Monday, 7 March 2016

A Beginner Violin-er

Okay everyone, be prepared to cover your ears...I feel a crazy poem (if it can be called that) coming on...

A Beginner Violin-er

An instrument ‘most all have seen
So very soft and nicely clean
Its sound has been
Heard, not by few.

Carrying strings and a bow
Full of tunes, high and low.
The melody seemed to flow
As the wind blew.

Songs that waft ‘round the room,
Not a band nor a boom,
A light in the gloom
To give a clue.

But it doesn’t stop at that,
You’ll take off your hat
And flee far away, at
The moment I tell you.

Not as sweet as you thought
It can be used for nought.
You must know, it ought
Be a weapon too.

With a screech of strings
A note that rings
You can’t guess the things
It might do to you.

The bow like a sword!
A weapon unflawed;
Much regret would be poured
At its slash ‘ere you knew.

Watch out for a scare,
Danger hangs on the air,
Take my warning, Beware!

I am a beginner violin-er

And I am! A few Wednesdays ago I became the owner of a violin, and the owner of a lot less money...heh, that's what happens when your parents say you have to buy it yourself. (Note: I am aware that the correct word is 'violinist' but 'violin-er' sounded cooler.)

We didn't end up getting the violin I mentioned in 'Of Two Sorts of Bows and Several Other Matters'  'cause it turned out to be way too expensive (as in, I don't even have that much money). So we went along to a violin shop and got a new one instead! But I consider that even better as I got to bring it home right away. :)

Last Sunday (as in the one a week before yesterday), there was a meeting after church and Sarah and I had both schemed to bring our violins. We figured that since we were both learning, and both agreed that we sounded bad, it'd be all good! So we had a great time playing around together, and some onlisteners (is that a word?) even claimed that we didn't sound awful!
My first lesson was Wednesday, and it was fun. I've got the same teacher as Sarah and she'd loned me her music, so I'd already played it. That gave me a little advantage and it was fairly easy.

Clare took a ton of photos of me on Tuesday, and has been playing with them for half the week. (She is doing so as I, write.) She took the photos in this post and I believe that she will be doing a post on her blog with more photos sometime. No idea when.

So...I am now learning violin, and having fun doing it too. Before you leave, check out the latest Fragment of If Adventure Comes Your Way. And you could even comment! Please?

Fare Thee Well!


  1. Lovely photos :D If I do say so myself.

    1. Many thanks, Clare, for taking them. :)

  2. Aww, I love this poem! I've always wanted to play the violin... It's such a pretty and graceful instrument if it's played correctly. Meanwhile I'll enjoy other people's talent. xD

    1. Thanks Katie! Sometimes I have random poetic moments...basically all of them include something funny. :)

  3. YAY FOR VIOLINERS! *flails* I started violin when I was 13! Although I quit it in favour of the cello when I was bout 17. #noregrets Cellos are better. ;) Hehe, but violins are so awesome and once you get past the scary beginner stage it's really fun, right?! I think my family wanted to strangle me when I started learning...ahem.
    Also those photos are beautiful! :D

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Yeah, I've wanted to learn for quite a while so it's pretty awesome to actually be starting! :D


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