Monday, 11 July 2016

Of Rising Authors and the Number 777

Hey look. Here's another tag! This one's about Rising Authors, and there were some interesting questions so I figured I may as well do it. And I also thought that I could do the 777 challenge for Monsieur Scattlocke just for fun. (I've also got another tag (the Describe Tag) coming up next Monday, so be ready)

So thanks Savannah for the unofficial tags and stuff! 

First off I'm doing the Rising Authors, and then the 777 tag.

*sigh* Rules. How come there are always rules to follow? Not that I ever do...

Go and write a post thanking the person who tagged you, include the tag,  the 11 questions the person who tagged you asked, your answers and in reply to the request of a small piece of poetry or writing, write a brief 150 word story. 

Then, at the end of the post make up 11 new questions, request a brief 150 word story from the people you tagged, and then, write a list of at least one person you tag with a link to their blog,
and then, post it!

If anyone actually understood all that, congratulations, you're one step ahead of me

So to paraphrase:

Thank the random who tagged you

Do the post

Answer the questions

Tag other randoms

Give 'em another 11 questions

Write a short story
or do the 777 challenge thing instead just to break the rules.

Do you have one character you've written that you're especially attached to? 
(or a few characters?) 

EMIR! Oh yes, definitely Emir Salib. He's from Monsieur Scattlocke and is totally hilarious. I love him. So much. I have such brilliant plans with him.

What book are you reading right now?

Hmm, just one book? I'm reading a couple at the moment, but Do Hard Things is probably the best one. No, let me rephrase that, it is the best one. Very good.

What was the last book you finished and what did you think of it? 

Finished as in finished writing or finished reading? Technically I haven't officially finished writing any book completely so I'm assuming it's about books I've read. The last books was Tinker. And it was real good. I loved it completely.

Have you ever written a full first draft of a book? 

First draft? Yes. I've done the first draft of The Bridge of Anskar, and if you count serial blog stories you could say Dusty Red and If Adventure Comes Your Way too. And then there's Lando Erif...they're only short stories but I've finished five of them. And I think that's about it.

When did you first begin writing? 
(or, more specifically, writing with a purpose of getting published or something along those lines) 

Uh...a couple of years back, 2014 I believe. Though it was only recently that I've actually started thinking that day...I will get published...maybe even one day soon. (IT IS THE COOLEST FEELING EVER!!!!!) At this stage, Lando Erif stories are the closest to...that. But Monsieur Scattlocke is basically the first ever actual long novel that I feel like could (and very hopefully will) go somewhere in the end.

What is the weirdest writer-ly thing you've ever done?

Weirdest? Ooh, hard choice. Weird like...y'know. I randomly can't think of anything at the moment. I've tied myself up in ropes just for practice and then discovered that I couldn't untie myself again...that's kinda weird I guess.

Which do you prefer, a hardcover book or a paperback? 

Personally I like paperback just 'cause it feels better to hold. And it's also cheaper, but I'll take either naturally.

Which series were you most sad to see end? (or a few series) 

Billabong (Mary Grant Bruce). I know, technically we haven't quite finished them yet. I think we've got the last one to read yet, but still! We started the series as a read aloud probably around when I was...six maybe? So aaagggges ago. And the characters are like friends. I've had dreams about them (that's not saying much though, I have dreams about books frequently).

What's better, pencils or pens? 

Well, it really depends what I'm doing. If I'm writing in a notebook my favourite blue pen is what I'm most likely to use. But then, if I'm working out my maths I'll use a pencil (probably so I can rub out my mistakes).

Is there a special spot where you do most of your writing? 

Yeah. My desk. At my computer. If I had a laptop I'd probably hide away in my bedroom, but I don't, so I'm kinda stuck in one place unless I feel like lugging around the whole computer.

What do you do when you get writer's block?

To be entirely honest there are two things. 1. Procrastinate on Pintrest. or 2. Leave that part of the story with a scowl and start writing from somewhere else. Invent a new character, do some research (aka procrastinate on Pintrest again), write a scene, write the end of the book (seriously, I had the end of Monsieur Scattlocke written before I even had 2k from the beginning). And if all else fails I go and moan to a friend, usually Sarah. She's good at being a sympathetic listener.

So now, rather than doing the short story thing I'm meant to be doing, I'm going to do the 777 challenge for Monsieur Scattlocke. For those that haven't heard of this thing, it's basically where you go to the seventh page of you WIP, count down the the seventh line and then get the next seven lines and put them in the post.

Because of Camp NaNo I've now actually written seven pages of Monsieur Scattlocke from the beginning (I'm such a good girl) so this is even going to work properly! And here it is:

“Though, if you go Sherwood direction you’ll find a bit of trouble with the outlaws,” the merchant added with a chuckle.

“Outlaws?” Something nudged in the back of Will's mind, two things that he couldn’t quite connect.

The man’s eyebrows shot up. “You haven’t heard?” A smile broke out. “There’s many stories and rumours to hear across the country, and they get simply wilder the closer to Sherwood you get.”

“Outlaws in Sherwood,” Will said dumbly. “Like, Robin Hood and his Merry Men?”

So okay, that wasn't even too bad. It doesn't really make much sense out of context but...anyway. It probably made just as much sense to Will when it happened.

And there we go. A rather interesting tag really. Hope you enjoyed it! I'm done now right? *scrolls up to check* Oh.

I've still got to tag people and think up questions for them. Heh.

I tag...Sarah from Novus Papilio, for being such a good writing friend! And Clare - Clare's Spot - too, 'cause I haven't tagged you for something for ages...and you're a great writer sister.

(Note: you guys can either write the 150 word story or do 777 thingy, or just share a snippet. Take your pick, I don't really care.)

Now for 11 questions.

Are you a planner/plotter or a pantser? (if you don't know what that means, google it)

Do you write from beginning to end or are you okay with jumping around to wherever you feel inspired to write?

Do you like writing cliffhangers?

Are plot twists spontaneous for you, or do the require much deep thought?

Must the first draft be perfect and reread a thousand times, or do you just skim through it?

How many words is a good writing day for you?

When and where do new story ideas come upon you most frequently?

D'you prefer writing with epic soundtracks/music or without? 

Is there a specific person who helps you brainstorm ideas?

Do you have someone to tell all the spoilers to before they make you explode with excitement?

What is your favourite part of the writing process?

Phew, that wasn't actually as hard as I thought it might be! Well, if anyone else feels like doing this other than my tagged-persons, please feel free, I'd love to see your answers.

Fair Winds!

Jane Maree


  1. Isn't the reason you have not taged me because I usually tag you first? But most of those questions look interesting anyway.

    1. Yeah I think so. :) I look forward to seeing your answers!

  2. Ooo, you did the tags! This was so fun to read, Jane! I loved your answers :D. The snippet you shared was cool. And YES the feeling that MAYBE SOMETIME PUBLISHING WILL HAPPEN is the coolest ever *nods*.

    1. Thanks for kinda-tagging me! :) Publishing is the most TERRIFYING AND EXCITING THING EVER. At times I feel hopeless that it's ever going to happen, but then other times I have to stop myself from dreaming too much. :D It is the BEST feeling.

  3. Ahaha... I just realised that you actually tagged me for this xD ...heheh, oops.

    I'll try and get onto that fairly soon :D (Clare's Text Tag thing too :) )

    1. Hehe, don't worry. I'd mostly forgotten about it too. :D


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