Friday, 28 July 2017

Comparing Your Work to Others' // dealing with low confidence and fear

Do you ever feel like you’re a failure? Like you’re not as good as so-and-so? Like it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you’ll just never be enough?

Sometimes comparing our work to someone else can help. It can spur us on to work harder, strive more, learn how to be better.

But other times, it simply pulls us down.

It’s so easy to look at someone else and see their work—or even them as a person—and the compare it to your own work, your own self. The problem is that when we do this, so much of the time, we don’t measure up.

We can’t measure up.

We’re all different people, we’ve all been given different talents and gifts. Of course we can’t all be as good as each other. But we know that, and somehow it doesn’t seem to help.

So often I see people hiding back in the corner and not wanting to show their work. For some people they can pass it off as perfectionism. For others—introversion.

But I think for everyone, it’s also just that little seed of doubt.

Everyone has it. That fear that they won’t measure up. That they’re actually a failure. That, quite honestly, they’re wasting their time—and everyone else’s.

And then even worse, there’s the moments of timid bravery when the little artist (not necessarily drawing, I’m using the term in its broad definition) steps out and show some of their work. Some of the art they poured their energy and heart into. And then someone laughs. Or not even laughs, but just passes it off as ‘good’ or ‘nice.’

It hurts. It pulls down the timid hope and our little artist soul scuttles back and hides.

The problem isn’t with the person who betrayed the trust (though they are at fault—a topic I shall be rambling on next week), it’s actually with the artist.

The problem is that so often we look to man to fulfil our desires, to fulfil our identity. We look to our family, our friends, our acquaintances. But they can’t fill that role.

The One who gave us the gift in the first place can.

If you write a chapter, draw a picture, do whatever you do and look at your work and say “I’m a failure” you’re saying that God’s gift is worthless. That he gave you something that is a waste of your time. It’s a ridiculous thought.

You don’t have to measure up to so-and-so. You don’t have to be as good as anyone.

Because that’s not the point.

We need to be looking to God to find our purpose and identity, not the world around us. And when we do that, it doesn’t matter what other people think or do. It doesn’t matter if they all seem better.

Right now, God has you in a special place.

Don’t scorn it and hate it because it’s different than someone else. Accept it and embrace it because it’s a gift.

It’s not easy to accept, and the fear can still be there. But you need to go back to God over and over and over. Every. single. day. Commit it to Him.

I promise you. You won’t regret it. And it certainly won’t be a waste of your time.


  1. Thank you, Jane, for your encouraging words!!!
    I needed a good little pep talk like this. :)

    1. I'm so glad it encouraged you!! :D
      *tight hugs*

  2. lovely post <# : D
    and do I see some L of L theme in there too? :P :P

    1. Yess. XD I can probably safely say that it was partially inspired by that. :P

  3. Wow Jane, Thanks. That was SUPER encouraging. <3 You really gave me that cool cup of water in my current desert.

    1. Aww I'm so glad! It honestly makes me so happy that it helped you. <33

  4. Wow... this post was so good. I deal with that a lot, and this was a great reminder that I don't need to measure up; I don't need to be perfect and I shouldn't compare my work to others.
    Thanks so much! <3

    1. Thank you for reading. <333 I deal with it too, and I'm pretty sure absolutely everyone deals with it. And it's always good to have a reminder for this sort of thing. I certainly know it is for me. :)

    No, you will most certainly not regret it. :-)

    1. YAY. Well not yay that you needed it but YAY THAT THIS WAS GOOD. *sends all the hugs and pizza*
      Absolutely not. :)

    2. *accepts pizza* *hugs you back* XD

  6. THIS IS BRILLIANT, JANE!!! I love this post so much!!!! Thank you, this is one of the most inspiring and encouraging blog posts I've read this month!! <3

    1. Thank you!! :D Awh that honestly makes my day to hear. It's so special that my rambling thoughts inspired you. <33

  7. This made me think of this old hymn
    "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

    Turn your eyes upon Jesus
    Look full in His wonderful face
    And the things of Earth will grow strangely dim
    In the light of His glory and grace

    Oh soul are you weary and troubled?
    No light in the darkness to see
    There's a light for a look at the Savior
    And life more abundant and free

    His words shall not fail you, He promised
    Believe Him and all will be well
    Then go to a world that is dying
    His perfect salvation to tell

    1. Oh yes. That's a wonderful song, and there's such truth in those words. <3

  8. Emma speaking.

    YES YES YES. SO TRUE. I've sort of been through this already; not about writing but about music and other things and just life and being a person in general---but it always. bears. repeating. And I'm still dealing with it. :P Awesome post.

    1. THANK YOU. :D Same, same. It's so easy to know the right way, but still be pulled down by comparing yourself.
      Thanks for the comment! :)


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