Monday, 7 August 2017

Rising Authors // I HAVE A NEW WIP *flailing*

Some of you who have been around for more than a short while, might remember waaaay back when I did a post called "Of Rising Authors and the Number 777"

Those who don't remember can count yourself lucky. Because I went back and hunted it up and laughed at myself. It was all about my original version of what is now Rogue Escarlate and actually a slightly decent manuscript. *pats my past self on the head* Ah, good times.

Anyways. I did this tag a year and a bit ago, and since then it has meandered through the blogosphere and somehow managed to find me again. Many thanks to my friend Middle Earth Musician for tagging me. Known to her friends/camp nano cabin mates as MEM. Because in the middle of Camp, no one has time to type out the whole of Middle Earth Musician.

And GUYS GUYS. I have now officially decided what I'm writing/working on this month. *drumroll please* Book two of my trilogy. Agent Kit. *runs in circles excitedly* (aka Rogue Escarlate's first sequel) It needs a huge complete and utter rewrite. Because...I wrote it in November last year. 80k in 22 days. 80-plotless-k to the bargain.

Oh suuuure it was full of action, but...that's all it was. Action scenes. Lots of explosions and car chases and fun things like that. But plot is also important. And theme and character arcs and I could write it all so much better now. So that's what I plan to do.

And you know what?

I'm not even depressed or annoyed that my 80k NaNo from last year needs complete scrapping. I'M JUST EXCITED. Super excited. (As you can see with all the caps. Though I use caps about 99.9% of the time anyway. *looks thoughtful* maybe I'm always excited...)

So you guys might just get in a WIP post on Agent Kit sometime this month, eh?

And anyways. Another THANK YOU to MEM because there's no rules so I can just chill out and do whatever. xP Also she's thought up some brilliant questions that I can't wait to answer so YEEP. Let's get right into this.

1. Do you listen to music while you write?

Sometimes. It honestly varies.
Actually no, if I think about it, YES I do listen to music the majority of the time. It's only when I'm not on the laptop (instead on my desktop out in the main room of the house) and hence can't really play music without disrupting other people.

2. If so, what genre?

(the answer of this question = me describing music genres without using technical terms for music genres because I don't know them)

It depends on the story (naturally). If you check out my Playlists section on youtube (*inserts handy dandy link*) you can see that I have a few different character and story lists. Will's playlist is a good example of the basic feel and style of Rogue Escarlate and pretty close for the following books as well (although they each do have their own unique themes). I haven't actually made one for Agent Kit, but it would be faaairly similar.

A Sprig of Green is completely different, with a whole lot more peaceful music and less...angsty?

Lando is more dragony. Green Trident (his story doesn't have a name yet) is allll the superhero-ness. Kip and Karissa (they're from the same story) are more folk-ish.

So yeah. Short answer: it depends what I'm writing.

3. What song do you think is your WIP’s theme song?

Ack, I have no idea?? Something like Renegades or Extreme Ways both work for the trilogy in general. But I haven't yet found a song that would fit for Agent Kit specifically though really.

I'm curious now though. xD I'll have to do some hunting and see if I can find anything.

4. Who is your MC in your current WIP?

Oh only Benjamin Kit. One of my favouritest characters ever.

*throws out a bunch of aesthetic pictures because why not*

5. What is their deepest, darkest fear?

Ooh, this is an interesting question...He's afraid of losing his family. He's afraid of failing the people who trust him.

So naturally I play on those fears. Oh yes. Yes I do indeed.

6. What is your favorite scene you’ve written in your WIP?

I actually do have a few favourite scenes (even though the whole manuscript is pretty messy). I rather like one of the exchanges between Ben and his sister. It's a nice moment where Ben can just be a teenage boy, not burdened by the responsibilities of staying alive and saving the world and where in France to buy the best french fries. (He takes that responsibility very seriously, trust me.)

Another favourite is actually one that I wrote recently, and is just a little snippet that shall be included in my complete rewrite. It's action. aka my favourite thing to write. And it's got Will and Ben interacting and it's so cool to compare that Will to the Will when the two first meet. It's rather cool, I will admit.

7. Do you enjoy writing from children’s, teen’s, or adult’s point of view?

I actually enjoy writing from ALL of them. Little kids are so fun and can have such hugely unique and interesting views on everything (for example, my little 4 year-old Zap Lorde). Teens are a wide range and all different, but probably what I'm most comfortable in. Probably because I'm a teen (*gasp* Who ever knew?). Adults aren't really a whole lot different than older teens. They just have a bit more experience usually and are maaaaybe slightly more mature. And they don't have the cuteness factor of the little ones. (Will is actually an adult, would you believe it. I think he's 23. But he's actually the only character of mine ever that I forget the age of. I keep losing track because it's changed multiple times over revisions.)

8. Do you prefer writing first person or third person?

Rogue Escarlate and co. are in third person. I really like that and it was comfortable and me.

A Sprig of Green is in first person (and present tense to the bargain). I just wanted to try it out and see what it was like and I actually turned out to really love it too.

The Adventures of Lando Erif + other blog stories have been in first person past tense and I also really enjoy that.

DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE. XD I just love everything and all the options yes please and thank you. I play with different genres. I try different aged characters. I test with pov and tenses. And I usually enjoy them all. They all have their quirks and pros and cons. For me, though, I think there's a little bit of sticking with a certain feel. Because Rogue Escarlate wouldn't feel right in 1st person. And A Sprig of Green would be no where near as feelsy in third.
So I usually just use whatever flows with the style of the actual story.

9. What writer would you say handles action scenes the best?

Great pizza and pastry I can't pick one author out of all of them. I have a horrible attention span sometimes so if I say I really liked a book, there's about 70% chance that it had epic action in it. That's all for me. (I'm the stereotypical 'short sentences, short paragraphs, lots of action' sort of reader and writer. :P) If you want some epic action-y book recommendations YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. Just ask me and I'll throw them all on you immediately.

10. What is the best book you’ve read on writing? Who is it by?

If Theme Mastery were a book, I'd say that. BUT NO. It's just a super epic online course (which you should all totally go buy immediately right now)

If I had to choose a book (okay honestly, you should all be able to see this coming) it'd be Creating Character Arcs: The Masterful Author's Guide to Uniting Story Structure, Plot, and Character Development by K. M. Weiland. IT'S AMAZING. So many character arcs. *hugs book* You guys have heard me go on about character arcs but you need reminding. 


I love them to pieces.

So this favourite book choice makes absolute perfect sense really. Now you may spend your life's fortune and buy this book (unless you're lucky like me and can manage to win it in a giveaway *flails*) because it must be read by every writer ever. DO ALL THE CHARACTER ARCS, PEOPLES.

And now is when supposedly I think up a bunch of new brilliant questions to give people BUT HONESTLY these questions were so good I'm actually just going to steal them all. Aaand add a few tweaks of my own.

1. Do you listen to music while you write?
2. If so, lyrics or no?
3. Do you have a 'theme song' for your current WIP?
4. Who is your MC in your current WIP? (basic description/snippets/aesthetic pictures)
5. What is their deepest, darkest fear?
6. What is your favorite scene you’ve written in your WIP?
7. Do you enjoy writing from children’s, teen’s, or adult’s point of view?
8. Do you prefer writing first person or third person?
9. Do you like trying allll the different genres or just sticking with the same one mostly?
10. What is the best book you’ve read on writing?

AND THE LUCKY PEOPLE I SHALT TAG. *throws confetti randomly to see who it lands on* Oh look. Everyone. Everyone who wants to do this can consider themselves tagged.
Though actually I'm going to grab out some names because names are good, guys. (there's a reason your parents gave you one, really. You should ask them why, one day. It'll be funny)

Anna // A World Through Her Heart
Quinley // Adventure Awaits
Catherine // The Rebelling Muse

(note: you guys don't have to do this?? I'm just tagging you in case you wanted to, so pizza to all even if you'd rather not.)
And everyone else who finds this even vaguely interesting...PLEASE DO IT. I'd love to see your answers. (just poke me in the comments and I'll come check your post out! *nods*)

What genres do you like writing in??
Do you have a favourite writing book?
(give me alllll the recommendations, yaass)


  1. I got tagged to do this by MEM too! I'll include your questions as bonus ones. It'll be a bit - I'm including this tag in a catch-up tag post, and I got two other posts to do before I publish that....

    Thanks for tagging me!!!


    1. Haha my bad. XD *facepalms* OH WELL. I HOPE YOU LIKE MY QUESTIONS. XP
      You're welcome. XD


    there were so many snickersnort moments in this post, oh my word XD

    favorite genre to write it, prolly contemporary, since I've done that the most. :)

    favorite writing book, well I haven't read /that/ many of them, but OYAN is amazing, and I bought Go Teen Writers a little while back, which is apparently really good. I'm keeping an eye out for more good ones, so that one you like is going on my TBR. :P

    action book recommendations please XD

    1. YEEP. *flails with you* I'm so looking forward to writing more of Ben because he's just so fun to write. <33

      Oh goodness. XD I'm glad it was amusing. xP

      Oh yep yep. That makes sense. I mean MOST PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY PICK FAVOURITES. But not me. I just love them alllll. XD

      Ahh yas. Also Storyworld First by Jill Williamson is a great book. *nods*

      OKAY LEMME SEE. I dunno how many of these you've already read but HERE GOES: Out of Time by Nadine Brandes. Storming by K.M. Weiland. The Songkeeper Chronicles #1 & 2 by Gillian Bronte Adams. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. The Mission League books by Jill Williamson (secret agents going on mission trips. YAS. Only downside is the mc who won't quit with the girls, still very cool though). Ashtown Burials by N.D. Wilson. Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein (VERY SAD). The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson (and it's actually not several decades long. Yayyy. It fits with my attention span. XD). Half Moon Investigations & Airman by Eoin Colfer.

    2. yaaaas <3

      yeah, if I'd done more from other genres, then it would be harder, for sure. XD

      oh yep, I've seen that one around. *adds to tbr* :P

      ALL THE THINGS THANK YOU!! I actually just finished Storming. :P but other than that, I've not read any of those, so this gives me lotsa things to look into. thanks muchly <3

    3. YAS READ ALL THE BOOKS. Storming is sooo good. <33 I think most of these were five stars from me (and any that weren't are 4 so still pretty high) so IF YOU READ THEM YOU'LL HAVE TO TELL ME AND WE CAN FLAIL OVER THEM.

  3. Awesome post!:) (And thank you form tagging me!:) ) Also I love the collages you made of your character! (Your story sounds really awesome!:))


    1. Yay I'm glad you liked it! :D (you're welcome. ^-^) AW THANKS. I had a heap of fun making them.
      Awh, you're so encouraging, Quinley. Thank you. <33

    2. P.S. Hi Jane, I tagged you for the 'Character Karaoke' !:)

    3. OOOH. *squeaks* I SHALL GO CHECK THIS OUT IMMEDIATELY. *scuttles over to your blog*

  4. TAGS YES. Tags are pretty fun to read. I loved this one! So much interesting writing things. You should post some book snippets? I mean if you want to cos I love reading book snippets. <3

    1. They are?? And surprisingly fun to do too so it's like win-win. :P
      Ooh well I actually did last week from my novella A Sprig of Green, but I miiight just include a little sneak peek when I do a post on this new/rewriting WIP. *nods thoughtfully*
      SAME THOUGH. Book snippets are great.

    2. Ah you did? I guess I missed it sorry I'll have to look back *stalks previous posts* ^_^

    3. Eep yes. *nods* I hope you like them. :D

  5. Replies
    1. YES YES IT ISS. It's mostly from his POV and picks up directly where R E leaves off. (like, /directly/. Seconds afterward.) YEEP I'M SO EXCITED THOUGH. *flails*

    Loved your answers, and congrats on your new WIP!!! XD XD
    I have decided I like writing in every genre except for romance and vampire. :-)
    I do not have a favorite writing book, that's why I asked in my tag. ;-D

      Oh truuuue. Those are two genres I never plan to try. XD
      YOU SHOULD CHECK THEM ALLLL OUT. There are a heap of good ones. *nods*

  7. This looks really cool, Jane! I love the sound of both Rogue Escarlete and Agent Kit! Also, shall I just flail over your collages? They're really nice (and if I'm not mistaken, is that Tom Holland in the first one?)!

    1. Yeet thank youuu. ^-^
      *flails with you* EEP. That makes me very happy to hear. They're sooo fun to make.
      0-0 Now that you mention it IT MIGHT ACTUALLY BE. Betrayed. The actor I have for Ben is actually Colin Ford (the guy who I THOUGHT that was XD) but that picture also looks like him...Hmm. But yas. The other pictures of Ben are all Colin Ford. Somehow Tom Holland decided to look like Ben one day and I found that photo. XP

    2. It's not the worst thing ever, he doesn't look that dissimilar from Colin Ford, especially in those pictures.

    3. Yes indeed. XD I'm just wondering how I managed not to notice until now. XP

  8. THE TWENTY ONE PILOTS QUOTE AESTHETIC!! AHH GURL. Nice tag! I loved your answers. :D Sprig Of Green sounds SOOOO SWEET!!!
    And I'mma answer some questions here lol; music is usually a big YES! I use Spotify for my playlists, though, and my current WIP 'Jump' has its own thingie here (if you wanna stalk the tunes lol):
    WIP theme song: Uh, maybe 'Wolf Bite' by Owl City. :D
    And I prefer first person, past tense. :)
    God bless!
    -Ang |

    1. *flails* Eep thanks. :D It is that sort of style, yeah. Michayla is just such a precious cinnamon roll. <33
      AW YAS. *stalks allll the musics* Oh yes yes that's very cool.
      First person, past tense is a great option. I also like it. I JUST CAN'T DECIDE. XD

  9. Oooooh, I love the idea of this tag!
    Ben sounds like such a fun character-I hope to hear more about your WIP!

    1. You should totally do it!! I'd love to see your answers. *nods*
      Yay thank you. ^-^ I'm planning on doing another blog post next week allll about it, so yayyy that'll be fun. :D


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