Friday, 7 July 2017

July Camp NaNo // I interview some cabin members

One of the things I find fun about family, is that sometimes they jokingly agree to something when thinking that I'm not serious at all. And then when they discover that I was entirely legit, they can't lower themselves to back out. (looking right at you, Jess. :P)

So today I've got a vlog for you all featuring two members of my family (and my cabin). In which they have to answer the quiz questions or I will whack them over the heads with my notebook.

I would also just like to applaud their skills of talking on camera because it was me - the one who has done four vlogs so far - who started talking backward and inside out first. The others were actually decent. *applauds them*

Also notice: I'm not wearing a t-shirt. Finally. XD (I told you I owned other shirts. :P)

Tell me a bit about what you're working on for camp??
(pretty please?)
What's three quirky things about your characters?


  1. VLOG
    omw those both sound so cool!!! but Jane, you should have interviewed yourself too. :P
    hmm three quirky things, hmm...
    1. my mc from my current wip has a great singing voice but doesn't let people hear him when he does
    2. my mc from a different, plot bunny novel, has this ridiculously long/formal name (that I personally love but he doesn't XD)
    3. my ally/villain/idk what he is charrie from my current wip is totally oblivious and air headed but he's great fun to write XD
    4. (bc reasons :P) my ally from my current wip is very skilled in martial arts

    1. I was /going/ to get Jess and Clare to interview me (hence I handed her the microphone/pen in that clip of the bloopers) but then the camera battery died. XD And we couldn't be bothered to change it and go again so no one learnt anything about my story. XP

      Aw cool. XD I love all those quirky things. <3 I think that about every single character that has a long formal name hates it with a passion. XD

  2. 'Stepping Off The Edge' (possibly a tentative title, haha) is about a girl who just moved into Kentucky, meets a guy, but both of their nieces get kidnapped by some freak... and they have to go through a portal to get the kids back. SO. This book is from a dream. :)
    I LOVE all three of your books, and the character quirks... *dies* CONSTANTINE. AHH MAN. ♥
    AWESOME interviews. :D God bless.

    1. oooh that sounds SO COOL. *bounces* You must keep me updated on how it's going. *nods*
      Constantine must be SUCH a horrible name to have. *shudders for poor Connor* XD
      Thank youuu!! <3

  3. I loved this!! I really love how you all were laughing and joking and haha it was great. <3 and ahh my poem! wow, it feels like so long ago when I wrote that but boy oh boy do I feel the same way!

    1. EEP. Thank you!!! *can't stop grinning* It makes me so excited that you liked it. <33
      Yess your poem was amazing and I was just flicking through the book and found it and was just 0-0 wooow because it was perfect.

  4. awesome interview!:)
    I loved it all


    1. Yeet thanks!! XD
      I had so much fun filming and so did Clare and Jessica.

  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are hilarious! This was so much fun to watch! XD
    Um, you already know about my WIP because you read it, but three quirky things about my character are; she likes cats, hot chocolate, and hates the color orange. Actually, she's a pretty quirky person, but those are just three. XD
    Oh, and tell Clare she did bring enough pizza! Thanks!
    How's your WIP coming? ;-)

    1. Yayy. XD I'm glad you enjoyed it.
      TRUUUE. That is a point. But ooh I didn't know those parts. (or if I did, I obviously forgot them. XP)
      Shall do. :P
      It's actually going pretty well. Fairly according to my schedule. And HOPEFULLY I'll be able to finish the novella on this Saturday - but I'm honestly not sure that I'll quite be able to get there. *shrugs* But I'm enjoying it anyway.

  6. This was hilarious and awesome...I love how Jess is being so serious and Clare is being so hilarious XDD

    It's nice to meet my cabin mates and great interview :)

    Anna -

    1. This is Jess's first time (not technically, but near enough) on camera and she was very nervous and awkward and embarrassed. BUT SHE DID SO WELL. I'm a very proud cousin over here. XP
      Yess!! I think you should totally do a vlog too so I can watch it. *sage nod* :P


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