Monday, 17 July 2017

Spider-Man Homecoming // warning: much fangirling

*starts humming the spider man theme*

One week ago, my dad took me to the movies to see Spider-man Homecoming and it officially earned a place waaaay high up on my favouritest movies of all time list. I absolutely and utterly loved every moment of it. 

So of course I'm going to do a blog post solely to flail over it.
This post is spoiler-less, so don't worry if you haven't seen the movie yet, you're all safe.


This movie and I started off on a good foot from the very first. Spider-Man has always been my favourite superhero. I watched the 2002 Tobey Maguire version a year or so back, and before that, I'm fairly sure that I read some comics too. Not the super originals probably, but I have a recollection of Spider-Man comics and absolutely loving them. So when I saw the Spider-Man Homecoming teaser trailer- well, it happened something like this:

Me: oh hey I'll watch this trailer. it's Spider-Man after all.
Me: *watches*

And for the past two months, my family can confirm that I have been going on about Spider-man...a lot. :P I'd watched every single trailer that I could find - several times over. I even quoted the movie before it was even released. I was hyped, to say the least.

The day when I was going to see it, I was so nervous. I was worried it wouldn't be all that cool. I was desperately trying to not imagine all the awful things the movie could be like. But as soon as it started BOOM. All worries were gone.


I have always loved Spidey so much because he's just so relateable, and Homecoming has done this in a super great way. HE'S JUST A TEENAGE KID TRYING TO WORK OUT LIFE AND HELP DON'T WE ALL RELATE??? I'm sure I do, anyway. 
And another thing Peter was so dyyying to get out of school and be spider-man again. THAT WAS SO GOOD. IF I COULD BE SPIDER-MAN I'D WANT TO DO IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Like...who wouldn't?! And he's my age. Not some college-going Superman or some billionaire Batman (or even the other versions of Spider-Man). He's just a kid like me, going through similar things to me (though I'm not spider-man, and I'm not in 'school' school - yay homeschooling XD but still, it's true) and I love that so much.

I'd watched a ton of interviews that Tom Holland (the actor who plays Peter/Spider-man, for those non-geeky people :P) did and once or twice I had a flash of concern of: 'wait, if I do this, what if I can't see him as Peter, but only as actor Tom Holland' BUT NO. It wasn't like that at all. Tom was Peter and the casting of everything was just so perfect.

Have I mentioned how much I liked the characters?? Peter was amazing. Aunt May was young and I really really liked that actually. Ned and Michelle cracked me up. (Michelle though guys, a female character who wasn't the love interest?? How cool is that?) And the villain was super well done. He made so much sense and was so real but so scary at the same time. (scary in a good way)
Gosh I just loved them all. No one felt flat or unrealistic at all.

Is Spider-Man a funny superhero? Hmm, let me think. UM YES. And Homecoming captured that perfectly. Even in the super intense epic action scenes, there's humour and comedy dropped in there. And it's not forced at all. It's just realistic. Because honestly, if I was in that situation YES. I'D DO ALL OF THAT. I'd be like "WHOA THIS IS SO COOL I'M A SUPERHERO - AVENGERS HERE I COME." And it's so quoteable and memorable.
(I have had several gif conversations with a friend in which I use solely Spider-Man gifs and I'm very proud of myself. xD)

And speaking of action, I was so in the movie. I was shivering with tension some of the scenes and I'm sure my heart almost stopped for a moment there with THAT PLOT TWIST. Not to mention that I was discreetly absolutely definitely not crying nope not at all in one certain scene. I just wanted to give Peter a hug because I could relate so much.

And, like the avid fan I am, I've now seen the movie twice. First time when my Dad took me and then I dragged both my older sisters along because I liked it so much and needed some more people to get my quotes and references. IT WAS JUST AS GOOD THE SECOND TIME. *shrieks and fangirls forever*

This is BY FAR my favourite Marvel movie (granted, I haven't watched a heap (*cough*two*coughcough*), but shhh that's beside the point. Silence peasant. XD) and way high up right near the very top of my favourite all-time. It's just so epic and cool and YES.

Help. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop flailing and fangirling over this movie.
Actually no, don't bother send help. I'm quite happy right as I am. xP

Have you seen Spider-man Homecoming??
(if you did, FLAIL WITH ME, you know you want to XD)
Are there any movies that you've been flailing over before they're even released?


  1. I NEED TO WATCH A MARVEL MOVIE. So bad. I've seen half (or a quarter? I don't even remember xD) of the first Iron Man movie with my sisters, and that was about it because for some reason WE NEVER FINISHED. I need to see more - especially this one, apparently xD.

    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings

    1. YES YES YOU DO. I've only actually seen Captain America - the First Avenger, and this one but THEY'RE GOOD. (though you do have to watch out for one or two words. *huffs in annoyance*) This one is definitely the best though. <333

  2. I JUST GOT OUT OF THE THEATER LITERALLY TEN MINUTES AGO AND AHHHHHHHHH. Then I just did a huge Twitter thread on it and am still internally screaming xD

    So at first I was SUPER doubtful, bc they like didn't do the part about HOW Peter became spider-man. but then the movie kept going and I kept liking it more and more and omw that plot twist. O.O I wanted to scream. AND PETER WAS SO AMAZING. Like when he was driving I literally remember saying the same thing to my mom when I started and when he's pushing out from underneath the rubble I nearly cried and really hated Tony Stark and then HE SAVED WHAT-HIS-NAMES LIFE AND IT WAS *SO* BEAUTIFUL. Then at the end with Happy and the ring and that comment about having it since 2008. AND WHAT TONY SAID ABOUT THE SUIT... like, I can't paraphrase but it was so deep and epic and when Peter took it to heart IT WAS AMAZING.

    Sorry for the long comment xD *flails in agreement to all you said*


      I was a bit 'D:' about that too honestly, but I actually think that's really cool?? Because we've already seen that in all the other Spider-Man movies and so I didn't really need to see it all again. AND YES THE PLOT TWIST, ACK. *screams* I'm certain my heart stopped. CERTAIN.
      YES HE WAS!! *shrieks* I am totally going to be quoting that like every time I drive because it's exactly how I feel whenever I think about driving.
      OMW YES. That scene. *flails even harder* It was the coolest scene, honestly. I get shivers every time I think about it. It was so soooo cool. *fangirl screams*
      I KNOWWWW. *cries bc all the fangirling* yes yes yesss. *flails* I LOVE the fact that Peter messes up and makes mistakes, but he doesn't do any of this 'antihero' business, or 'grey' good stuff. He's just honestly trying his best. Trying /too/ hard.
      "If you're nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it." *bursts into tears*

      Noo. That's not even a long comment. You should've seen the one I did on Katie Grace's blog post about this. NINE PARAGRAPHS. XD
      Besides, I love long comments. <3 :P

  3. YES THIS MOVIE *flails to the end of time*

    My best friend and I went to see it the day after it came out and OH MY WORD. We're both huge Marvel fans, and we've seen most of the movies (she's seen all), and this is honestly one of the best. I'm dragging my brother to it when he gets back from scout camp.

    THAT PLOT TWIST, THOUGH. Everyone in the movie theater was silently screaming. That was /so/ well done. I loved how the villain honestly started out with good motivations, /and those motivations weren't twisted/. Like, yeah, he was doing horrible wrong things, but he didn't lose his motivation, and then what he did in the end. (ALSO PETER'S SIGN OH MY WORD)

    My friend and I were both commenting on how we loved that it was such a well done, highschool coming-of-age story, but SUPERHEROS. AND EXPLOSIONS.

    BUT THAT LAST END CREDITS SCENE. They must have been waiting for /years/ to use that.

    1. *flails with you*

      EEP YES. Do allll the dragging of siblings, they must get to see the epicness too. :P

      I KNOW RIGHT?? It was horrible. XD And yess, the villain was so amazing. He wasn't at all forced or anything. (AND YES *flails*)


      It was the best. XD My dad was laughing so hard. XP

  4. I REALLY WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE but my parents have to watch it first, because of the content. :-( It looks so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
    Yep, I've flailed over all the recently released Star Wars movies, Doctor Strange, and Civil War. Oh, and the Battle of the Five Armies. ;-)
    Hmm, the Marvel movies I've seen are Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (LOVE), Captain America: Civil War (LOVE), Avengers: Assemble, Doctor Strange (MY FAVORITE), and Antman (haha). But most of them I've seen on filtering services, so the language and content are taken (mostly) out. I really want to see X-Men too. XD Which Marvel movies have you seen?

    1. EEP YES. I think the only content was - other than obviously a violent scene or two - just one or two words but that's about it. Hopefully you'll be able to see it though. *nods* (and if you do and you like it you must tell me allll about it and we can flailll)

      WELL YOU'RE WAY UP ON ME. XD I've only seen Cap America the First Avenger. XD (and this one, obviously)

    2. Ok, I will. ;-)
      OH MY GOODNESS, you HAVE to see Doctor Strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pushes you in direction of movie rental store (or however you watch movies)* It's AWESOME!!! XD

    3. Okay, I shall note that down. *nods* I might have a look at it to see whether we can watch it at some point. :)

  5. Oh gosh. I had plans to go see it last week when it was in theaters, but I got sick so I'm patiently/not so patiently waiting for another chance and/or the DVD. but I can't wait, I'm so hyped for it.

    1. D: Nuuu. YOU MUST SEE IT. And then we can flail over it together.*nods*

  6. *Flails* I LOVED IT!!! Especially the End Credits scene (The one with Captain America XD) And the Ending. That Plot twist though!!
    I've seen:
    Avengers, Captain America, Ant-Man, Avengers Age of Ultron, Spiderman(My Favourite Marvel Movie of ALL TIME!! :D), Doctor Strange(It was good), Guardians of The Galaxy 1, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor: The Dark World and I think I've seen Iron Man

    Yep, I'm a Marvel Fan XD

    1. Yes yes. XD That end credits scene was great. And yeep that plot twist indeed. Very epic. *nods*

      Whoa yeah, that's a lot of movies.

    2. *Nods and Flails with you.*

  7. YESSS!!! Wasn't it amazing!!! There were a few things I didn't like about it, but they really didn't eclipse its awesomeness. Spidey is one of my top three favourite superheroes. Actually, the portrayal of Aunt May was one of the things I didn't like about it, the originals really focused on his relationship with and love for Aunt May, but I just couldn't connect with her or love her in this version. I felt it focussed more on Peter's relationship with Tony???? Which I liked a lot, because it was good for both of them, but I was kinda of like "What?????" Anyway, I shall happily flail with you!!

    1. EEP YES. Same same, but for me it was mostly the few bits of language in it. *wrinkles nose*
      TRUE. You have a point there and I can definitely see what you're talking about. *nods* So yess. The Tony/Peter relationship was interesting to see, and I'm definitely curious to see it develop further.

  8. well...I had that reaction to Wonder Woman , which is one of the best movies I have ever seen (besides The Hobbit and LOTR)
    . I haven't seen the Spider Man Home-coming movie yet but I am sure it is awesome!:) And I will Happily Flail with you.


    1. Ooh yes I've heard a HEAP of good stuff about that movie too. (although Diana really needs to wear more clothes XD) It's on my 'maybe I'll be able to watch this some day' list.
      Yesss. If you watch it, come and camp out here or send me a message or something and we can scream together. XD

  9. I have not seen it or any other Marvel movies, but this sounds good!

    1. Basically the same for me. XD I've only seen the first Captain America movie, but this was ahmazing. <333


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