Monday, 12 May 2014

My Life Right Now

   I've been trying to think of another blog post that I could do, when I saw that Clare had done a 'Life Right Now' post, I thought that maybe I should try do one as well, so here goes.

Seeing... the laptop screen, the trees outside the window, the birds in the trees... and that's about it.

Hearing..the annoying humming/groaning noise that the laptop makes, the washing-machine, birds and my brothers.

Smelling... the fresh air wafting in the window.

Tasting...ummm, not much really... be able to get up to the first branch of a really, Really tall tree, (and really wide as well) so I can climb it.

Feeling...the cool breeze, and the inclination to go outside and climb trees.

Wishing... that it was lunchtime.

Thinking...What?! Thinking? I never do that, much too dangerous a pastime. myself, I don't know why though...

Dreaming... nothing, well I appear to be awake, if I was asleep I wouldn't be typing this now.

Reading... Brotherband book four, Slaves of Socorro. Well actually I can't read it because Daddy is reading it to my sisters and me as a read aloud...oh, what a let-down.

Recovering...from not being allowed to read Brotherband, but it might take a while to fully recover.

Singing... well, I'm not singing anything, until Clare comes along and starts singing the dreaded song that is probably still stuck in her head. I can hear my 4 month old sister 'singing' though. It sounds so cute. Clare said, I'm wearing clothes... a dark red velvet skirt and a pink shirt, and no I do not like the colour pink.

Preparing...for being starved, or famished, or something of the sort
   Horace said, 'Let's get on with it, Halt, I'm famished.' 
   'Are you ever not famished?; Halt asked, but Horace was already heading for the inn.
~ John Flanagan, Ranger's Apprentice 8, The Kings of Clonmel
   'Let's get something to eat. I'm starved,' Ulf said. 'You're always starved,' Wulf replied. 'That's because I'm older than you. I've been waiting longer for my dinner.'
~ John Flanagan, Brotherband 3, The Hunters 

Remembering...that I had forgotten something. work out what I had forgotten.

Questioning...Why, in the name Thomas, the TH isn't pronounced.

Fearing...that Clare will try and get 'Let it Go' stuck in my head.

Watching on YouTube... an El Cid video for school.

Hurting... does that mean am I hurting, or am I hurting something? Either way, no I'm not hurting, myself or anything else. one, I'm hopeless at phone calls, I can never think of things to say.

Working...on finishing my school work, except that I already have, so I can't really...

Emailing... my sister Alice. Usually I don't email, but she sent me a random one so I sent her a random included a funny Olaf video.

Gluing...nothing big chocolate Easter egg that I haven't eaten yet because I don't like chocolate.

Thanking...God for lovely sunny days, a wonderful family and good books. head,  my eyes, myself...

Realizing...that it is nearly 1 o'clock and I haven't had lunch yet...

Checking...that I saw the time right.

Organizing...myself to go get lunch.


Reckoning...that I am really starved now. eat lunch.

Anticipating...lunch...and reading more Slaves of Socorro. 

Regretting...that I didn't eat lunch before.

Loving...the look on your face as you read this.

Googling...the Random House Australia site so I can link to it and 
you can read the beginning of Slaves of Socorro if you want to. write this.

Smiling...I am, because you are, and smiling is contagious.

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

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