Monday, 4 July 2016

The Text Tag

Tags, tags, tags. Tags everywhere! This one is from my sister Clare. Thanks! Uh, I'm not sure why it's called the Text Tag, it's more about Words. Words, words, words (that, by the way, is a quote from Hamlet. See, I do read civilized things sometimes).

But anyway, here goes.

Yeah, I didn't make my own picture this time. Clare's was too cool already.

'Kay, so here're the rules.

\\Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them.
//Answer the original 6 text-themed questions.
\\Add a typography/word related question for those you tagged to answer.
//Tag 6+ bloggers
\\Include these rules in your post.

And, here are the questions I must set out to answer.

1. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

Umm, I can't say I've ever thought about that before. Do people do this? Is this some random trend I was unaware of? (note: I am unaware of most trends) Uh, well...I think the letter n when it has an accent over it like this - ñ - looks cool, and I like how it sounds in a Spanish word.

2. What are three words that you love?

Rather - If you say it in the right tone (it's got to be a kind of rather, if that makes sense) it makes me think of the Billabong books and I feel like jumping on a horse and riding out to muster some cattle. (Unfortunately, we own neither or I quite possibly would.) (Honestly, sometimes I wish we could just go around talking in the same way that the characters do, calling each other bricks and the such. It would be a jolly lark.)

Guvna - Don't ask, just don't ask. I like it. I call my dad Guvna half the time, and it's not uncommon for me to say 'Top o' the marnin' to ya, guvna' to people.

Pizza - Come on. Pizza is great! Though, I'll say the actual thing is better than the word, but it has great power over me. If I'm reading in my room, say, and you yell out "Pizza!" I shall be by your side within moments.

3. What are three words that you hate?

No. More. Pizza. Noooooooo, oh the pain in those three little words! The agony. There's no more pizza! And then there's the four words: I ate your lunch. That's almost as horrible. But even worse if lunch happened to be pizza.

But aside from pizza-related words...nope. I can't think of any words other than that. I'm too hungry at the moment. Pizza would be good right now.

4. If you could create a word, what would it be, and what would it describe?

I have invented plenty of random words, but I'll choose just one for now.

Automagic: The word used to describe something that is basically automatic but the inventors considered the idea magical and the word automatic too boring. Found in words such as "Automagic-Vegemite-Jar-Opener" which is an invention created by the Terrible Trio in Jane Maree's short story "The Day We Wrecked the Lunch Machine" - a Lando Erif story.

Yup, I'm not sure if I've told you all much about my Lando Erif short stories (each around 4,000 words long). Basically they started out as a present for my little brothers. I've written five short stories and half of another. I should do a post about it sometime...But if you want to know more about Lando you should totally check out his secret page on my blog. He has a secret page? Yeah. It's the search error page. I spent half- er sorry. Lando spent half the morning working on it a while back. (Click here for Lando's secret page!)

5. What are your three favorite punctuation marks?

Uh, again, is it a thing that people have favourite punctuation marks? Aside from the useful ordinary, common things...I like using dashes they're handy for interjecting a sentence randomly. And parentheses are cool ('cause you can ramble off randomly in a different way so it doesn't look like you doing it that much!). Quotation marks are excellent for dialogue. And hey, I love dialogue!

6. What are your three favourite fonts?

I admit. I don't have favourite fonts. I could make stuff up for the other questions but, huh? Favourite fonts? Whaaaat? For just plain words I like Times New Roman, thats what I've got on all my writing documents. The text for my blog, Crimson Text, just because I think it suits. And...uh...I really don't know? Is that allowed? (Please say yes)

And Clare's Bonus Question for me because I'm just so clever to have lived to the last question:
Do you like writing? If so share a favourite snippet of something you have been working on recently.

Ah yes I like writing. I'm, like, kinda But anyway, a favourite snippet? Well, I'm glad you mentioned 'recently' otherwise I don't know what I'd go with. As it is...

Undercover Agent Benjamin Kit had originally had a plan, but he’d left it behind before breaking into the Great Federation headquarters. If he didn’t have a plan, unforeseen circumstances wouldn’t ruin it.

On the other hand, it also meant he had no idea what he was actually doing.

Rescuing the Great Federation’s most wanted criminal from his approaching execution was way outside his mission boundaries, but that wasn’t about to stop him. Just like the fact that he was meant to be going to the Middle East didn’t stop him from getting lost and ending up in Britain in the first place.

Ben is my favourite character from Monsieur Scattlocke, though technically this snippet is actually the beginning of book two. Heh, I've written under fifteen thousand words of book one, and I'm already wanting to write book two? Go figure. I'm like that.

So that's all the questions. Apparently I've got to tag some people and add my own special question. Now, for a while I've been piling up tags on my cousin Jessica, but on Friday she finally did them all. And then went and tagged me back.

I ask you. What was that for?

Not to mention that she listed me as one of her top ten villains just because I kept interrupting her with my emails.

So she walked into this one.

Therefore, Jessica, I hereby tag you for the Text Tag! How long shall I have to wait for this one? And just for you, here's the bonus question:

What is a random word you use very frequently in conversation?

And Savannah Perran, I'll tag you too. :)


Fair Winds!

Jane Maree


  1. This was so fun to read Jane, I loved the snippet you shared! And thank you for tagging me, though actually I've already done this tag recently :D. BUT I have to answer your question because it's just fun. A random word I use all the time is 'like', among others XD.

    1. Egh, I honestly don't know how I forgot that you'd already done it. *face palm* Nevermind then, it made me feel good to tag someone other than Jessica anyway. :D

      I do rather (see there's that word ;P) like the snippet. Ben is just such a funny character. He wasn't even in my original plan for the book but he just suddenly popped up sometime and I instantly loved him. :)


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