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Dusty Red ~ Part 7

I must say that all you readers are very lucky that I actually posted today. You see, my cousin Jessica is here, I've been counting down the days for weeks now... But anyway I took the time to do this, just for those who don't have their cousin to distract them from reading blogs. As I'm writing this it is actually Wednesday, so on Friday (which will be today by the time you read this) I really won't have to do much other than click publish... I wrote the actual story on Tuesday and Monday, not that it really matters. Also on Tuesday I got a little distracted from writing; I was just sitting at the computer thinking about 'Rocos' and where that might actually be, and then I started making a map and this is the result!

It just occurred to me that I don't have a compass thing...I'll have to fix that.

It took me most of the afternoon but I'm quite pleased with the result! I decided to put Rocos in a place I knew, so it is now in the same world as Eirerandil, which is where 'The Bridge of Anskar' is set. I haven't decided on the name of the North/top country above Rocos as of yet but I'll work it out sometime. For your information, the circle of grey termite mound looking things in Rocos is actually the Stone Circle.
I've been told that I'd have to change the name of the story soon or else get them back to somewhere dusty again. But I object, it's called dusty red, because of the colour of Flicks' hair, as well as because of where it was set. Besides, when I named it I didn't know they were going to get world transported, that was all your fault! I do understand why I might have to change the picture though... 

But now, to the story, the votes were for us Two B not not to be...if that made any sense...

Ron’s mouth opened and closed for a few seconds then he burst into tears again, “All my experiments were wasted! Now I’ll have to live out my days in a freezing place with rocks and clouds for company!” Flicks knelt beside him and patted his shoulder. Skilf stiffened, holding up a finger for silence, and everyone heard the scuffing, sniffling sound that came from outside the hut. Skilf bit her lip and when she spoke her voice was a hoarse whisper, “Wolves.”

Ron sniffed, “Wolves?”

“Aye, wolves,” Skilf replied, “We’ll have to find a place in here to hold them off.” 

Flicks looked around, “But where?” She felt her heart quicken again and she caught sight of two gleaming eyes near the hole.

Skilf crouched and picked up a fist sized rock from the floor, hefting it in her hand and watching the wolf vigilantly. The eyes came closer and Flicks heard a low growl, she too picked up a rock. Flicks threw the rock, using the force of her whole body to send it spinning in a direct line, right to where she aimed it.

The wolf yelped and disappeared. Skilf nodded to Flicks, “Good shot. But we’ve got to be careful, these are no normal wolves. We need a more defendable position.” Her gaze swept the room and she crossed to the other side of the hut, carefully avoiding the entrance where the wolf had disappeared from. 

Flicks edged towards the gap in the wall, peering out tentatively. Wolves surrounded the small hut, their bright eyes gleaming in the night, their grey coats merely shadows. Flicks drew back as they growled menacingly, returning to where Kendal and Ron stood.

Kendal was fingering his gun, tossing it in the air and catching it again. It flashed in the dim moonlight as it spun through the air. Flicks pursed her lips, one gun wouldn’t help much.

“Hey Flicks!” Skilf called, “If everyone comes over here and lends a hand we can stack up some of these stones and climb onto the roof.” 

Flicks nodded, even if she knew Skilf couldn’t see. “C’mon,” she said to Ron, smiling at him. She glanced at Kendal but he had already replaced his gun in his belt and was picking his way towards Skilf. Flicks shivered, something was wrong, Kendal was never this quiet and helpful. Then she shrugged, it was probably just the shock of being stuck in a place like this. 


The corner Skilf stood in was relatively whole, and she’d already stacked plenty of rocks in a neat pile. She nodded to them now, “If we lug them over to the hole in the roof we can stack ‘em up and climb out.” Skilf glanced at Kendal and said, somewhat stiffly, “Would you mind keeping guard?” Kendal didn’t reply but he went over to the gap, his gun in his hand again.

The others hurried in the job of stacking up the stones, Skilf packed them together below the hole in the roof, so they wouldn’t tip when someone stood on them. They’d only been doing it for a short time when Kendal warned, “They’re closing in.”

Skilf looked out over his shoulder and pressed her lip together, “That’ll have to do. They’re coming for us now.” She turned around and scrutinized Ron, “You’ll have to go up after someone else as you’re the shortest and I’m not sure if you can do it without help.” She thought quickly, “Flicks, you guard and Kendal will go up, then Ron.” She paused looking unsure.

“You can go up before me,” Flicks said, taking her place at the gap. The dark shapes of the wolves were even closer now, the growl had changed to a snarl. They were tired of waiting, it was time to attack.

Kendal pulled himself through the roof which groaned and creaked under him. “Spread out your weight so the roof doesn’t collapse,” Skilf called from below.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Kendal snapped back at her, grudgingly reaching down to help old Ron, grunting with effort as Ron scrambled up beside him. Flicks didn’t turn around but she knew something was definitely wrong, the old Kendal would never have helped Ron.

The wolves were but a few meters away, Flicks hurled a rock at one but it dodged aside and barely hesitated in its advance. The eyes of every wolf were on Flicks, she tried to think of something else she could do. She dropped her gaze, lowering her head and pretending to look down, but still watching the wolves through a fringe of her hair.

“I’m going up,” Skilf called, pulling herself through the gap. 

Flicks took a deep breath, “Do I just run?” she asked her voice tight with nervous tension.  

“Aye!” Skilf shouted down, “Now!”

Flicks dashed to the hole in the roof, the distance seeming huge. She heard a howl from behind as the wolves surged after her. Flicks had no time to think, she jumped, feeling arms grab her from above pulling her to safety. 

Flicks sensed a wolf below her and kicked out with her leg, hitting something soft that fell back at her thrust.

Then she was on the roof, winded but safe - for the moment.

Skilf knelt beside her, her breath coming in gasps. “You...Ok?” she asked.

“I think so,” Flicks panted, “That was close though, I hope I never see a wolf again in all my life.”

Skilf nodded, “Aye, it was much closer than I thought it would be. I should’ve been the one down there.”

Flicks shook her head, “No, I may not have been so quick at pulling you up. I’m fine, but what are we going to do now?”

Skilf twisted her mouth, “Wait until morning I guess, and hope the roof doesn’t cave in before then, and the wolves don’t have exceptional climbing skills.”

A howl came from below, along with vicious snarls and growls. Flicks felt the roof beneath her shake as the wolves leapt up, trying to get at the four huddled on the roof.

Old Ron propped up himself up on his elbow, “When do mornin’ be anyways?”

Skilf shrugged, “Hard to say, since I have no idea. But I started walking up here at midnight, if that helps at all.”

Ron frowned, “Not really, but do there be nothing we can be doin’?”

“I can’t think of anything, but if you have an idea I’m open for suggestions,” Skilf said, hurriedly pulling her legs away from the edge of the roof as snapping jaws chomped the air near them. “The wolves probably won’t leave until dawn, unless whoever sent them comes, but we won’t be any better off then,” Skilf said grimly.

“Sent them?” Flicks asked, “But aren’t they wild?”

Skilf shook her head, “These are no normal wolves.”

Kendal shifted, making the thatch creak ominously. “I hope the roof doesn’t collapse,” Skilf said meaningfully.

Kendal scowled at her. “Who sent them?” he asked shortly.

Skilf glanced around then said… 


 You may be asking why you see no options here, I say, ahh, but there is! Only I'm doing something slightly different this time, but there are still options, here they are:

1. It's just the same...

2. except you have to...

3. think up the options.

Even more of the 'choose your own adventure' now! This is just for fun remember so don't worry, you don't have to come up with anything amazing. It can be just a short summary of the general thing that might happen in instalment 8, or what you think Skilf might be about to say. Just randomly brainstorm and I’m sure you’ll come up with something, even if it is as weird as Skilf saying, “The Fluffy Bunnies!” And, to add to the bargain, that would be really funny.
So just comment your option, and this time, I get to choose! But I'm open to suggestions of which one is your favourite. 'Cause it's you I'm writing for.

I'm looking forward to your comments, except now I have to wait until Friday before you can read this...aww what a let-down...But I can comfort myself with the fact that my cousin is coming tomorrow and we can sneak around outside together, wave swords around and do some archery or just sit wondering what to do. I must say, this will be confusing to read. To top it off I hope I don't completely forget to publish this...

Oh well, I'll do my best, you have my sword. (My precious! Don't you dare take my sword, have my word instead, it means nothing!)

You know, sometimes I think I'm just a little crazy...but then I come to my senses and realise, no, that would be absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inconceivable! I'm entirely crazy...Sorry about that. I'd better go now.

Fare thee well! (Greybeard Halt)

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

Friday's update: I'm finding this rather amusing reading this is kind of confusing. Sorry about that...but at least I remembered to publish this!


  1. *Gasp* We have to think up the options?! Oh dear... xD

    Skilf glanced around then said, "My evil uncle, Lord Cameron... He doesn't like me very much."

    Not amazing but then again you never said it had to be :)

    1. I think that's a pretty good idea really, quite a bit more sensible then fluffy bunnies.

  2. "Well we have quite a bit of time, but I think you can begin. Who are you and how did you get here? What do you normally do? Are you any good with weapons?"

  3. Continued from Sarah's option:
    "...His plans will effect you too. It is not safe for you in this land."


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