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Dusty Red ~ Part 10

Wow! We're up to part ten?! I really am amazed. Thank you everyone for sticking around so long, you don't know how much it means to me when I see your votes/comments. I really feel like I'm actually doing something someone's interested in. All of my readers are very welcome to comment, so don't refrain from it! I find it much easier the more comments I get, that way you make all the decisions for me, and all I have to do is write!
I'm afraid to impart that I had to make the decision last time. And I have decided to go with option number 2, the flying lizard, as it was my favourite.

I found a picture on pintrest that was quite funny I just had to put it here. That's almost what I imagine the 'flying lizard' (otherwise known as a Seodín Dragon) to look like. I found it rather amusing. I'm not sure why the Seodín in Dusty Red would be hanging upside-down, but the one in the picture is for some random reason...maybe it thinks its a bat...

The dragons in Rocos and the surrounding countries don't grow very big. The biggest they can get is 30 cm long not including the tail, which can be another 30 cm.
I've always thought that small dragons are the best kind, as they are easy to hide and...well, they're still dragons no matter how small they are. And dragons are always cool, and quite often be rather on the useful side or so I'm told. And to use the words of Tolkien (a very reliable source on the topic of dragons)

"It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations."
~ Tolkien  

I guess I'd better get on with the story.

It was a lizard. A flying lizard.

Or more correctly, Flicks realised, a little dragon.

Nainsi lifted an arm and the dragon settled on it, folding its green wings neatly at its sides. “It’s a…” Flicks trailed off as the dragon turned its bright orange eyes on her.

Skilf leant forward. “I think he likes you,” she said.

Nainsi smiled. “It’s a Seodín Dragon.”

Old Ron peered at the dragon. “I niver be thinkin’ I’d ever see one o’ these,” he said in wonder. “Ye’d not told me as there be dragons ‘ere.”

Kendal reached out a finger toward the creature. The Seodín snapped its mouth and Kendal drew back his finger quickly, muttering a curse under his breath.

“Is it your dragon?” Flicks asked.

Nainsi shook her head. “I’ve never seen it before, but I think it’s trying to tell us something.”

There was silence for a few seconds then old Ron spoke. “How can we be findin’ out what the little fella be tryna say?”

The blank look on everyone’s faces was answer enough. Nainsi considered for a moment then said, “Maybe it wants us to follow it, then we don’t have to understand it at all.”

"Sounds a bit clichéd to me," Kendal muttered. 

The dragon spread its wings and flapped to the ground. Flicks watched curiously as it scraped its claws through the dirt. Then it flew up into a nearby tree. Flicks knelt down. “It wrote something here,” she said. “It says, ‘i-fo-lo-mee’?” she frowned. “At least, that’s what it looks like.”

“Aye, follow me,” Ron murmured.

Everyone looked at him in surprise. “Why should we follow you?” Skilf asked.

“No, that be what the dragon thing as wrote. ‘Aye, follow me’,” he repeated.

Nainsi nodded, “Aye, it must have meant that.”

“Well, it certainly makes more sense that way than how I read it,” Flicks laughed.

They set off after the dragon who flew above them slowly, weaving in and out of the trees. It was heading south, towards Manirus. Flicks walked beside Skilf. “Where do you think it’s going?” she asked softly.

“I don’t know, but I certainly has somewhere in mind,” Skilf replied in the same lowered tone.

Just then the dragon stopped. It landed on the top of a large, moss covered rock.

“What now?” Ron questioned.

The dragon seemed to understand and it began tapping its feet on the rock, producing a scraping rasping sound as its claws scraped the stone.

“Does it want us to knock or something?” Kendal furrowed his brow.

Skilf shrugged, “I guess it can’t hurt trying.” She walked to the stone and rapped her knuckles on it. “On second thoughts, it can,” she added, shaking her hand. 

The dragon flicked its tail, continuing to scrape its claws on the rock. Skilf, deciding that using her hand wasn’t worth it, kicked the stone instead. She winced and grabbed her foot. Flicks tried to conceal her mirth, pressing a hand to her lips to hold back the laughter. 

Skilf glared at her companions. “Well, are you just going to stand there? What should I do now? You don’t happen to have a mallet in that pack do you Nainsi?”

The golden haired girl shook her head. “Nay, I didn’t think we’d need one. Besides, you might smash it to bits on that stone.”

“I wasn’t planning on using it for the stone,” Skilf replied haughtily. “I wanted it for your heads.” She turned back to the stone in frustration, slapping it with the palm of her hand, “What is it supposed to do anyway?”

Then the stone moved.

It gave a creaking groan and slowly began to shift. The Seodín flew to the ground out of the way as it opened in and down, revealing a passageway underground.

Flicks stepped forward, but Skilf grabbed her arm. “Careful, you never know what might be in there,” she said cautiously.

Old Ron looked around. “Do it jest be me, or do it be gettin’ warmer?” he asked.

Nainsi frowned, her eyes on the cloud strewn sky, “I noticed that too, so it isn’t just you. I think we might be about to be caught in a storm.”

Flicks gestured to the cave. “All the more reason to go inside,” she replied.

The Seodín stood impatiently at the entrance, its orange eyes staring around the group. 

“I’m game,” Nainsi said at last.

The other three still looked unsure, but then, with a brilliant flash of lightning and a resounding rumble of thunder, the storm broke right over their heads.

Flicks plunged into the passage, beckoning for the others to follow. Now that the only other option was to stand in this downpour, everyone seemed fairly eager to do so. 

The interior was rather dark, but there seemed to be some kind of light at the far end. The distant twinkling drew them deeper into the passage.

Flicks lead the way; the Seodín perched on her shoulder, its glowing eyes fixed on the tunnel ahead. As they drew nearer, Flicks saw that the light was coming through an open door. She stopped and turned to Nainsi who was behind her. “Do you think someone’s in there?” she asked in a whisper.

Nainsi shrugged. “Keep going and we’ll find out I guess.”

“What’s the hold up?” Skilf called from the back.

“Quiet!” Nainsi replied over her shoulder.

“All right, I was just asking…”

Flicks proceeded with even more caution, her shoes making small scuffing sounds on the clay and dirt underfoot. The Seodín on her shoulder flicked its long tail against her back. The door was wood, reinforced with steel strips, and as Flicks crept closer it moved slightly as if blown by some wind.

Then Flicks stuck her head around the corner, the Seodín on her shoulder mimicking the movement….


I was a little more imaginative in my options this time...Just comment to vote for your favourite. (Do like comments...)

1. She saw, first of all, that the light emanated from a blazing fire that warmed the neat, clean room. To the side stood a round table and one or two chairs, a red plaid rug covered the dirt floor. 

2. A tangle of huge tree roots filled the large cavern, forming an underground forest. Along the twisting wood hundreds of candles flickered, lighting up the web of roots.

3. The door led to a massive hall, like that of a palace. Inside crowds of people filled the room. Ladies in swirling dresses accompanied by men in stiff uncomfortable-looking suits danced across the floor. Flicks was stunned at the sudden change of scenery, and stood, staring at her surroundings, an awestruck expression fixed on her face. 


Thank you all for being such faithful readers, I'll have to think up some kind of giveaway to reward you....
I'm looking forward to seeing all your comments.

Fare Thee Well!

~ Jane, Misty Maiden


  1. 2 because it was my idea :D

    1. You should be honoured that I decided to use it Clare...It wasn't a bad idea really. Only problem is I have no idea what is going to happen after it. So naturally everyone's going to choose that one.

  2. I think number 3 might be a worm-hole into Manirus castle... I am going to vote for number 2 though - it sound cooler.

    1. It isn't actually a worm-hole...but I guess it could be taken that way.

  3. Hehe, I love the last line of the story :D

    Hmmm.... I'm going to vote for number three :) (even though it might be out voted already, but oh well)

    1. You can tell I have a sense of humour when I write bits like that!

      Thanks for voting. :)


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