Monday, 14 August 2017

Agent Kit // so many WIP projects

I did a WIP post on A Sprig of Green less than a month ago. Is that enough?


Because, see, I have a new WIP. My novella is finished (though edits shall still happen) and I've moved on to a new project. Or rather, an old project that shall be rewritten.

Hahahaaaa no way. My pictures are never totally random. Ever. *cough*

Agent Kit was my NaNo novel last year. I finished it on day 22 at exactly 89,978 words. I flailed and the flopped and took several weeks to recover back to my normal self. (don't do this guys, look after yourself as well as write. DO NOT FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE. xP)

Since then, I rewrote book #1, Rogue Escarlate, in January-February, edited it in march + plotted book #3. April I wrote Operation Flint (aforementioned #3), then May was back editing #1. June I finished my edits and sent it to some wonderful alpha readers. *throws confetti on them*

AND WOW. That was a lot of stuff.

With all of that, I never really got much time to look at book #2 - Agent Kit. But now that I've taken my dystopian break and written A Sprig of Green I'm diving back in. Currently I'm trying to work out one factor.

One word, guys. One important word:

p l o t

Yeah. I need a plot. I meant to be a lot further through plotting by today, but ehh. Plotting is hard sometimes and it doesn't always do what I want it to. I have to work out a plot that fits nicely with book one, preferably book three as well, but I'm already going to have to majorly edit/loosely rewrite that. (I fail at romance. Don't ask.) It's just a bit more bothersome than I was expecting.

But it's still fun at the same time, and it's going along slowly but surely. I'm also quite excited about some ideas that I've had, like bringing in characters that I originally...completely forgot about. Oops. But they actually come into this draft and we've got a whole gang thing going on. Plus some Russian Mafia involvement, a bit of kidnapping, some Ben-doesn't-like-soup-ing, and some more character development that it didn't have before. I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of this plot stuff unfolds. *rubs hand eagerly*

Anyways. I have some random stuff for you today. Like...completely random. I don't know what to tell you about this WIP? So hopefully what I've got here will suffice. 


So after the question that came up in the Rising Authors Tag I was curious to see whether I could find any songs that fitted with Agent Kit specifically. I haven't come across anything that just hits perfectly and I know instantly that it's right, but I've discovered that For King and Country has a few that fit reasonably well. I like 'To the Dreamers' and 'Ceasefire' best. Also 'Take this City' by Everfound has a sort of Agent Kit-ish feel?
(Stalk my five-song playlist (to be expanded over time) here)



Will and Ben <33

the main cast of characters that hang around for the whole book. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BROODING EXPRESSIONS.

Aaand if you missed the ones from last Monday, click here to stalk them allll.


And I got asked for snippets. Again. Because apparently you all like that?? So strange. :P I don't really have a lot, and I'd have a lot less but for the fact that I'm kind of (*cough*extremely*coughcough*) competitive and the OYAN forum had/have their annual Olympics. So I had to write something. (I came out with the highest word count for week number one, in case you wondered. The overall results haven't come in yet, but soooon they shall. *crosses fingers*)
(also I'm doing a test. All my posts with the word 'snippet' in the title have rather high page views and I'm curious to see if it's just because of the title, not the content. Because here's snippets and I didn't even warn you in the title. xD)

A high pitched buzz shot through the suffocating dullness. Just the shrill squeal and the pounding throb of his heartbeat.

Jeez what was wrong with his ears?

Ben forced his eyes open, squinting against the bright spots across his vision. Everything wobbled, warping in confusing waves.

Welp. The world had gone mad.

“Ben!” The sound of his name burst through the bubble of fogginess and the high pitched squeal stopped and sound exploded out on him. Falling metal, groaning and grating, and the snap of flames.

Will’s figure gestured frantically from the other side of the smashed windscreen. The entire vehicle shifted backward. Back toward the ground. “Ben, get out!”

Oh yes. Avoiding death would be nice.

- - -

Ben crouched in the deep window frame, tapping his fingers rhythmically against his knee. “To be entirely honest, I kind of imagined Russia to be a little bit more grey and gloomy colours.” He tipped his head sideways. “Not really expecting the cream and pastel buildings.”

A rustle came from behind and Will leaned sideways against the edge of the sill. “It’s ugly.”

“Hey!” Ben twisted around, furrowing his brow at Will. “What do you mean? These are no where near ugly compared to London. Though London does have it’s own charm.”

Will grunted. “Do you always admire a country’s architecture?”

Good question. Ben glanced back out at the coloured buildings. If he studied it, the paint did look a little dull, but a pastel sort of dull. “Not really.” He shrugged and swivelled back to the room, looking around. “But honestly—”

“It’s just a painted building.”

“A city-full of painted buildings. It’s cool.”

“Okay, whatever you say.”

- - -

“Don’t look in the mirror—” Will warned, but Ben flicked his gaze upward just a little.

The mirror showed the room around him, small and pale and dirty. A utilitarian bathroom with one sink, one mirror and one toilet in a small cubicle. But mostly what Ben noticed was himself.

His jacket was burnt.

No fair. He liked this jacket.

And considering I have no plot, I think three snippets is enough for now. xD You can thank the oyan olympics for that.

Also - on the topic of snippets I thought it would be interesting to see the new snippet vs the old snippet just so you can compare, because it's cool. *nods*

Product of NaNo Insanity:

Grabbing Ben’s gun from the floor, Will dragged him forward. “Out.” He shook his shoulders. “Remember, we’ve got to get out.”

Ben blinked rapidly, trying to clear his eyes. A dull numbness surrounded his entire body. He started to look down.

“Don’t,” Will said, grabbing his chin and stopping the movement. “Whatever you do, don’t look at yourself. Save that for later.”

Ben took his gun from Will’s offered hand. “Is it really that bad?” he asked blearily.

Will didn’t reply, turning on his heel and kicking forward through the debris. The wailing of police sirens made Ben follow him with a lurch.

AND BLAH BLAH. You don't need to see any more. xD

Rough Rewritten Scene:

Will’s lips drew into the flat line of worry that had become all too familiar. “I can’t help you here. We have to get out first, then you can rest.”

“But what’s wrong with me?” Ben shook his head, but that didn’t make anything any clearer. “All I did was crash the car.” He tilted his gaze downward to look at himself.

Will caught his chin, gently pushing his head back up. “Look at yourself later. I can’t have you fainting on me now.”

“I don’t faint, I’m more manly than that—wait.” Ben closed his eyes, trying to think over what Will had just said. “Why would I faint if I looked at myself?”

Will lifted Ben’s arm over his shoulders, standing up and half lifting Ben with him. Ben fumbled for footing and gritted his teeth. He could walk. Whatever was wrong with him would just have to wait.

I THINK IT'S PRETTY SAFE TO SAY I'VE IMPROVED A BIT?? I hope so anyway. (also LOOK AT THAT you get four snippets actually xD) I'm honestly having so much fun writing little snippets and playing with Will and Ben and their relationship. Will is like a big brother trying to learn what big brothers are meant to do, and Ben always forgives him for anything as long as he gets lunch on time (and usually when he doesn't as well). 

Aaaaand I think that's all for now. Or did I miss anything?? *squints at blog post* *squints at novel document* *shrugs*

What's your WIP about?
Is there anything else about Agent Kit that I forgot to satisfy your curiosity on?
(I'll answer in the comments if there is *fingerguns*)


    um. Jane. that second question about anything else for curiosity. THE WHOLE THING, ARE YOU KIDDING(or should I say kitting, hmm)?? XD I really cannot wait for all of it. <3
    collages and musics and snippeeeeetttttsssssss, my favorite things :P

    1. YEEP I'M GLAD YOU LIKE IT. *bounces*
      Ack well I'M SO EXCITED TO WRITE IT SO YOU CAN READ IT. *flails* (*snickersnorts* Nice once. XD)
      Yaaaasss. ^-^

  2. Awesome post!:) And I love the second collage.
    Also it sounds like a awesome spy novel!:)

    1. Thank youuu. :D It was so fun to make. ^-^
      Yeet that makes me very excited to hear. :D

  3. Wow. You're right, there is a lot of action packed stuff here, Jane. Good luck with Agent Kit!


    1. Action is one of my strongest points in writing. XD And it's also the easiest for me? Weird since normally people go on about how hard it is. *shrugs* I just love it so much.

      Thank you a heap!! :D

  4. OH MY WORDDDD, OK, so I love all your ideas. ;D And I am a huge romantic at heart so please, lol, if you ever need a sappy writer to talk to I AM HERE. xD Even though, hey, I know nothing from personal experience what are parents for? :P
    RUSSIAN MOBS?! NICE, girl. My last WIP (Seek) had a huge ugly gang, but the leader was Italian. o-0
    My current WIP is Jump. It's a book about 4 teens (two sets of siblings, lol.) who live in a small town in NC, and they're trying to live normal lives- except, they see monsters. The whole town starts to see 'odd sightings'- so it's hard for the kids to ignore. Everything goes downhill when the teens' nieces are all kidnapped, right from under their noses. And yes; it's an insane book with Biblical spiritual warfare, ya know. I'm praying really hard to make this book. :P
    ANYWAYY awesome post, Jane! Very inspiring to see all the work you do. Blessings!
    -Ang |

    1. OOH I'LL KEEP THAT IN MIND. XD If I ever need to try work a decent romance I will come running. Because I can't do it myself. XP

      Haha nice. Italian gang leaders. XD

      OH MY WORD THAT'S SO COOL!! *flails* Eek yaas, I love that concept! YOU MUST KEEP ME UPDATED. I shall do alll the stalking. Maybe snippets? *looks hopeful*

      YEET THANKS. ^-^ I'm so happy that I could be inspiring. :D

  5. That music is AWESOME! :D
    Eep- and those snippets and collages though *hugs them all* I especially really liked how you had the Nano insanity snippet and the roughly edited snippet together :D T'was very cool to read both and see how different (but still similar) they are ^-^

    1. YAS IT IS. I don't know how it took me so long to discover For King and Country. I've heard of them vaguely but never really listened to their music until now and YEEP IT'S COOL.

      Yay thank you. ^-^ I rather liked comparing that too actually, it was certainly interesting. *nods* :D

  6. Whoa, Agent Kit sounds really cool! I love hearing about other WIPs; it gets me really excited and hopeful for future stories!

    1. Thanks!! Saaame with me. It absolutely does that for me as well and I get super hyped and yas. :D

  7. I LOOOOOVVVEEE the sound of this story. And SNIPPETS. *flails* Let's just say this post was awesome because it had ALLL the stuff anybody could wish to read in a blog post about a WIP.I shall have to listen to that music!!
    I like how you rewrote that scene. It definitely improved. *nods*
    Keep up the good work, Jane! *thumbs up*
    To read about my work in progress, it would be best if you went to my blog to read the posts I have made about it... *hint*hint*

    1. *flials* EEP YAY I'M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT. *squeaks* Yess you shall, I recommend it. *nods* (as long as you don't mind a sort of..rock-ish feel? I don't even know what it's officially called but yeah, anyways.)
      YAY! *bounces happily* Thank you a heap.

      Ack I must remember to try get to your blog. *nods* I shall hopefully at some point. >.<

    2. Nope, I don't mind a rock-ish feel to music. *winks*
      Great!! I am looking forward to it. *peers into the distance*

    3. Yay good. I hope you like them. :D

  8. YAY SNIPPETS!!!!!!! XD Loved them! ;-D
    You know what my WIP is about...but I am starting a new one and will post about it soon...;-)

    1. ACK THANK YOU SO MUCH!! *happy grinning* ^-^
      Ooooh a new WIP??? *screams* I CAN'T WAIT. *stalks your blog impatiently* :P

  9. *Flails* I LOVE THEM! :D
    Um... Which WIP? I have, like, 10 XD. Wait let me check that. Yep, 10. Since I can't go into HUGE Detail about all of them (Because that would be a /very/ long comment) I shall do a breif summery (Of the ones I can):
    Epsilon: A Girl who can only remember three years of her life
    Seasons: Four Girls who have the names of seasons partake in a tournament that is more than it seems
    A Child of Merlin: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table reincarnated into their kids
    The Editor (Needs renaming): Magic.
    Symbiote: Two strange liquids (A Bit like cornstarch mud) inject themselves into two kids.
    Syrum: A Father gives one of his daughters a Syrum that gave her uncontrollable ice powers.
    Phew, That's done. If you'd like, I can do a post on me blog about some of them?
    (For question 2.)
    The whole book. .-.
    How old would you recommend your book for ? (When it comes out, that is. If you don't publish it /pleease/ send it to me!!)
    I LOVED The Snippits and it is /Definitely/ safe to say your writing has improved ten-folds! :D
    Also I know what you mean with the plot issues - Only last night I came up with a plot for my Seasons idea xD

    (P.S. Sorry for the long comment)

    1. First of - LONG COMMENTS ARE EPIC. No need to apologise. *throws confetti of thanks on you*

      WHOA TEN IS A LOT. *is amazed* And oooh they sound like such cool concepts! (yas you should totally do a blog post and poke me when you do *nods*)

      Hmm I'd say probably 13 at the very least. BUT it'll be a while before it becomes readable to most people as I've got rewriting and edits and many things to do. I DO HOPE TO PUBLISH IT ONE DAY THOUGH. *screams at the thought* So no worries there. ^-^

      AWH THANKS. ^-^ I'm so glad you liked them. :D
      Yesss plots can be interesting things. Sometimes they're super easy. Other times it's like trying to swim up a tree. XD

    2. *Pokes* Done Jane! :D:D

      Hope you enjoy! :D

    3. Ooh yay! *hops over to check it out*

  10. Really enjoyed the snippets! And coming up with plots can be so hard. Especially plots that actually make SENSE. I'm currently planning a novel, it has really awesome characters, a few super-dramatic scenes, and NO STORYLINE YET. XD


    1. THANK YOU!! :D I know right?? Plots should be easier but nooo. Sometimes they're just so stubborn.
      BUT CHARACTERS. CHARACTERS ARE GOOD AT LEAST. XD That's always important though. :P


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