Monday, 19 June 2017

Camp NaNo 2017 // Fellowship of the Keyboards // what am I writing?

For those of you that have been around for a while (a year at least) you might remember my post last year by the name of 'The Fellowship of the Keyboards' and thus may be experiencing a random flash of déjà vu.
And here we are again and it's a full year later. And the Fellowship of the Keyboards has free spaces again. (if you're interested in this, shoot me a message on Camp NaNo (Jane Maree) or comment here or whatever. Just contact me in some way and we can sort stuff out and woot you could join the fellowship) But this time I'm not going to rave on about how epic the cabin is because you've probably all heard it before. Because I have a certain habit of repeating myself. Ahem.

Today I'm going to be -sort of- organised and randomly, spontaneously join in a Camp NaNo Countdown linkup whatsit. Spontaneously as in, I decided five minutes ago that ohey I'll do this thing actually.

But before I ramble on for too long, I'd best get to the actual point.

I'm going to be writing a story called A Sprig of Green. It's sci fi, and sort of fairy tale retelling-ish? Nothing specific though, it just has random hints of lots of random different stories.

I think.

I need to plan some more about this or else July will come upon me like a dragon and eat my vegemite - jars and all. And then I'll have nothing left for lunch.

But I am hoping to have some brainstorming sessions with friends to see what we can come up with.

A Sprig of Green was actually originally a short story. But then I ended it, gave it to my friends to read and promptly received requests that I write the rest of the novel. (note: most of these requests included broken hearts and sobbing and lots of caps, so I could hardly deny them) And I myself was rather curious to know more about the story. And therefore more is coming.

I have worked out some vague parts. Friendships, betrayals, backstory. All that fun stuff. And honestly I'm really looking forward to seeing where this story will go.

It has a hugely different protagonist than Rogue Escarlate. She's a smol dark-skinned girl with springy hair and very low self esteem and very high sense of determination and loyalty. I also have half-baked plans of an ally character to go with her. And if he works out, it'll be a split POV, first person, present tense novel. WHICH I'M EXCITED ABOUT because I love exploring different ideas and styles and ways of writing and I haven't done this one yet. New things just excite me and I'm very hyped about this one. I think it'll be just the experimental creative change my brain needs. (It's sci fi, so not as big a change in setting as I was originally planning for, but I think the characters and 1st person/present tense thing will make a big difference *nods*)

And WOOT. I'm going to randomly slap a snippet on you BECAUSE IT'S FUN AND I LIKE DOING IT. (even though somehow it also terrifies me at the same time?? Humans have very strange brains.)

“See look, Michayla.” Mother takes my hand, splaying my fingers open and gently placing a thin blade of dead grass on my palm. “Just imagine that as a bright green, and covering this entire plateau.”

I stare at the grass for a moment and then lift my eyes up to the red-brown clay of the plateau in front of me. For a flash, I can see it swaying with green stalks in my mind. Then a puff of wind brushes the grass off my palm and a cry slips between my lips.

Mother pushes to her feet and snatches the grass back from the playful grip of the breeze. “Don’t worry.” As she smiles, her teeth flash pale against the brown skin that matches mine. “I’ve got it safe.”

I run forward a few steps and wrap my arms around her waist, nestling my face into the fabric of her skirt with a happy sigh.

“I’ve got you safe too, Michayla.” She crouches again and pulls me onto her lap, pressing her lips briefly against my forehead.

“For always?” I tip my head back to look up at her.

“For always.” She nods and I lean back against her.

Safe. For always.

Are you in a cabin yet?
(if not and you'd like to join the Fellowship YEET. Shoot me a comment or something and I'd love to have you)
What are you writing?


  1. you were not wrong about those feels...owie XP
    "broken hearts and sobbing and lots of caps" yes yes, this is very accurate XD
    also split pov, 1st person, present tense, yaaaaaaaas. XD the more I read split pov, the more it makes me want to write a book in that, hmm...maybe this plot bunny I have running around from time to time. :P

    1. Sorry. XD
      Yesss. XP I honestly was making shrieking noises when I read all the flailing that you guys were doing over /my/ story. And yeep it was the best. <3
      Saaame. And now I'm actually doing it so woot hopefully it's as good as I'm expecting it to be. :P
      THANK YOU FOR BEING A SUPER READER PERSON. You're always so encouraging. <33

    2. 's alright :P
      oh my word. XD I do the same thing for my own writing stuffs, so I know the feeling. XD
      *excited flailing*
      daaaww *hugs*

    3. Yess. At first it's terrifying and then you;re all amazing and it makes me very excited. :D
      *hugs* <3

  2. Your novel sounds awesome!:)
    I'm writing a fantasy mystery for Camp Nano but I haven't fully figured it out either.
    ps. thank you for inviting me to the Fellowship

    1. Thanks!! ^-^
      WE CAN HAVE LAST-MINUTE PLOTTING SESSIONS TOGETHER. XD Because we're, like, the most unorganised people in the cabin. XP

      - you're welcome!! :D It's my pleasure to have you. :)

    2. Your welcome
      A last minute plotting session sounds awesome!:)
      P.S it's a pleasure to be in the cabin

    3. You're on. We'll sit there staring blankly at notebooks and going "Help. Waht. July already. Time machine, quick. Nuuuu." XD

  3. I love different POVs! My novel is from three.... which I didn't plan on originally, but it happened and I like it. ;)
    AHH. So, this July, I'm not writing fiction. I just didn't have anything planned and so... My Ma suggested I do a nonfiction account of Lyme disease sufferer's stories. I am gonna be compiling (prayerfully) the stories of Lymies... I gotta interview people and get all that, which is a HUGE first for me.... I'm a bit nervous to be doing something THIS out of my range... totally new to me. :P But I am praying I can give people a voice, because everyone has a voice- even the ill.
    Your book sounds epic! :D Good luck with it... and that scene. PRECIOUS. ♥
    God bless, Jane!!!
    -Ang |

    1. Saaame. That's one of the things about writing. Stuff just HAPPENS without asking permission first. -so rude-
      Ooh that sounds so cool! GO YOU, YOU CAN DO THE THING. *cheers* That would be a great experience and I hope it goes well!!
      THANK YOU!!! :D Awh, that's so nice to hear. <3

  4. Okay, if that's the snippet from the novel you're writing more of, I CAN SEE WHY YOUR READERS WERE CRYING. Because that sounds so sweet and I have a sneaking suspicion that you did something horrible to the characters *shakes head sadly* xD

    Fellowship of Keyboards?? THAT SOUNDS AWESOME. And since when was camp twelve days away???? O.O

    audrey caylin

    1. YES INDEED. It's a new bit that is partially a flashback sort of thing. AHEM I DEFINITELY NEVER DO HORRIBLE THINGS TO THE CHARACTERS. *cough* Absolutely *cough cough* not. XD

      I KNOW RIGHT?? How is July coming that fast?

    2. So this is really random, but HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU HAD PINTEREST UNTIL JUST NOW??? O.O *promptly goes to stalk your boards*

    3. *le gasp* I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD IT EITHER. *promptly stalks you in return*

  5. OOooooh, it's sounds so awesome! I LOVE science fiction!! Unfortunately, I will not be doing nano this month since I am very busy, but best of luck to you! :D

    1. YEET THANK YOU. *flails* Aw you'll have to do it next year then. *nods*

  6. This sounds so awesome Jane! I love the beauty of your writing <3

    Actually! I do need cabin can we get connected this summer? Camp Nano is a new thing for me!

    1. Thank you so much!! ^-^ That makes me so happy. <3

      Ooh cool! Sure we can. (if you don't already have an account, check out here: I'd love to have you join us. :D
      If you just log onto the site and follow the instructions that will come up ('you haven't set a project, do it here' and things like that, if my memory serves me correctly) I can invite you once you've gotten your project made. :)

    2. I made my project...what's your username? (I have a few projects but the one I'm using is "The Spirit Girl") My username is "holdingontight" so if you want to find me you can :)

    3. Cool! I'm the Jane Maree from the Fellowship of the Keyboards that just sent you an invite. :D

  7. That snippet though... Dude. Thanks for giving me all da feels xP (so happy and so sad, agh- xD)

    Yay- cool post! :D

  8. Whoo-hoo; THAT EXERPT WAS AWESOME! I can't wait to read some more! XD
    I am really enjoying being in the Fellowship of the Keyboards. :-)

    1. Yeep. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'll probably give you allll the snippets over next month and none of them will be in context and you will all be confused but IT'LL BE GREAT. XD
      I'm loving having you with us. <3


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