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Ranger's Apprentice the Early Years: The Tournament at Gorlan ~ Review

Here it is! The first Ranger's Apprentice Prequel is published! Actually it was published on the 16th and I even got my copy that day too (Which was awesome) but I've only just got around to doing this post.

I had great fun reading this, Halt and Crowley are so funny. :D I was actually brave enough to attempt another multiple-paragraphed review, but first I thought I'd let you watch the book trailer thingy:

And here's the review:

I really, really liked this book. It was cool to find out about Halt and Crowley's history and everything that happened before The Ruins of Gorlan. I found it quite fun to hear about 'young baron Arald' and other 'young' people who are older in other books.

Halt's character is really well brought out and his humour is hilarious! I give him the Favourite Character award for this book. He and Crowley are so funny together. Halt is a very real person and his character is intriguing and mysterious. I loved finding out more about him. Plus, when Halt meets Mistress DuLacy for the first time it's so, so funny. And when he gets his horse...

The story line, although, since I've read the Ranger's Apprentice books, I knew some of it, was well planned out and page turning. The ending was a little sad but it just added to Halt's character, and I know there's more to come.

The Tournament at Gorlan really shows Morgarath's evil side in clearer light, and his villainousness is well done. He's a decidedly unlikeable person. His arrogance and just plain evilness adds to the tension in the story, showing that he wouldn't shy from killing to get his way.

I'd say this book is better to read after all the other Ranger's Apprentice series, but it would work either way. All in all this book is definitely as good as John Flanagan's other ones and I can hardly wait for book 2 of Ranger's Apprentice, The Early Years.

I can't get over how funny a gloomy Halt can be. Crowley's almost as funny but not quite. I now have a new supply of quotes to quote at random intervals in general conversation... For example:

"Are you always so insufferably cheerful?" Halt asked.

"I suppose I am," Crowley admitted. "Do you always travel around as if there's a big, black thundercloud over your head?"

When I finished reading the book, my sister Clare started it and then, when she finished, Alice started (but hasn't finished as of yet) to and then I have three other friends that I'm loaning it to afterwards. So my copy of The Tournament at Gorlan is going to be well read! Oh, that's not mentioning that I'll probably reread it after everyone else's finished... :)

Another cool thing is that I have a signed copy, and that just adds to the awesomeness (I bought it from Booktopia). I'm now going to have to keep waiting until I can discover when the next prequel is coming out...

Just after I got the book someone wise told me that I was acting like an idiot fangirl but I don't care! That's normal. You ask who the wise person was? My sister? No. I think it was me actually. I can be very wise at times. (That was a quote by the way...and also true.)

A few years ago I'd never heard of Ranger's Apprentice. Back then I was reasonably sensible. Now? No way! Ask anyone who knows me and they'll agree. I never used to be crazy about weapons and the such, but then I read Ranger's Apprentice...And now I am. And proud of it too.

If you haven't read any Ranger's Apprentice, Brotherband or Early Years books then you seriously need to go do it. Now. I mean it.

Fare Thee Well!

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