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The Reluctant Godfather - Allison Tebo // Blog Tour

You know those times that you pick up a book, read the first page and just know you're going to enjoy it?

Quite recently, I had one of those wonderful experiences. And I wasn't let down at all. The book -as you have probably guessed by now- was The Reluctant Godfather, by Allison Tebo. I was very privileged to be given a free copy of the book to review, and can I just say that I'm very glad I accepted. Because a) free books can never go wrong xD and b) keep reading to find out why :P

So today, I'm participating in the blog tour in honour of this quirky, funny, Cinderella retelling.

What were my thoughts on this book? Glad you asked.

It was VERY GOOD INDEED. Five. shiny. stars.

First off, the characters. Oh goodness yes the characters. *hugs them all very tightly* (*except for the nasty ones*) They all had arcs and growth through the story that was done so. well. And for a Cinderella retelling, you might think there's only so many options available. BUT NO. These characters are not typical or cliche. Not at all. Let me explain.

-Burndee is sarcastic and grumpy and NEAT. <3 I loved him right from the very first moment because yess it was so cool and unique.

-Ella is sweet and seems naive until she shifts and you get to see a thoughtful deeper side of her that is just beautiful and real.

-Prince Colin admittedly wasn't my favourite, but I still really enjoyed him anyway. I would've liked it better if I'd gotten to see more of him, because as it was I was slightly unsure of the twists and turns of his character and personality.

-And Cynthia and Portia and de Ghent and all of the rest. They were all really well done and written in such a realistic and believable way.

This is a Cinderella retelling so of course there's romance. I'm mostly 'eh' about romance in books, but I know it can be done well. But in The Reluctant Godfather I really enjoyed it. It was done perfectly and I have absolutely nothing to protest about. Except [SPOILER] (highlight text to read) - maybe the very last scene after "they" married? I don't know but it just seemed a little bit forced and didn't quite fit as perfectly as it could have. But hey, I can deal with that. -

I really loved the entire writing style. I absolutely adored the snarky humour and I actually laughed aloud at least once. Basically all the cliches that had a chance in this story were tipped right upside down. For starts, it's a fairy godfather. A smart prince who is actual real and human and won't just toss his life away to any random beautiful lady who has a small foot. A Cinderella who is sweet and hard working and yet is different than every other retelling I've read.

And I have to mention the plot twists. Admittedly, I guessed the main twist waaay before it happened, but that's not too unexpected. And it was still really cool and basically the whole climax had me on edge and giggling and frustrated all at the same time.

Overall, this was a wonderful, easy read. And the main character bakes pastries and cakes. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG THERE. Trust me. Read this and you won't regret it.

Recommended for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you like whimsical fairy tales or not. Think about the grouchy baker, okay? And the cakes and pastries. It'll be great, I promise.

- - -

- the book -

A humorous and magical re-telling of Cinderella from a unique perspective.

Burndee is a young and cantankerous fairy godfather, who would rather bake cakes than help humans. A disgrace to the fairy order, Burndee has only two wards entrusted to his care…a cinder girl and a charming prince.

A royal ball presents Burndee with the brilliant solution of how to make his wards happy with the least amount of effort. He’ll arrange a meeting and hope the two fall in love.

- the author -

ALLISON TEBO is a Christian homeschool graduate in her mid-twenties, who works part time as a sales associate for a major transportation company.  A graduate of London Art College, Allison pursues avenues in cartooning and illustrating as well as singing and voice acting.
In her spare time she writes and blogs at

It is her goal to write fiction that appeals to many different kinds of people, by writing clean, classic fun.

Her faith in Christ directly influences all she writes about — or does not write about.  Whether the story possesses a strong message or is simply fun and imaginative fiction — her desire is to bring honour to God and to provide quality stories for everyone to enjoy.

- - -

- the giveaway - 

Allison is also hosting an amazing giveaway on her website - prizes including a signed paperback copy of The Reluctant Godfather.

Unfortunately this is ONLY OPEN TO U.S. RESIDENTS. 
(So all fellow Aussies (and other 'international' places) don't get your hopes up. Come visit me and I'll lend you my copy instead. Maybe we could even forge Allison's signature and pretend it was signed? The options are unlimited.)

But for you lucky American peoples, hop over -this link here- to look at the amazing assortment of things Allison has all for free.

- - -

“You humans certainly have your hearts set on being happy, don’t you?”
- Burndee, The Reluctant Godfather

- - -

Are you all ready to give this book a closer look now?
(if not PLEASE SPEAK TO ME AND I WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND. You're welcome, in advance)
Are there any of 'those books' that you've read and fallen in love with at first sight?
(such romance. Love at first sight. xP)


  1. YESSS. Oh gosh I'm so excited to get this. If I don't win it, it's on my 'to buy' list. :P Allison is such a dear; and this book sounds so sweet! I am a huge romantic at heart but to have a snarky godfather thrown in that mix? SIGN ME UP. :P
    -Ang |

      Burndee is so hilariously grumpy and it's just great. XD

  2. IT SOUNDS SO GOOD! *flails* I MUST get it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    1. YES DO. *gives you money to go buy the precious story*

  3. I loved reading your thoughts on this! "A smart prince who is actual real and human and won't just toss his life away to any random beautiful lady who has a small foot." <--Totally made me laugh out loud. XD But it's truuuue! I love the story of Cinderella, but it also has so many flaws, it's laughable.

    But you said Burndee is NEAT. *fangirl squeal* I know what you did there! ;D

    I absolutely loved your review! It was NEAT. *grins*

    1. Yep. XD Cinderella is a super cool story until you it's actually kinda ridiculous at the same time. XP


      *squeals* Thank you!!! *bows*

  4. SAME. Your review is on point and I totally agree *nods*

    1. OH GOOD. It would be bad if we disagreed. *also nods* XP

  5. That book sounds awesome! I should definitely look that up. XD
    Yes, Lord of the Rings! That is the book I fell in love with at first sight. ;-)

    1. Yas do. BE A GOOD GIRL AND OBEY THE CALLING OF YOUR SOUL. You know you want it. XD
      Ooh yes yes. LotR is just *faints with epicness*

    2. Yep, I do want it. XD
      *faints along with you* EPIC! ;-)

    3. Good good. *rubs hands together*

  6. Burndee sounds like a REAL character (original fairytales' characters make decisions that make absolutely. zero. sense.) I can't wait to- *checks library catalogue* Well hahaha of course they have 6902 YA books and none of the ones I want?? *sulks*

    Jem Jones

    1. YES HE IS SO AMAZING. *flails* You definitely need to get it somehow. *commands your library to get it immediately*

  7. I see that there's a giveaway, I get excited and then, NUUUUU!!! YOU SHATTERED MY HOPES!!!! *sighs* I'll just have to buy it. BUT I'M SURE IT'S WORTH IT!
    *Ticks it off as a book Jane has officially sold to me*
    Sounds great!

    1. I'M SORRY. *cries with you* It's tragically only for US peoples.
      BUT YES. IT IS WORTH IT. Although I don't know how much it costs, so if it costs like $40 don't get it because that's excessive. XD


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