Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Silhouetted Horsey Award!

Right, another post finally. I figure that about seven of my 24 (now 25) posts are "award thingys". So they can be useful sometimes when you can't think of anything to post about. Apparently this award has no rules other than answering random questions. From looking at the picture (below) I was wondering if the name of the award was 'Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award' or 'Sisterhood of the World Award Bloggers'. If you read from left to right (ignoring the tree) then it could look like that. But as Clare has written it the first way in her post, I'll go with that.

See look, it's a silhouetted horsey!

Now for the interesting questions to be interestingly (or not so muchly) answered.

1.What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

It could be a wilted rose that had been in my hair for half the day...But I couldn't be sure.

2.Would you rather visit any fantasy realm you wish and die on a desert island, in a battle, or stuck up a tree; or would you prefer to live a long long life here on earth?

Well, I'd like to live in Middle earth, and I wouldn't mind dying in the Battle of the Ring, but to be realistic that could never happen so maybe I should just live my life in my own world. Besides, I have been to middle earth, when you read Tolkien's books it is impossible to stay in yourself, you are simply pulled out of your cosy house and plunged into an adventure. Much like Bilbo, now I come to think of it. (I'll have to stop there, otherwise I'll go on for hours, quoting thousands of things, and if I really get going I might never stop.)

3.If you had to be locked in a small room for one day with one other blogger who would that be? (the room is completely bare except for one light in the roof )

Hmm, I'd choose Sarah. Imagine what sneaky schemes we could come up with then! It's just a pity we wouldn't have anything to eat. Maybe we could escape through a window, if there is one, and if there isn't then maybe we could say the light was a skylight and climb out it, or just bash the door down.....Or we could dig for treasure...

4.What is the biggest number of words you have written in one day? 

2,000 and something or other (I think). The longest chapter I've written has 5416 words (in the first draft), but I didn't write that all in one day.

5.Do you write stories? If so what is the hardest thing about writing them?

Yes, I do write, I'm currently up to the middle of chapter 8, but I've written quite a bit in 9,10 and 12. The hardest thing about writing is writing. I mean, to actually write something you like is so hard, I rarely do it. I don't like most of my writing, but "I'm my worst criticizer" and I know you have to write bad before you can be good, so I'm practicing.

6.What is your opinion on popping candy?

I thing it makes most people go crazy, especially someone I know....but with other people it has no effect. Personally I've never touched a piece in my life, as I have heard and seen dour tales of its side affects.

7.How many blogger awards are there in the world?

At least 50. Probably thousands....

8.How many awards (to do with bogs) have you been awarded, and how many have you not done of those awarded?

Well.....I've been awarded 8.....but.....I've only done.....7......sorry Clare....I am admonished....

9.What is the coolest bruise you have ever got? and which colour bruise do you prefer?

The best bruise I've ever got was from archery. It was so cool! It was a new bruise on an old bruise, it was an oval shape with disgusting (according to those who aren't experts on bruises) brownish colour around the outside, and a more green bit in the middle.
Really dark blue and purple bruises are really good too.

10.What languages do you know, pretend to know, have attempted to know, wish you knew?

I know English, well actually I don't, I know Australian (big difference). I can write (transliterating) in both Elvish (Tolkien's elvish of course) and Gnomish (comes from the Artemis Fowl series). I am learning Spanish for school which is cool and since I'm doing the age of exploration for history, the Spanish do lots of cool things around then (apart from the Spanish armada, which is not so cool). I attempted to learn French, but....yea. I reckon it would be really fun to be able to speak and write (Tolkien) Elvish properly.

Now, since there are no rules saying I have to nominate people, I wont be breaking any when I don't. So that's all good!
Thanks for taking the time to read my random ramblings.

~ Jane, Misty Maiden