Friday, 23 December 2016

Rejoice in the Day

Christmas is nigh. And with Christmas comes much busyness. Last minute organizing presents (if you're anything like me- cough cough), getting decorations up, music, family, finishing up school for the year.

But through all of that one thing should stand out.


Christmas is to bring joy and hope and peace to the world. In the most amazing example of selfless, sacrificial love, God sent his Son to us -His enemies- to show us his awesomeness and to die to give us new life.

Life can be stressful, and Christmas too. But through that, can't we take the time to step out of the chaos and really realise what it is that we're celebrating?

For me, I love the chance of holidays to just pull out of the humdrum of day-to-day life and be reminded to marvel at the amazing and awesome things our God has done, and to give Him all the glory.

An internet friend of mine recently did a post on A Time of Peace and that was partially my inspiration for this. It made me start thinking about what I actually think of when I hear the word Christmas. Do I skip to thinking about food and fun and water fights and miss the all-so-obvious Christ? It seems so obvious, and yet it's still so easy to forget.

One of the Christmas songs I quite like is 'Born is the King (It's Christmas)' because the words are so true, and I feel that they really display how Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus. And to celebrate him joyfully.

It's a time to lift up your voice and sing His praise. A time to rejoice with great joy. Because even though life is tough, He is shaping us, and He is working in us. And we can't lose this fight.

Because in Christ the victory is already won.

And if that isn't something to rejoice about, I don't know what is.

So take the time to feel the joy! Pause in the busyness and thank our great God for all that He has done. 
Spare a moment or two, and REJOICE.

This year might've been tough at times, with its fair share of tears and fears and laughter. And maybe next year is looming ahead with deadlines and plans and things that are just so impossibly far beyond your control. And y'know what?

That's okay.

Because our God is bigger than anything we could ever face in this world. And He is holding our lives in His hands.

I can't think of a safer place to be.

Go spread some Christmas joy!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading my rambling thoughts! <3

  2. Nice, oh and nice photos too :)

    1. Thanks! Oh yes. Very nice photos. :P

  3. Thanks Jane for this reflection. Reading it made me think of this poem I read yesterday.
    Take joy home,
    And make a place in thy great heart for her,
    And give her time to grow, and cherish her!
    Then will She come and often sing to thee
    When thou art working in the furrows; ay,
    Or weeding in the sacred hour of dawn.
    It is a comely fashion to be glad—
    Joy is the grace we say to God.
    —J. Ingelow

    1. It was really great to write and think about it. :)

      Nice poem! Joy is such an important part of life.

  4. Wonderful song! :D My Ma sang it with me this month. ♥
    Yes, Jane, yes! In Yeshua, we have joy- that's what this is all about. HIS LOVE for us, is amazing and sovereign.... He died and rose again so that we may find LIFE in Him. It is just incredible to try to fathom!
    Merry Christmas, Jane! ♥

    1. Glad you liked it! :D

      That's so true. How you worded it is just yes. We have amazing blessings and it's so important to remember that. It's one of the reasons I like Christmas, it makes me think about this sort of thing.

      Happy Christmas to you too, Angela! :)

  5. What a lovely message, and one I needed to hear! I've actually been struggling to find the joy of the season lately. But it doesn't matter what struggles life brings, Jesus came for us! What more joy do we need?

    It really struck me when you said we were His enemies, and He died for us anyway. Wow. Isn't that a mind-blowing thought? The ultimate gift, for such an undeserving race. We have SO much to be joyful over!

    Thank you for this reminder. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful and joyful Christmas, sweet Jane! <3

    1. Aw. This comment makes me so happy. <3

      Yes we do! Sometimes it's hard to find that joy in so much busyness, but as soon as I start thinking about it I have EVERYTHING to be joyful about.

      Thank you Christine! *hugs* I pray your Christmas is amazing and full of joy. :)


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