Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Six Word Story (Or 3 of them if you'd like to be technical)

This blog that I follow (Just Joy) is doing a 'six word story contest' so I thought "Oh well! I've nothing to loose. May as well give it a go!"

As far as I can discover, a 6 word story is where you have a picture, and write six words underneath it. It's an extra bonus if you can think of interesting words. (Sorry for the sarcasm.) So I got the pictures that Joy supplied, and thought up 6 interesting words to stick underneath them all. :D So here they are:

The Golden Mirror reflected someone else.

There are too many innocent sufferers.

Some Water brings life and death.

Interesting? I hope they were. I never expected that thinking up 6 words would be difficult. It isn't. Thinking up only 6 lonely words is. So there we go, I have now done a 6 word story (3 actually, if you want to be technical). I'd better get back to my other story plannings...

Fare Thee Well!

Edit: At first I didn't realise that you had to make words for all of the pictures so...yeah. All fixed now though! :D


  1. Am considering trying this.....

    1. It can be quite interesting really, trying to fit a whole story into six words.

  2. Ah! Thanks so much for entering, Jane!! :D


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