Thursday, 22 May 2014

Leeches and Driving Tests

   Leeches are gross. I am not absolutely terrified of them but I don't like them at all. Well, to start from the beginning... Daddy, Clare, Alice and I went on a bush walk the other day. If you want to know more about it, Clare did a blog post on it too. We were walking through  a lot of stinging nettles and I got stung on my elbow, while walking backwards so it was mainly my fault, and I also got stung a little bit on my left leg. But since it was through my trousers it didn't hurt much. A bit later I thought I had been got on my right leg, but I paid no attention because I figured it would be like the one on my other wasn't, but I didn't realize that until later.
   We finished the walk and drove back home, it was dark by the time we got back. I went inside and was sitting on the lounge when I happened to see something, out of the corner of my eye, on my trouser leg. I looked more closely, it was a few big spots of something sort of reddish-brown. I had no idea what it was. Mummy said,'What is that on your trousers?' I shrugged, as I said earlier, I had no idea,  'Do you have blood running down your leg, or something?' Mummy asked. I pushed up my trousers so I could see...'Ummm, yes, I do.' Blood was literally running down my leg. I couldn't remember anything hurting that much. 
    We had to use a bandage to hold a folded-up tissue on my leg to stop the blood. So my first-aid course actually came in handy... on myself...

    The next day, just before we went to church, I said that we should check in the car for a leech, because we didn't know where it had dropped off....and when Daddy looked, there was a leech! So he got rid of it. I had only been joking...

   Mummy thinks that the amazing this was how well the leech's anti-clotting-blood thingy was, to keep it bleeding for so long. One of the creepy things is that I didn't even notice...well, actually I'm glad I didn't because, we had no way of getting it off , although Alice reckoned that we could have eaten all the chips and then used the salt at the bottom of the packet. I don't know what I would do if I knew there was a leech on me.

   Now, to the driving tests. No, I am not doing a driving test, but my sister Clare is. In fact we just got a text from her saying that she passed, and now she has her P's! Congratulations Clare! at least I know that this P plate driver wont be crazy...just sophisticated, as usual ... J

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

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