Monday, 14 July 2014

Awkward but Funny

   I ran out of ideas for blog posts so I  had to resort to all the awkward/funny things I do...

   When I'm in the middle of writing a post and instead of clicking Save, I click Publish…I'm so glad that you can revert posts back into drafts!

   A conversation we had the other day:
Alice: I was thinking of making some honey jumbles later
Me: what are ani wumbles?
Clare and Alice: *laughing* nothing
Me: what did you say though?
Clare: not ani wumbles – Honey Jumbles
Me: Oh…
Clare: *muttering something inaudible in the other room*
Me: what are you talking about?
Clare: I said ‘they're crazy’
Me: no you didn't… you said something about church on Sunday
Clare: you’re a saucepan head
Me: no but what did you really say?
Clare: what did I say if I did not say you are crazy?
Me: what?
Clare: I said ‘they’re crazy’
Everyone *laughing*

Me: *muttering* Why does everyone take me seriously? I'm not really as dumb as I make out. Sometimes I'm just joking… 

Me: *making pancakes and is about to pour the milk in* don’t distract me or I will spill it…
Clare: OK, *goes about being distracting* Hey Jane, what are you doing on Sunday?
Me: I am going to… *puts the full milk bottle down to fast and it splashes everywhere*
Everyone *laughing uncontrollably*

When someone starts talking and say, 'You know, it's really funny..' and I just burst out laughing because they said it was funny.

   When Clare cannot remember my birthday, and when I say, 'It's my birthday soon!' She says, 'Really? Oh is that when your birthday is?'

When I tell my cousin that I've just got a blog and she says, 'could you just remind me what a blog actually is?'….

When I laugh at something someone says, and then realize no one else is laughing and I stop and say, 'That wasn't actually funny, was it?' Then everyone starts laughing because what I said was so funny, and I'm just sitting there wishing I could sink into oblivion.

When my cousin and I are playing this stupid game and we can't stop giggling and we are trying to do it quietly so we don't disturb the other people in the room. I have this great idea of going to our bedroom but I can't stop laughing long enough to suggest it!

When Clare, Alice and I are at the show and we make the mistake of walking up to this Christian book seller and looking at his books. Then he starts talking to us....I didn't actually end up having to resort to my plan to stop him talking. (just walking away so Clare and Alice could say, 'Oh no, where's Jane gone? Sorry Mr Sales Guy, but we have to go and find our sister...' and they walk off. I thought it was a pretty good plan.)

When some one (no names) called C.... sorry, as I said, no names, tells me that my blog is really funny and once one of their siblings thought they were having a seizure because they were laughing so much...I wasn't aware that I was so funny, I mean I'm a really serious person, I never laugh.

When people take me seriously when I am joking. I mean, I'm always sarcastic. Well, not always, but quite often. Alert: No, I am not being sarcastic right now.

~ Jane, Misty Maiden


  1. Just to clarify... the C not to be named human, is not me.... I am not a human Mwah hahah!

  2. That C guy sounds pretty cool! I wish I knew who he is.

    1. Hey, C guy, are you impersonating your dad? And by the way there's not much chance of you ever finding out who they (C guy) are, they live far, far away from you...

    2. Oh, by the way, I was joking, every one, joking.


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