Thursday, 1 May 2014

Silly Poems

   My sister Alice has been reading a book of poems for Sonlight, that she is doing in school. As she read it through she found a lot of really, really silly poems... for example... 

It would melt,
in my hand-
the autumn frost
~By Basho Matsuo

The old pond-
a frog jumps in,
~By Basho Matsuo

A tethered horse,
in both stirrups.
~Yosa Buson

I go,
you stay;
 two autumns.
~Yosa Buson

The snail-
one long horn,one short,
what's on his mind?
~Yosa Buson

I May, I Might, I Must

If you will tell me why the fen
appears impassable, I then
will tell you why I think that I
can get across it if I try.
~Marianne Moore

Don't worry, spiders,
I keep house
~Kobayashi Issa

Don't kill that fly!
Look-it's wringing its hands,
wringing its feet.
~Kobayashi Issa

See what I mean? They're crazy! Now, there are more, but the poems are too long so I'll just put the titles.

The Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

How to Eat a Poem

I'm nobody! Who are you?

"Hope" is the thing with feathers


Ode on a Grecian Urn

Maggie and milly and molly and may

Ok, these ones are too silly to only hear the titles!

Silly Song

I wish I were silver.

You'd be very cold.

I wish I were water.

You'd be very cold

Embroider me on your pillow.

Right away!
~Federico Garcia Lorca

Mr Lizard is Crying

Mr lizard is crying.
Mrs lizard is crying.

Mr and Mrs lizard
with little white bibs.

They have carelessly 
lost their wedding ring.

Oh, their little ring of lead,
oh, their little leaden ring!

A big sky with nobody in it
rides the birds on its balloon.

The sun, that rounded captain,
wears a vest of satin.

See how old they are!
How old the lizards are!

Oh, how they cry and cry,
oh, oh, how they are crying!
~Federico Garcia Lorca

   With some of those poems I wonder how in the world the authors ever got them published!That is only a few...but now, on the subject of silly poems... my sister Clare has written some silly ones that she wishes that she didn't write, this is how they go...Ok I'm not actually going to say what they are...she might, actually would, murder me if I did. But I will show you one of my not so silly poems that I wrote for school:

His Memory Lives On

Ned Kelly was a bush ranger
He was the talk of town
But Ned was not so murderous
As some o’ the men put down

He lived his life a fleein’
 From those who tracked his trail
 Until that day they caught him
Dressed in handmade mail

They took him to the jail
And he stood before the judge
To some he was a hero
To others a dirty smudge

Although he died that very day
His memory will live on
Throughout Australian history
He will never ever be gone.

   Now, verging off topic, I have this favourite random quote that is really useful, I can say it in response for nearly every thing! It is, 'What a let down.' But the thing about it is that it comes from a Colin Buchanan DVD that the boys sometimes watch, and it is Nudge who says it... so you have to say it in a Nudge sort of voice, which makes it even better...And to add to the bargain, Clare doesn't go crazy, like she does when Alice and I see how long we can have a conversation only using quotes.
   Have you read any silly poems you'd like to share? Please feel free to comment any time...

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

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