Friday, 15 May 2015

Dusty Red...Or Not...

Surprise, surprise! You weren't expecting this were you? I know why, I just like to surprise you. I'm that kind of person...or am I?

Yeah, I am. Wholeheartedly and absolutely, I am. But if you are wondering why this post even exists I am surprised! You thought that I would actually break the eight weeks in a row of blog posts? Well, you were wrong. Here you are reading the ninth post in nine weeks, aren't you lucky!
I just couldn't bear to break to pattern, it would be so sad...and I could no longer say I'd posted every week for...however long.
That would be so disappointing...

But now I guess I'd better be getting to the story...Oh, hang on a second! There's something very important written under the picture...

"Sorry, the author of this post has disappeared. I'm afraid to impart to you that this was merely a scheduled post and the Misty Maiden is still on holidays."

Well, will you look at that! So I am. But this still counts as a post, so I haven't interrupted my weekly posting thingy! He he he...

See you next week!

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

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