Monday, 22 February 2016

Of Two Sorts of Bows and Several Other Matters

Last Sunday my friend, Sarah, and I were sitting in a tree after church. We were discussing stories, and other such things, until I mentioned the fact that it was getting boiling hot. And I said that it would be so nice to just fall in a dam or something.

The idea grew more than I expected.

Soon we'd gotten hot enough to try our luck and see if this dream could become reality. And, low and behold, the parents agreed. Yay!
So that afternoon our family went out to Sarah's place and the excitement began.

To start off with, Sarah was asked to play her violin which she's been learning. Aaand since I want to learn too, she let me have a go. Surprisingly, everyone put up with my screeching for quite a while, and I had a ton of fun. I even managed to play most of 'The Last Goodbye,' and it almost sounded recognisable. Then I was dragged off the violin, or rather, the violin was dragged off me, and we headed out to the dam (it wasn't as hard to get me out there as it sounds, it just sounds better that way).

From then we had a great time tipping each other off surf skis and splashing, and chasing, and no drowning, which is always a good thing!

Eventually it was getting late-ish and we had to get out. Then since Zach had just gotten a new bow, we naturally had to do some archery (hence the 'two kinds of bows'). I'd brought my bow (under orders) and we had a nice new hay target -- just set up -- to shoot at, with a paper target in the middle. I wasn't told until the very end that the piece of paper was for aiming at, so I didn't hit it *grins innocently.* But no one else did, anyway. I even had the brains to bring the new arm guard I'd recently made from real leather. It actually worked, except I still got a nasty/good (depending on your view on bruises) one on my left arm. But it was from being pushed off the surf ski that I'd been standing on. Well, technically I wasn't pushed, Zach was about to try and tip me off, but I'd gotten a little distracted by his approach and "purposefully jumped off" before he could. I kind of whacked my arm on the surf ski as I fell jumped into the water.
After a fun I-don't-know-how-long, time of archery we had to go home. But in all it was a really fun day.

It also led to a search.

A search that could cost a high price if we found what we sought. A search that is not to be taken lightly. A search that would lead to unknown places...

In plainer words: we went searching (in a manner of speaking) for a violin. For me. Whenever the topic comes up, I do my best to keep my face reasonably neutral because I'm trying not to get too excited. If people could see what I really felt like inside...that could get amusing. When I think about the possibility of getting a violin I feel like jumping up and down squealing, with a grin wide enough to split my face, but that's too undignified for someone like me. (Ha ha ha...very funny, Jane, everyone knows just how dignified you are.)

But, we've found something. It's an ancient violin (old violins are actually better than new ones, generally speaking) and it just needs a few repairs.
Clare, being the photographer that she is, is also looking forward to all the photos she can take of me with it, I think my parents are both looking forward to when I can play nice songs on it, but I'm totally more excited than them. I know.
The violin is still 'maybe/hopefully,' not certain yet, we've still got to find out how much it will be to repair it and everything. 

I've been listening to quite a bit of Lindsey Stirling's songs, since Sarah introduced me to them last Sunday. Actually, the story is quite funny: I couldn't remember who had played the song Sarah showed me, and I could only remember that the name had something to do with 'Sky.' I believe the exact words I googled were: "Epic violin playing girl Sky." And it actually came up with exactly what I wanted! At the moment my favourites are definitely 'Lord of the Rings Medley' (surprise!) and 'Skyrim.' They're really epic. (It you had a 'Jane's inner thoughts detector' that sentence could be translated as: "AGHHH, I can't wait until I can play like that. But probably I'll never be that good. *Depressed sniffs* ooooh, but I want to..." But since no one has invented such a detector you'll never know) In fact, I'm listening to them both alternately as I write this!

So, it just goes to show that if you step out and do something, there is more possibility of it happening than if you sit in a tree dreaming about it. Even if it's just something like an afternoon with friends!
And that's all for now, have a great week and see you on Friday.

Fare Thee Well!


  1. I think you got a few facts wrong, you probably could play that well if you practiced enough and your playing of The Last Goodbye was more than recognizable. And most, most of the time you were not screeching.

    1. Really? Thanks, Clare. :) I guess it was pretty good for a first try. I'm just trying to be self depreciating, but it sounded like screeching from where I was. :D

    2. Ahh, the wonderfulness of having sisters. :)

    3. *blinks* You're... sisters? Wow. I suppose you learn something new every day... :P

    4. Ha ha! Yup, Katie, we are. :)


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