Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Current Life

   I still can't think of anything really interesting to blog about, so I'll tell you about my current life. Although, some of it happened a while ago. cute little cockroaches (baby quails). brothers, generally making a noise.

Smelling...a smell that isn't smellable yet, or to put it another way, I'm imagining the smell of the things I'm planning on cooking sometime today.

Tasting...air, inside my mouth, and not much else really. read more of 'The Prisoner of Zenda'.

Feeling...the urge to read it and not wait until tomorrow.

Wishing...a wish.

Thinking...that thinking is always a problem. myself, because I'm funny.

Dreaming...up what I could say that might have the faintest glimmer of humour in it. Ha ha, was that funny?
Reading...'The Prisoner of Zenda' for On Year Adventure Novel, and 'The Second Mrs. Gioconda' for history.

Singing...'In Dreams' from Lord Of The Rings, well, I'm not actually singing it, the tune is just stuck in my head. 'Anything but Greybeard Halt.' Aww, that's my favourite.' recover.

Recovering...from preparing.

Remembering...that I wanted this to be funny. think of something funny to say.

Questioning...whether anyone is finding this interesting or not.

Fearing...that no one is. to see if you find me funny.

Hurting...inside me, because you are trying to pretend this isn't funny. to see if you can stop laughing long enough to answer me.

Working...out if that is enough about being funny.
Feeling clever about...I don't do clever, I know my limitations.
Turning...around in my chair for no reason except so I have something to write here.

Realizing...that my quail need some more water. see if they need more food.

Organizing...nothing, I am not an organized person. fingers on the keyboard.

Reckoning...that it's about lunch time. cook something for the dessert night we are having here tomorrow night.

Anticipating...the fact that it is only 359 days until my 14th birthday (in other words, that my birthday was 6 days ago).

Regretting...that I started it in the first place, well, not really, but anyway. smile.

Smiling...because I chose to.

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

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