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Dusty Red ~ Part 4

Hey there Readers! I hope you're ready for the fourth instalment of Dusty Red. This one is quite a bit longer - 1062 words (Just for Clare) 
Happy Easter by the way! I've had a fairly normal week, but that doesn't mean I don't have anything interesting to tell you.

On Monday we went to the movies and saw the new Cinderella thing, and I really enjoyed that. I liked the Prince, he was actually a person, with a life of his own, not just the handsome Prince who sweeps Ella off her feet. And the hairy dogmother was hilarious...oh, I mean the fairy godmother.

Also, on Wednesday nights (fortnightly) my sisters and my Dad go out for bible-study and my Mum and I have a special time together. This Wednesday we watched Pirates of the Caribbean number 1 which I had lots of fun watching (I like swords and ships and that kind of thing). I spent about half of Thursday listening to or playing PotC music. I'd already been given the music book as a late Christmas present (I got it in January), but now it's much more interesting because I can picture what happens as I play!

But now, I'm getting distracted. This post is about dust and horses, not water and Story Ahoy!

Heavy footsteps approached and, after a moment's hesitation, Flicks vaulted into the stall with Dust Storm. She crouched in the corner, covering herself with a bit of hay.

The door swung open and someone entered although Flicks was too low to see who. The footsteps came nearer and she struggled to suppress a sneeze as the hay dust tickled her nose.

A wide brimmed hat came into view and then a face, Flicks froze, hoping that Derron wouldn’t notice her. Derron stepped towards the stall and peered at Dust Storm who promptly snorted in his face, making him take a step backwards. 

“Hey Kendal,” he shouted, “Is it just me or does this horse look familiar?”

Flicks pinched her nose and held her breath resisting the sneeze that threatened her. Of course it looks familiar! You’ve seen every horse in dusty town before, so they all do!

An angry shout came from outside and more footsteps as someone, presumably Kendal, approached the stable. Flicks hardly dared to move as Kendal’s face appeared, his narrow eyes squinting at Dust Storm.

A slow smile spread across his face, “Yes,” he drew out the word as if savouring it, “It’s young Tiller’s horse, or I’m a goanna.”

“Aye, thought it might be,” Derron said nodding, “That means she’s here somewhere.”

Flicks felt the sneeze growing stronger and felt sure she could suppress it no longer. Kendal turned, Derron following him out of the stable.

Flicks sneezed.

The sound seemed abnormally loud to Flicks, echoing off the walls and sounding more like an elephant than a person.

“What in the world!?” came Derron’s exclamation of surprise.

Kendal turned on his heel and strode towards the stall in which Flicks sat curled in a ball. Flicks felt a hand on her collar and she was hauled up out of the stall and deposited on the floor, she was on her feet in a second.

Her first impulse was to laugh aloud at the astonished expression on Derron’s face, but she looked at Kendal and went cold at his satisfied smirk.

“Well, well, what a nice surprise Tiller,” he said shaking his head, “You are very good at ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“So are you, Kendal,” Flicks replied.

“And how might that be?” he asked scornfully.

Flicks raised her eyebrows mysteriously, “You’ll find out soon enough.” She actually had no idea what she was talking about but it might do her good to make Kendal cautious.

Kendal scowled and grabbed her arm, “Perhaps you should come with me,” he ground through his teeth.

Flicks considered resisting but she realised she hadn’t much choice as Kendal dragged her out into the open. Lars stood next to three horses tied to the front of old Ron’s shop, he looked up in surprise as Flicks stumbled into view.

“What was she doin’ here?” he shot the question to Kendal.

Kendal stopped in mid stride and turned to Flicks, “What were you doing here?” he asked frowning.

Flicks shrugged, “Not much really,” she said truthfully.

“You’ve been up to mischief I’ll warrant. Tell me now, what were you doing?” Kendal’s face was only centimeters away from Flicks’.

“Really, I was doing nothing, I was about to leave as a matter of fact.” She tried to pull away but Kendal’s grip on her arm stopped her.

“If you weren’t doing anything why were you hiding in the stall?” he asked, his eyes boring into hers.

Flicks swallowed, her heart racing, she wished she wasn’t so close to the troublemaker, his clothes stank of sweat and muck and his breath of beer. “I was just…” she swallowed again, what explanation could she give? 

“Just what?” Kendal’s voice was barely a whisper.

Then inspiration hit her, “I was just doing what old Ron told me!”

“What?” Kendal seemed confused and he released her arm, Flicks stepped back hurriedly out of reach, “Why did he tell you to hide in the stable?”

Flicks shrugged, “How would I know? He certainly didn’t tell me.”

Kendal narrowed his eyes and stepped forwards again, Flicks copied the movement but stepping backwards instead, remaining out of his reach. “Since when did anyone do what that crazy old man told ‘em? He yer friend?”

Flicks felt a flash of consternation; she didn’t want to deny the old man, she liked him, but at the same time admitting might make him a point of attack for Kendal.

“He’s,” she hesitated, “An acquaintance.”

“Ahhh,” Kendal smiled, “So ‘e is yer friend you just don’t wanna admit it. D’ya think I might hurt him if I knew?”

Flicks closed her eyes momentarily then looked back at Kendal, “Yes, I did.”

A beast like growl erupted from the man’s chest and he clenched his jaw in anger, “Who do you think you are to say things like that?” he said, his voice dangerously low.

“No one,” Flicks replied, “But it’s the truth.”

“You are saying that I would attack a crazy old man?” Kendal roared into her face, “Well you’re right, I will! Just as soon as I’ve finished with you!”

He lunged forward but Flicks was expecting him, she jumped backwards so he stumbled and almost fell. He stepped forward again, Flicks skipping a few paces back, keeping a safe distance away.

How did I get myself into this? she asked herself, after all these years of avoiding this and now multiple times in one day!

Kendal sprang forward again but Flicks dodged to the side and began running. She may have got away but for Derron. He jumped forward and seized her shoulder, pulling her backwards and off balance. Kendal was there in a moment; he grabbed her arms and literally threw her to the side.

Flicks crashed into the door of the house, the breath knocked from her and her legs trembling. She nearly collapsed and probably would have but Lars, who had joined in the action, pinned her to the wall with a strong forearm.

Kendal stood in front of Flicks his face red with anger and his eyes wild.

Flicks, still breathless, waited helpless for the attack, wishing fervently that she hadn’t come to town in the first place. But she couldn’t do anything about it, so she stood, knowing to be ready for anything.

But she certainly wasn’t ready for what actually happened.


1, 2 or 3? That is the question....

1. The door opened and Flicks fell backwards, landing with a groan at old Ron’s feet.

2. From behind her, in the house, Flicks heard a shout and then she fell backwards in a crash as the door disintegrated in a massive explosion, the likes of which Dusty Town had never seen.

3. A shrill whinny arose from one of the horses and even Flicks turned her head to see what was wrong.


How has your week been? Don't forget to use your power to change the course of Flicks' future!

~ Jane, Misty Maiden


  1. Hmm I can't decide.... I'd say 2 except for the fact that if there were a really big explosion from inside she would fall forward not backwards..... so I'll say 1 because it makes more sense :D

    1. I can make it that if you want...It would make more sense I must admit.

  2. Yay! I reckon... Option 2!

    1. Explosions are always popular. :)

  3. I'm going with 2 as well. It sounds unusual. :)

  4. Hi Jane, I just found your blog! It's always exciting to find a fellow Aussie blogger & writer, and I really like the idea of a serial 'Choose Your Own Adventure' story - I may have to try it myself!
    Keep up the good work & God bless!
    Jessica :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! (Nice name btw)


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