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Rogue Escarlate 

(Title quite probably changing sometime in the near future)

//My current WIP\\
//The Outlaw Legends book 1\\

Genre | Dystopian Robin Hood retelling

Status | complete rewriting

Draft | 1st/2nd

Word Count | 57k

| Synopsis |

Three thousand, two hundred and eighty-seven days exactly.
Nine years of running from Great Federation Agents didn’t leave time for much else but running. That’s what an outlaw does.
Run. Or get caught.
Will preferred running.
And so he ran.

William Escarlate has spent his life running through the grasping fingers of the authorities. Escaping from the city of Moscow, he manages to slip beyond the borders of the Great Federation, only to find himself embroiled with another country’s rebellion.
Will is drawn into a gang of outlaws, fighting to regain his footing in a new country. It isn’t long before his hunters catch up with him, and he can never stop running if he wants to keep his life. Dodging agents week after long week, he begins to hope that he might just have a chance for freedom after all these years.

But no one can escape the Great Federation forever.
Eventually everyone is caught.

Agent Kit

//The Outlaw Legends book 2\\
//NaNoWriMo 2016\\

Genre | Dystopian Adventure

Status | Writing

Draft | One

Word Count | 91k

| Synopsis |

AusIntel Undercover Agent-in-Training Benjamin Kit never meant to get lost. He'd been minding his own business spying in the Middle East when he took a wrong turn and found himself in the middle of Britain.

Now back in his home-ground, he thinks that maybe things will start making sense again. It doesn't last long.

With mad car chases, narrow escapes and gun shots flying in all directions, Ben is doing what he was trained to do.

And being hunted by the entire world isn't as easy as he'd thought.

The Adventures of Lando Erif

//A book of short stories\\
//and lots of dragons\\

//2017 serial blog stories\\

Genre | Contemporary Fantasy

Status | 6 completed stories, more in the writing

Draft | 2ish (the newer stories are still in draft 1)

Word Count | 20k (each story is aprox. 3-4k)

| Synopsis |

You think dragons don't exist? Fairies? Fire-breathing kids?

Think again.
I personally can vouch that they do. 

Dragons? See 'em every day.
Fairies? Awkward fact is that I've kinda got one as an arch enemy.
Fire-breathing kids? Well...that's me.

This is a compilation of a few of the more mundane events of my life. 
Like that time that I accidentally turned my birthday cake into a lump of charcoal.
Or when the Twins got duct-taped to the train tracks.

But before you start, I'll just say: 
This is something I don't suggest you try at home.

The Bridge of Anskar 

//My first actual novel\\
//Written using the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum\\

Genre | World-travel Fantasy

Status | To be completely re-written

Draft | 3rd

Word Count | 40k

| Synopsis |

When modern Australian girl, Anastasia Newbridge, accidentally stumbles into the land of Eirerandil in its time of greatest peril, she is plunged into the greatest adventure of her life.

With the King on his deathbed, the royals are in chaos as multiple deaths occur under suspicious circumstances. The Crown Prince, Azruen, disappears, and it is up to Ana and her friends to attempt the dangerous mission to rescue him and return him to his rightful position.

But the evil Lady Morgal is powerful beyond belief and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.​ Against such odds can Ana fulfill the ancient prophecies and prove she is worthy of her name?

(Take a look at the Pintrest board here)

For a list of the installments from 1-24 click the image

//A choose-your-own-adventure story\\

Genre | Medieval adventure

Status | Completed

Draft | Entirely unedited 1st

Word Count | 40k

| Synopsis |

Louise De Corlette doesn't have adventures. Until one day, Adventure finds her through a girl - Maree Freespirit.

The Adventures leads her further than she has ever been before, the struggles and hardships bringing out parts of her that she never knew existed.

Fighting against time and distance and a crafty villain who knows no honor, how can she ever hope to succeed?

For a link to the full list of chapters, click the image.

//Another choose-your-own-adventure\\
//Sequel to If Adventure Comes Your Way\\

Genre | Medieval adventure 
(with a touch of fantasy)

Status | In process

Draft | Unfinished 1st

Word Count | 48.6k

| Synopsis |

Eirerandil, a once-bright land, is marred by the presence of a terrible evil. A serial killer stalks the land, and only one person has a chance to stop him.

Louise ‘Conwell’ is excited about widening her experiences, but when she reaches her destination she realises that it’s worse than she imagined. Courageously starting off things begin to go awry from the very first. When Louise is captured by the infamous pirate Captain Wielder she discovers that allies can be found in the strangest of characters.

But with wild storms at sea, shiploads of pirates, and an elusive goal, can Louise and her friends possibly stop the killer before her long-lost brother is lost forever?


  1. I would love to read some of your stories! Especially the Swords, Sails,+ Scoundrels and Rogue Escarlate. Are you going to publish any of them? I have a short story published. It's not very good, because I wrote it a while ago; but my mom liked it. :-)

    1. *flails* Eeep, that makes me very excited.
      So yep, you can read Swords, Sails + Scoundrels online. But Rogue Escarlate is my book that I'm working toward publishing. I'm hoping that by next year I might be close to/in that stage. *bounces*
      Ooh but that's super cool. :D

    2. If you get it published, I will definitely get and read it!!! It sounds awesome. :-D

    3. BTW, I am going to start writing a blog story. I've been inspired. ;-)
      If you would like, I can give you the link when I write my first entry. XD Maybe you could give me a few tips? :-D

    4. OOH YES YES. *flails* THAT'S SO EXCITING!! Please do!
      I definitely could, if you want me to. :D

    5. Yay!!! Ok, I will write it either today or Saturday and give you the link then. XD I do want you to!!!!

    6. All right, here's the link:; I hope it works! You can still comment on it even if you don't have a WordPress account; just type in your name when you comment and that's all you have to do. :-D
      When I post my stories, please let me know what you think!!! XD

    7. OOH EEP. *bounces excitedly* I'm checking that out right away. *dashes off*

    8. I just released the first installment of the blog story on my Ink and Page Blog Stories blog. ;-)

  2. I love your stories, I really enjoy reading Lando Erif. And can't wait to read your other stories


    1. Your welcome anytime. Your stories are amazing!:)


    2. *hugs* Well it makes my day to hear it. <3

  3. Your Robin Hood Retelling looks AMAZING!
    If you ever publish it, I would read it.

    Any of them, actually.

    Mary Kate

    1. *FLAILS* EEP. I do believe you just made my day. <333


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