weird as Skilf saying, “The Fluffy Bunnies!” And, to add to the bargain, that would be really funny.
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Fare thee well! (Greybeard Halt)

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

Friday's update: I'm finding this rather amusing reading this is kind of confusing. Sorry about that...but at least I remembered to publish this!