Friday, 9 October 2015

COMING NEXT WEEK - If Adventure Comes Your Way

A NEW 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Serial Blog Story is on its way! Beginning in JUST SEVEN DAYS on Friday the 16th of October. Tune in every week for a new instalment of a Thrilling Adventure Story!

Ahem...sorry about that. I have finally worked out the beginning of the next story (everyone celebrate!) and my lovely sister Clare has made a really cool picture to go with it!
If you wanted to know, the girl in the picture is not actually the Main Character, she's kind of the second main character I guess...But she's the bringer of the Adventure so I thought it fitted. The actual MC (Writer's abbreviation for Main Character) goes by name of Louise (Just to satisfy any curiosity on that point)...More than that I shall not say.

So next Friday I will post the first 'Fragment' of If Adventure Comes Your Way. It's 1,389 words long, not including the options, and 1,469 words including the three options. Sorry for keeping you in suspense for so long, I'm still working on a few last details....Only one more week.
I shall leave you with a final quote from a (basically) anonymous source:

The problem with stories is that, in the telling of, they tend to make the hearer hanker for a visit from Adventure themselves. - Random Adventuring Companion

Fare Thee Well!


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