Monday, 29 February 2016

Leap Day - An Occurrence of Note

Leap day. It only happens every four years, so I couldn't help it. I had to do a post.

Now, I wasn't actually planning on doing this, I was going to do a completely different post but then, since I don't have any photos yet, and it's Leap Day today, I thought I'd put it off for another week. Sorry if you were looking forward to it. It is still coming.

But on to Leap Day!

What can I say about Leap Day? It is the day in which we all should temporarily give up walking and leap around the house/town just for randomness sake. I imagine it would be quite good exercise...

Leap Day is an extra twenty-four hours, a whole day more than we normally get in a year, so maybe we should make it worth it. Here are some ways (hopefully not too late) I've thought up that we could use our extra day for:

Take the time to say an encouraging word to a younger sibling 
(or any family member)
Little siblings look up to us, and even just saying a kind word will put a smile on their face.
Any other family member - be it an older sibling, a parent or more distantly related - will feel special and loved if you slow down for a couple of minutes and do something for them, or even just smile.

Write a letter or email to a missionary
It's amazing how much they appreciate a short update on how things are 'back home.'

Pray for people you know are struggling or unwell
Naturally you could do this every day but with an extra day on hand...

Read the Bible
What better way to spend a day than delving into God's Word?

Do your chores and work diligently without complaining
This can be a great way to make your parents' day better.

Ask a friend how they're going
I know this one sounds a little strange, but honestly, I can think of so many times when I've made the conversation about me when I should be thinking of their needs.

Laugh at yourself
If you do something silly, don't feel embarrassed or angry. Laugh. It makes everyone else feel bad if you do, and it is that kind of thing that makes me want to forget a memory. If you laugh everyone will too, and you'll all be the more cheerful for it.

Keep a smile on your face
A frown will make people awkward and careful around you, and it's immensely hard to cheer someone up when you're not happy yourself. Look outside, see God's wonderful creation and Smile. Think of the last time your crazy friend told a hilarious joke, and Smile!

Can you think of any simple acts of kindness to make someone's Leap Day better? Test yourself and see how many people you can make laugh today.


  1. Wow I see what you mean about a serious post there Jane. Lovely.... though I don't think I did anything unusual at all today other than run up to the High Hills.

    1. Absolutely, it should go down in the records for seriousness! :) Oh well, there's always tomorrow, and the next day...and the day after that...

  2. Your leap day post was very different to mine... But in a good way! I love these ideas of brightening someone's day. Everyone could use a smile. :)

    1. Yeah, I couldn't decide if I should go for funny or serious. But since I rarely do something even vaguely sensible I thought I may as well this time! After all, Leap Day only comes every four years, so making the most of it is a great idea. Maybe we could combine our lists and eat pizza while cheering people up! :D


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