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Musical Chair-uh Tag

Awaaay back in October my sister Clare tagged me for La Etiqueta de la Música. Aka, the music tag.

And now, two months later, I have finally gotten to it. Sorry about the long delay, but it's finally here! Maybe it'll be worth the wait...maybe...probably not...But thanks, Clare, for tagging me, anyways.

And straight on to the tag! Hm? What? Rules??? Mmhphf. Well then, here are the tag rules:

1. Thank the person who tagged you.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Tag others.
4. Add your own question to the tag for your nominees to answer.
5. Include the rules in your post.

Well played, rule number five. Well played. You thought of everything.

But now. Straight on into stuff!

Do you play any instruments?

Indeed I do actually! I play... *clears throat*

Piano - sorta, not very well though. I've recently actually started teaching myself chords.

Flute - since, uh...maybe 2013? I don't actually even know. But I'm best at this anyway. I'm in the senior (senior, in this case, meaning braver, crazier and maybe slightly better/more confident) town band

Guitar - I can't say I'm a super pro at this. I started in about November 2015.

Violin - I bought it (yes, with my very own money. Hence I am now broke. Interesting fact for all of you: subtracting $600 for a musical instrument makes the level of money one possesses a lot lower) on the 24th of February this year and started lessons some time in March. I've got about four pieces through book/grade 3. (Um nooo. That isn't exactly normal to have finished two and a half grade books in 10 months...cough cough)

I have several future ambitions including banjo and cello, buuuut *sigh* I've heard they cost money. I'm sticking with learning violin for a year or so yet, though.

What is your favourite music genre?

*looks at question*
*tilts head sideways to see if it looks any better that way*

So I'm not exactly sure what 'genre' means in this context. I like things with energy. Slow boring stuff makes me bored. (no surprise there)

How about soundtracks? Is that a 'genre' of music? I listen to them. Bourne soundtracks if I'm doing something with explosions. LotR+the Hobbit take a pretty high place in epicness, but if I listen to them while writing I usually get a bit carried away listening into the music and flailing over the EPIC violin and flute and cello and agh, all of it. Oh hey, look at that, I'm already distracted just thinking about it. Ahem, back on track. How to Train your Dragon 2 if I'm more epic adventure in a possible fantasy/medieval place. Skyworld (two steps from hell) and various things by Lindsey Stirling come into the scene at various times too. Also Star Wars. Star Wars is cool.

Or if I'm going for something with words, it's probably one of three most frequent options: Bel Thomson, Sons of Korah or Plajerise. Come to think of it, my non-Aussie readers probably haven't heard of any of those peoples, because they're all Aussie. So. *points everyone over to youtube* If you want specific recommendations, just ask me in the comments.

Is there a music genre you absolutely cannot stand?

Sloooooowwwww and steeeeaaaddyyy. It's just meh. Like, sometimes I go to a CD list and pick out all the slow ones and make sure they don't play. I'm totally for the exciting pieces with cool baselines and epic brass melody and this insanely difficult but insanely cool sounding violin backing. cough cough like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit soundtracks. That I can fall asleep listening to and dream epic dreams of orcs and dragons and swords.

What is your favourite way to listen to music? (CD, vinyl, MP3, radio, etc)

With my ears. I find it the easiest way, because meh. Somehow my eyes don't do it as well, and my nose just can't get it right. . .Sorry. That just came out without me meaning for it to. *vaguely realises it's probably not a good idea to try write a serious post at ten at night*

The CD player kinda died a while back, but then my violin teacher loaned me hers because she wanted me to practice along with the CD recording. So I use that sometimes. I only have internal speakers on my desktop computer so generally I listen to it from the laptop while I'm writing.

What/who are your three favourite bands/singers?

Looks like I already answered that. Oops.

Bel Thomson takes the tops, because she's really inspiring and her songs are so beautiful and amazing. Also I've met her, which is epic. She's a super nice person.

And while we're on singer/songwriters that I've met, I've got to mention Colin Buchanan 'cause I've met him as well. Not as personally as Bel, but I've been up on stage with him at the God Rock concert that we went to several years back. My sister and I dressed up our dad in the armour of God. Good ole' Colin. I grew up listening to his songs and learning memory verses in song form because 'Colin sings that!'

I'm a little unsure what to say for the third. Playjerise is cool. Sons of Korah is great. The exact wording of the question rules out soundtrack composers, so that's out of bounds. I've been told (by various strangers and internet friends alike) to listen to Twenty-One Pilots and Skillet and a couple others but to be honest I haven't gotten around to it. And obviously, a skillet is something you cook chicken on, I'm sure of it. *sage nod*

Random extra question of Clare's addition:
Do you have a funny story to do with playing music or band, if so please share it?

So many choices. I have so many funny stories that I just don't know which to pick. *thinks* 
*cue mind going completely blank* 

Conductor: So during those bars of rest, what are you thinking about? *looks at the flute players*
Flute player A: Uh, the notes we were going to play next...?
Conductor: I see, anyone else?
Flute player B: I was counting. One- two, three, four. Two- two, three four...
Me: *thinking* Well. I was thinking about pizza. Should I have been thinking about pizza? I'm not sure. I think maybe I wasn't meant to be thinking about pizza.

Sadly I wasn't asked to say what I had been thinking, because otherwise it would've been rather interesting. And probably one of the frequent occurrences of me making the entire band laugh. Sometimes I'm even amazed at myself.

And now. The rules are right at the top of the post one will notice if I don't tag anyone or invent a random extra question. (cough cough)

So I will take my leave. If you wanted to do this tag, go right ahead and steal it. (and tell me in the comments 'cause I wanna see)

(Quick side note, this is the last day you can submit questions for my vlog before I'll be closing it off, so if you haven't had a chance yet, jump over to last week's post and drop in a few questions. If you've already done it YAY! Thank you all so much! I'm really looking forward to it.)

Do you play any instruments? (or sing, singing can count)
Any funny music related stories?


  1. I tried to play violin when I was like 9- but my arms were too short lol! ;D So, now I could do it. But I'd really, really like to learn to play the piano. =D My Ma is a musician and singer (she is the most beautiful singer gosh), but we both struggle with using both hands on a piano. But I'm sure I can do it with practice. ;D
    I don't do our Pueblo drums a lot, but I'm planning on making a beat with the drum, let my bro do it, and then do the piano along with him. I like the drums. =)
    Sounds like you got a lot of fun going on! I LOVE THE SOUND OF THE CELLO. AHH. Pretty awesome Jane!
    YHVH bless,
    -Angela |

    1. Piano is pretty fun. I've wanted to learn it properly for a while so I finally decided I could at least give chords a shot at teaching myself. :)

      Yes! Cello sounds so pretty and mysterious and agh, so cool! :D

  2. Awesome! :D Yeah, I had a keyboard and learned simple ones like 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' and 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'.... but I'll have to relearn those, too. ;) Do you like to play lighter or daker music on the piano? Have you ever heard of Brunuhville, or Adrian von Ziegler?
    I know! :D Sweet.

    1. The songs I've been teaching myself with chords have been three church worship songs and 'In Dreams' so far.

      I've heard of Brunuhville. My sister listens to that quite a lot actually! But I haven't heard of Adrian before. I'll have to check him out! :)


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