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#WIPjoy // A Sprig of Green

A day or two ago, Katie Grace did a #WIPjoy post all about her book Where Shadows Lie. IT WAS VERY COOL. Basically, I loved it so much that I decided to jump in and do a post of my own.

(If you don't know what #WIPjoy is, don't worry, I don't hugely either. XD Check out Katie's blog post though because she actually explains it. :P)

But loosely - it's a bunch of questions about your work-in-progress and I'm going to pick my favourites and throw some stuff around about my wee li'l novella A Sprig of Green.

Describe yourself and your WIP.

Me: an energetic, joke-teller, always looking for a laugh...Bare feet, outdoors, callouses on my left hand fingertips from musical instruments, always hungry. I don't even know how to describe myself. XD

WIP: A Sprig of Green, one young girl trying to save her father, one young man trying to save himself.

Your 1st inspiration for this WIP.

It started out because Kingdom Pen was having a Sci Fi themed month and I decided that I was actually going to submit something for once. So then in popped a random idea for a world with no plants and a girl who is looking for them. And it developed from there into a short story (which was then submitted to Kingdom Pen AND ALSO ACCEPTED and (after lots of edits) published *screams* READ IT HERE).

Would you rather: get trapped in your story for a week, or have your antagonist enter your own life for a day?

Can it be after the story is ended?? Because it has a happy ending and everything is all okay again, so I'D BE FINE WITH THAT PART. Before the story...not so much.

And antagonist in my life? No thank you, good sir.

What would your MC be like as an antagonist?

Okay so I have two MCs. Michayla -smol girl- and Braden -a young man. They are both VERY different characters.

Michayla would be the sweetest antagonist ever.

Braden would be confusing. He would have so many internal dilemmas that the hero/MC of the story just gave up and surrendered to him.
He's a fun character. (And technically is sort of an antagonist already, because 'antagonist' is the term for anyone who stands in the way of the plot, not necessarily the main villain.)

What would the antagonist be like as the MC?

VERY EVIL. He would be an exceptionally evil protagonist. XD Ruthless, willing to do anything at all (even deny his own family) to get to his goal.

A line you nailed perfectly.

I can't say that I nailed any line of this absolutely perfectly. BUT STILL. Some of the lines that I am the most proud of currently:

I am not worthy to be called a man.

- - -

Notes of paper money go fluttering everywhere like butterflies with broken wings.

- - -

There’s always another chance in the world.

- - -

“The first leaf means hope.”

Choose an ideal reading spot, food, drink, and music to go with your book.

Reading spot: outside on a warm (but not too warm) day, on the grass. Or, even better, a patch of clover.

Food: ohh this one is actually harder than I was expecting. *hums* How about honey jumbles (yes, I believe it's an Australian recipe (maybe?). Look it up and make them. You won't regret it.) because they're all happy and outdoors-adventure-y.

Drink: Chai tea. I can definitely see Michayla drinking chai.

Music: Rise, True Strength or Becoming a Legend - John Dreamer. Look them up on youtube if you've never heard them before. *hugs the music* But I'm also equally leaning toward having no music and just having the sound of birds and breeze in the background of reading because that also fits.

What's something you're still figuring out about this WIP?

I need to work out some details with Braden, and something *coughcough* slight spoilery detailish *cough* about him.
Also another character that I kinda ignored from about the midway point of the book. I need to work out what happens to them.
Plus a lot more, but those are the main important factors, I think. (Actually no, there's probably other super important things that I just can't remember right now. XD)

Would you rather: have tea with your antagonist, or be stuck in an elevator for 3 hours with your MC?

Tea is good. I'm not sure that having it with my antagonist would be good though. But still, I can imagine him being quite gentlemanly.
On the other hand, being stuck in an elevator with Michayla for three hours could be quite interesting. I feel like she has so many good thoughts on life and she's a very wise girl (though somehow naive at the same time?? I don't even know if that works, but she We could get into some very deep conversations. Braden and me stuck in an elevator...hmm not so sure about that one though. :P

And there I shall leave it! :D Hope you enjoyed some random odds and ends about A Sprig of Green.

Here's the full picture of all the questions. NOW GO AND WRITE A BLOG POST. I wanna hear allll about your stories. Yes please. Even if you don't have a blog/don't feel like posting, just answer some of them in the comments because I'm a curious blueberry and I want to hear everything. :P

Would you rather have tea with your antagonist or be stuck in an elevator for three hours with your protagonist?


  1. basically anything about ASoG is gold <## :P
    "Braden wold be confusing" *snickersnorts* true though... XD

    hmm, tea with antagonist or three hours in an elevator with mc...

    I would probably be highly overwhelmed by my main antagonist because he's an extroverted mess of energy and also he's not exactly the tea drinking type. XP my secondary antagonist/ally would be very quiet and probably use very short responses to any question and things would be awkward...although I can sorta see her being a tea drinker. maybe. *shrugshrug* :P

    my mc in an elevator... that would probably be preferable actually. XD he's just mellow and would be okay to talk/commiserate with for three hours. so yes. three hours stuck in an elevator with my protagonist would be preferable. XD

    1. Braden is confusing as it is. XD Which is kinda the point... *wise nodding*
      Yass. <333

      Ohh nice. That sounds like it could be interesting. XP
      But yess. Meeting the mc is probably always preferable. XD

  2. this is awesome!:)
    And I agree about wanting to go into your story when its finished (You never know what is around the corner in an un-finished story)


    1. Yay thank you!! :D
      Yes yes. So much yes. I wouldn't want to go into the story /while/ it was happening, because there's so much drama and all that stuff. I'd rather just pop in once everything is settled down and happy again. :P

  3. okay, first, I'M SORRY I DIDN'T SEE YOUR STORY ON KINGDOM PEN EARLIER. I just went and read it and IT WAS SO AMAZING ADSFJKL; Like I LOVED IT SO MUCH *flailing*

    next, YOUR WIP SOUNDS AMAZING. Themes of hope are like my FAVORITE ever <33 And omw DO YOU HAVE AN ANTIHERO???

    I LOVE the first you line said you nailed. I think one of my favorite lines from my WIP is:
    "Yes, I understand. But no, I will not accept. "

    BASICALLY I just loved your entire post here XD

    audrey caylin

    1. EEP THANK YOUUU!! (and that's okay <33) I'M SO EXCITED THAT YOU LIKED IT. *screams*

      YEET. *bounces around in excitement* Thank you thank you so much, Audreyyy. AND YES I DO HAVE AN ANTIHERO. Braden Argo is my second pov character and yep. I'm pretty sure he falls into the category of antihero. :P

      Yess, I rather like it to. I'm quite excited about that one in particular. <33 (still trying to work on my first sentence though. *squints at it*)
      OOHH. THAT'S SO COOL. *flails*

  4. WHHHO. I love your lines! :D And Braden sounds awesome. Those characters who are so good at being mean. Lol!
    This is so cool, I'm gonna do a video and answer some questions. :)
    God bless.
    -Ang |

    1. YEET THANK YOU. ^-^ Yess. XD Antiheroes are always interesting. XP
      OOH YES YES DO THAT. PLEASE YES. *bounces up and down* I can't waiiiit. :D

  5. Wow!! I loved your story on Kingdom Pen I thought it was amazing *flailing*. And the fact that you've made it into a novella is just awesome!!
    and I think I would actually like to have tea with my antagonist, because it could be mightily entertaining. My villain is (usually) gentlemanly and I'm sure would make great conversation.
    I think I might steal some of these questions and do my own post.

    1. Eep yay thank you. <333 *flails excitedly* I'm so glad you liked it!!
      Yes but at the same time you might want to give them a good talking to so they change their ways. XD
      Oh yas. *flails more* I shall stalk excitedly.

  6. Ooh this is cool! I really liked your line "Notes of paper money go fluttering everywhere like butterflies with broken wings." That was brilliant (the others are really cool too ;D). *taps chin thoughtfully* I might have to attempt this for a blog post methinks... It'd be fun anyway :D

    I think I would very much prefer to be stuck in an elevator with Brinley... She'd probably be mad at me though. *shrug* Oh well, definitely beats having tea with a crime-lady/lord assassin!

    1. Yayyy. Thank ye! :D I'm very glad.
      OH YES. *hops around hopefully* Please do! That would be muchly cool.

      Yep. XD I'd choose Brinley over an assasin any day. XP

  7. WAIT THIS GOT PUBLISHED ON KINGDOM PEN? *FLAILS AND RUSHES TO SEE* Aahhh I can't wait to read the whole completed thing though!

    1. YES YES IT DIIID. *screams excitedly* Obviously I forgot to tell you. XP
      YAS well your name is on my list for beta readers. ^-^

  8. Your WIP sounds super cool! I love hearing about books other folkses are writing. I should be answering these questions myself on my blog either later this week or perhaps next Monday, depending on life.

    1. Thank you!! :D Same here. *gets stalker mode ready* I shall stalk until then. :P

  9. Ooh, this is such a fun post!
    I have finally successfully commented on your blog, even though I have been following it for a while. Yay! *dances in circles*
    I love to read and write stories, and I love your blog! Can't wait to see more posts! XD

    1. Yay!! I'm glad you thought so!
      EEP THANK YOU. *tacklehugs* I LOVE COMMENTS.
      Ooh yay that's so cool! Thank you again. <33 ^-^

    2. Hey, no problem! *returns hug* <33

    3. Just so you know, I did this post on my blog. ;)

  10. I loved all of your answers! I'm off to go read your story now!!! :D

    1. Eep thank you! ^-^ I hope you like it. :D

  11. I enjoyed reading this post! Now I need to go and read your story on that link. XD I would much rather drink tea with my antagonist because I HATE elevators. And my protagonist is pretty much me, so we wouldn't have a lot to talk about. Although my antagonist is pretty evil, he's really smart. :-D

    1. Yayyy thank you. Being stuck in an elevator for three hours would end up with a very bored me. XD
      Oh yes yes very cool. Smart antagonists are always good.

  12. AHHH YES I'M SO GLAD YOU DID THIS! I'm late to coming over to comment and flail over at it, but it made me so happy when I saw that you posted it. <3

    ALSO, I'M LATE FOR THIS AS WELL, BUT CONGRATULATIONS FOR GETTING YOUR SHORT STORY PUBLISHED ON KINGDOM PEN! I read the story and scrolled down to see the author was Jane Maree and I just froze and started squealing because I KNOW WHO THAT IS. :P Look at you becoming all professional and amazing. :')

    Also, dude. Your one-sentence hook is PERFECTION. I'm jealous of your crazy abilities to craft those so flawlessly. xD

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. YESS. I wasn't even planning to do this for Monday's post, but then somehow it happened because I didn't have the right photos for the one I was planning on doing and I was like "YEET YES I'LL DO THIS THINGAMY." XD

      EEP YES I WAS SO EXCITED. THANK YOUUUU. *screams and flails* Yeet yes. <33 Thank you so much. ^-^

      AW THANKS. XD I'm /okay/ at it until I have to say something out loud and then I just bumble and stumble and say a lot of things that make no sense at all. XP

  13. Ooo. Elevator with my Protagonist. Definitely. I /would/ tell you more about it, but looking back on it (and yes, I've had yet another idea and yes this is the most creative time I've ever had in my life) it's practically the same as Ranger's Apprentice, except it has Magic. So. Awesome. XD I almost can't think of an idea that /doesn't/ have magic of mine. Then again, I'm sick.
    Also, great Post!

    1. Good plan. XD
      Ahaha. I know what you mean with the 'practically the same as Ranger's Apprentice' *coughs awkwardly* I may or may not have had an episode of that myself...*ahem*
      Aw D: That's no good at all. *sends you blankets and pizza and chai tea*


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