Friday, 11 August 2017

Birthday happenings // I'm 16 now?? + random ramblings

You know those times when someone asks you how old you are, you answer and then have a mild internal freak out because "WHOA NO WAY AM I THAT OLD"

Yep. That's me right now.

As of mid-July, I am sixteen.

I remember when I used to go "ooh when I'm sixteen, I'll..."

To be honest, basically none of those child-dreams are true today. Some of those things, I have met. (Growing taller than my oldest sister, for example. :P It used to be a dream of mine, back when she towered a head and shoulders above me.) Some other things...not so much.

I pictured a lot of things. But I never imagined the sixteen-year-old me climbing trees, learning handsprings and flying jump/side kicks, writing novels for fun, and drinking chai tea.

God's plan was always better anyway.

And yes, I am teaching myself handsprings and random taekwondo kicks. Just because.

But believe it or not, I didn't actually plan this post to be at all deep or philosophical. I also actually planned to do this the week after my birthday. But then the photos hadn't been edited properly yet and then the next opportunity it was late at night and my brain wasn't working to write this post so I wrote a completely different one instead.

Because that totally makes sense??

So I also put off writing this blog post until...late at night. Again. Because that makes just as much sense.

I confuse myself sometimes.

*cue me realising that this blog post just got super off topic and whoops that wasn't the plan*

BASICALLY, I had a birthday. It was super great. I don't even feel ancient yet.

Although, since I turned sixteen the time had come...*more dramatic drumrolls* for me to do my driving test and get my learner license. (Hence the header for this post.)

I was naturally thoroughly prepared. I finished reading the rules book eleven hours before my test. And I did some practice tests. Like, five.

See. Very prepared.

I also discovered something interesting. When I'm super nervous, I shake. I knew this a bit already, but this was on a slightly more severe scale. I was physically shivering, like I was freezing cold or something.

So. intense.

At the testing place itself I kept mindblanking of what I was meant to say and just stammering out something odd and trying to ignore the fact that my voice was cracking over every sentence.

Again, it was interesting from a research side of things. *takes notes for future reference* Writers are amusing creatures.

I passed, by the way. Perfectly. Somehow. I don't even know.

SPEAKING OF WRITERS THOUGH. I got two VERY cool t-shirts for my birthday - designed by Clare. One of which I was wearing during my test. (It was very reassuring)


Isn't it so cool??

And it's on the back of course. Because then I can have a nice conversation with someone, turn around to walk away and only then do they realise their mistake. XD

The other shirt is suuuper cool and it's really pretty too. It says "His Grace is Enough" and yass. <3 I love it so much.

Another thing that happened on my birthday was the beginning of a very cool something that I CAN'T WAIT to announce. *tries not to squeal* I'm hoping that it'll be ready by the end of the month, so eep. Hold on until then and you shall get an important announcement, my friends.

Other than those of you who I've already told because, let's be honest, I'm bad at keeping my excitement inside.

*throws some excitement confetti around*

THIS BLOG POST IS SO WEIRD AND RAMBLLY. I'M SORRY. XD I think I started writing it with some sort of idea or plan in mind but then late-night me happened to it and all plans went out the window.

Bye bye plans. *waves*

But seriously guys. I haven't gotten over how old everyone's getting. So scary. Every moment we spend is gone. Forever. And always. We can never get it back again.

That's a slightly terrifying thought. But also a good reminder.

Have I lived my sixteen years in a way pleasing to God? How will I keep on living every minute of every day to give glory to his name?

It's something I want to make sure that I never forget. Because I never know how much longer I have. Or even the world has. So I want to live - in the true definition of the word.

And look at that. I went all philosophical at the end of the post again too. *shoves all the randomness at you* This is what happens when you're sixteen, obviously.

Did I actually say anything other than ramblings in this post?
(no really, I'm curious. XD)
Do you take note of random things you do, for future writing reference??
(I can't be the only one, guys.)


  1. Hi Jane! I stumbled across your blog recently, and I love it so much.
    I'm turning 16 next month-like what on earth? Just last week I was eight years old with no cares and now all these RESPONSIBILITIES are being forced upon me! Time goes too fast.
    Haha, I definitely take note of things I do for writer's purposes. I think I need that shirt...
    Happy birthday!


    1. Ayyy. *waves excitedly* Helloo!! Welcome, welcome. I'm so excited to have you. *throws confetti*
      I KNOW RIGHT?? Responsibilities are all well and good but sometimes it just feels like "halp I'm not ready for this yet." *hides* xD
      Yas. Every writer needs that shirt. XP
      Thank you!! :D

    2. Also depending on how much you really need that shirt it is available for purchase here:

      The post was rather random, though I did happen to actually read all of it, so it must have been interesting at least :)

    3. YAS. See see, you can ACTUALLY BUY IT. *points*

      Aw thank you, Clare. :P I heard you snickering once or twice so that's always a good sign. XD

  2. yes yes, all the philosophicalness. XD seriously though, good post, bc yes, you did say stuff other than rambles *thumbs up*
    learner's permits are so different, wow, I never realized. XD ours are pretty much just the cards official drivers get, except slightly different(don't ask how, I don't know exactly how different XP) but yeah. anyways.
    *thinks* do I know what this announcement is or no, hmm.....XD
    I think I've taken mental notes for random research stuff. you're definitely not the only one though. :P

    1. Yay good. XD I'm glad to hear that because honestly, I kept getting very sidetracked. xP
      Yess they are quite different in different countries. It's very complicated to try explain. XD
      I thiiiink you do already. *shushes you* But no telling. :P
      YAY GOOD. XD You never know when you might want to write about a character in any situation at all. *nods*

    2. it happens, dun worry XD
      oh definitely... :P
      *shushes self* no no, I won't tell *mysterious ninja face*
      yup :P

    3. Yas keep all the secrets. xP

  3. Yay! Happy Birthday, Jane! 16 is a really great age :) And congrats on getting your learner license! That's pretty exciting. It really makes you realize how old you're getting :P Also, I love random posts so this was pretty fun. Keep up the good work :D

    1. Thank you!! It's super exciting and terrifying at the same time, for the same reason. :P
      Yay, thank you so much. ^-^

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE!!! *throws glitter and confetti* You know what? If I wrote a post when I turned sixteen it would look as rambly if not more than yours. Because SIXTEEN! It's crazy, and that's exactly the way I felt. But actually even more for seventeen...eep. But anyway! Congrats for getting the permit and all that comes with age...AgE *evil laughter* xD No but seriously enjoy sixteen because seventeen came WAYYYY to soon for me! xoxo

    Anna |

    1. *dances in confetti* THANKS!!
      Aw yay well that's good to know. XD It is so crazy?? I'm just ack, getting so old. XP
      SO MUCH AgE. XD *giggles* I shall take note of that, certainly. :P

  5. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANE!!! And congrats on your learner's. :D I am near the same boat *screams*- I'll be 16 in October and honestly, I don't have my driver's permit and I HAVE TO LEARN AHH so this was an inpsiration post, haha. ;)
    I LOVE YOUR SHIRTS OH MY GOSH!!!! And yes, you walk away, and the person kinda 'oh NO'. xD
    God bless you and may every year of your life be a step towards God. :) Every moment is a gift, and birthdays are just times to really get sucker punched with the truth that we aren't promised tomorrow or another year... that's what makes God's Grace sufficient, I think...
    -Ang |

    1. THANK YOU. *flails* Eep yes. YOU CAN DO IT. *shoves motivational pizza at you* If you're as super prepared as I was, it should be fiiiiine. XD
      YES. "Oh wasn't that a nice conversation--OH NO. WHAT HAVE I DONE??" XP
      Aw thank you a heap. <33

  6. Aw Jane! Happy, happy, happy (late) birthday!
    Since I have *ahem* years on you, I thought I would share a few things I wish I had known/done when I was sixteen:
    #1)Forgive yourself for your mistakes.You are still trying to figure out this life thing and there is no shame in that.
    #2)Make the best of a time in your life where you are not yet swamped with life's boring boring/stressful adult responsibilities!
    #3)If you want to try something potentially crazy, do it now while people can still shrug it off as you just being a kid! (Sound funny but I am serious.)
    #4)Most importantly, start things NOW. You will never regret that. But you WILL look back in five years and regret NOT doing things. (Don't ask me how I know this...)

    And congrats on passing your driving test! I was so worked up after I got done taking my drivers license test that I burst into tears--despite the fact that I had passed! 8O

    1. Wow thank you so so much. <3 I will definitely remember all of those, and yeet just thank you. *hugs* It really means so much that you'd take the time to write those out, and I will absolutely do my best to remember them. :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Jane! *Throws Confetti*


    1. *bounces in confetti* Thank you!! :D

  8. Late Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!!! XD
    Um, you said quite a bit other than rambling, actually. You probably prepared me for turning 16 (even though I have a while). ;-)
    Congrats on your driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD
    I'm excited about your announcement... ;-) Do I know about it already? I don't think I do... :-D

    1. Thanks. ^-^

      Yass, I'm excited too. And nope you don't know yet. :P

  9. HAPPY (tad bit late) BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :D

    And yes I do take mental notes of random things I do for future references! XD

    1. THANK YOUUU!! :D

      Yess, it might come in handy one day. XD

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Jane! and congratulations on getting your learners. When I went for mine last year, I don't know if I was shaking physically or not but I was so scared and completely nervous and my mum had to do most of the talking for me! And I passed with 100% but I was still nervous that I hadn't passed and I thought I might faint when I was given my paper license. anyway, congrats *confetti everywhere*.

    1. Thanks! Yess. XD My dad took me, but he didn't do much talking at all, so I had to stammer out whatever I could. The lady at the desk was like "How can I help you" and I completely mind blanked of what the learners test was called. But I managed to squeak something like "learner license test thing." XD
      *dances in confetti* Thank you agaaaain. <3

  11. Happy belated birthday, Jane! And I loved this post. It wasn't weird to me. :)
    Those shirts are pure awesomeness!!

    1. Eep thank you!! :D
      YES THEY ARE SO COOOL. *flails*


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