Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Short Tale of My Holidays

Hello again everyone! I'm back again. And this time I'm actually here. Yeah, sorry about that post on Friday...I just couldn't help myself. But I promise this week's Dusty Red is coming. For those of you who haven't commented please do, I have kindly linked to the post so you don't have to look for it just click right here and comment!

Now, about my holidays. It was a nice time. We stayed in an upstairs flat just a little walk away from the sea, we had to have two rooms so everyone could fit. Even so I slept on a lounge, which wasn't so bad, apart from the fridge waking me up every time it turned on and off.
Also my baby sister Ann got sick and started throwing up on Monday, that wasn't so fun.

At the beach I had nice inspiration for the new novel I'm planning as it's set on some islands and around the sea in general so it was nice to be able to watch the sea and just sit and think about it.

We had lovely weather except on Thursday and Saturday I think, which were a little rainy. Or maybe it was Wednesday and Friday...I really don't remember!
It was a nice time, going to the beach basically every day and just hanging around doing nothing, or as some would put it, just chillin'. 

I didn't actually collect any shells or anything, and only came back with as much as I left with. I did help Clare in her collecting of sea glass (glass that has been all unsharped and fogged up by the water) but I'm not entirely sure why she wanted the glass, and I never really asked I suppose she has a good reason.

The downside of sleeping on the lounge was that if you want to go to bed, you have to wait until everyone else has and is no longer sitting on your bed, and then you can. I think I only had to remake my bed once after my two little brothers (who were dogs at the time I believe) jumped all over it and everything kinda ended up on the floor...

We had a nice photo shoot by the sea, but I'm sure Clare will tell you about that in better detail if you ask. Having a sick baby and trying to take happy photos of her was rather challenging. Even for the people who weren't holding the camera. 
People like me who were jumping up and down behind Clare and pulling funny faces in a failing attempt for a smile. Perhaps I should have said especially for them.

I'm sure they was lots of other interesting things I was going to tell you but I have forgotten all but one, which I will now tell you.
Do any of you remember the post I did about the Battle of Swords? Well, at the end of that post I listed off all my injuries and one was: One greenish grey finger courtesy of the throwing knife. But what I forgot to mention was the fact that there was also an interesting lump on my finger for the same reason. And it turned one month old on Saturday! Yes...it is still there...The bruise only stayed for a normal amount of time but the lump...well, it must have liked me and just didn't want to leave.

So, now I am ashamed to say I must stop as I seemed to have forgotten everything else...I'm very sorry.
I had a good time but it's really nice to be home.

Fare Thee Well (and don't forget to comment on the Dusty Red post!)

~ Jane, Misty Maiden


  1. Oh the sea glass that was for a secret potion mwhahhh mwhaaa!


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