Friday, 28 April 2017

Blog Anniversary // SURPRISE VLOG // I eat a spoonful of vegemite

On the 28th, April 2014, I started this blog. And somehow it's still alive now three years later??


I'm amazed at my little toddler bloggy. *pats blog proudly*

So the last two years I've been meaning to remember when my blog's anniversary is but somehow only think of it a month or two too late. But not this day!
(*nervous laughter* I came close to forgetting though. Very close.)

Just for the occasion I decided to take a look back at my first few posts. Man, I laughed at myself so hard. I'd just like to point out the fact that my very second post ever was a tag/award thing and guess what? I tagged no one. This has been happening from the very beginning apparently.

Reading through some of them just shows how insanely much my blogging style (and me) has changed.

Somehow I have almost 200 posts (okay, I'm about 15 off the mark but still). Um...WOW. I can't get over that. I don't even know how that happened because gosh that's a lot of posts. Also 30k page views. Dude. What even? How??
In three years, I've only ever gotten two spam comments. Talent, yes. By the same person/thing and both in the last year.
Comments are my favourite things though. All 1,500-and-something of them are were very special for me. (So shout out to all you peoples who have been commenting for a year or two. I notice. I appreciate it. And if you've only commented once, or haven't even done it ever (promise I'm not all that scary) thank you as well. Getting all sentimental now)
RANDOM STATS FLASH because why not.

I had thought of doing a giveaway for this occasion but a) I couldn't think of anything to give away and b) postage cost kills me. So yeah nah. No giveaway for you this time around. :P


No one actually knows what they're doing. It's all a journey process. We're works in progress and we'll never stop growing.
Those are your wise words of wisdom from Jane for the day. xD

Alrighty so in light of the fourth year of Dear Bloggy's life, I've been thinking over a major revamping. I want to make it look more professional and -I don't know- look better in general. Think aqua/turquoise theme colours and plain white background. (I'm yet to work out how I can still include the tengwar/elvish script somewhere because it looks cool.)

I'm still tossing up this idea, and I'd like to know what you guys think of it. As well as some other questions of what you'd like to see more of on my blog over the next year and stuff like that.

Wherefore, I have made a survey!!
There's only four questions, so hopefully it won't be too tricky.

YES YES NOW I FINALLY GET TO THE ONLY BIT YOU WERE ACTUALLY WANTING. The part where I celebrate my Blog Anniversary in vlog!!! 
(I want to know how many people actually just skipped over my rambling to get down here to watch this part. :P)

I made you wait right until the end of the post, because I'm mean. :P Saving the best for last, naturally. But now you get to watch my awkwardness again. (because who wouldn't want to?)

(and you also get to hear the sounds of outdoors Australia because we decided to film it outside. And then the sun came out part way through so the video got really over exposed. >.<)

Thank you guys all for reading, and if you've never commented before, don't be shy! I'd love to meet you. :D

Would you eat a spoonful of vegemite if I asked you nicely?
(take my advice and answer that with an adamant no xD)


  1. No Jane, I would not eat a spoonful of Vegemite for you or anyone else for that matter... :)

    1. Aw what? I feel betrayed.
      But good choice actually. XD

  2. Happy bloggerversary!! Goodness, three years?! *applauds* Very good job on that :D

    I moooiiight try a spoonful of vegemite.... at some point in my life (just for the true Australian experience xD) ..For now though; Nah xP

    1. Thank you!! *bows*

      You should. And I want to be there to laugh at you. XD

    Nope, never gonna try that stuff. :P (what even is Vegemite, I've only ever heard the name, not what it is... O.o)
    you and your sister are hilarious. XD great job on this vlog thingy. ;D

      Oh but you should. xD Definitely. It's a bread spread. Supposed to be thinly on bread or toast with butter - and it's savoury and really salty.
      Thank you! :D

    2. well, maybe one day...but not a whole spoonful, eek... XD

    3. No. Not on a spoon. That'd be bad. XD

  4. Three years! Really? I remember when you started this blog and I can't believe it was three years ago. O.O Congratulations!
    I like your current blog look but I might like a different one better so I say go for a change!
    Your accent though...despite the fact that you have been posting videos a lot recently I still can't get over your accent. It sounds so cool. ;D
    I've never heard of Vegemite so I wouldn't eat a whole spoonful. I might try it but I would not promise to eat any large quantity.
    Oh, and your sister totally should have dropped a chook (such an Aussie word!) on your head. That would have made my day. :D

    1. I know! Three years happened like crazy. So long ago... *bounces* Thank you. You've stuck around for the longest time, even back when I was pretty bad at the whole blogging thing. xP
      I'm currently fiddling around with things to see how I can do things to make it look different, but the same and yeah. We'll see. *nods*
      Yesss. XD My accent is the best. *laughs*
      You should totally try it - but on toast not a spoon. Very thinly on toast with butter. That's how it should be done. :P
      That would've make my day very interesting. XD It would've been hilarious. Unfortunate that she couldn't climb onto the roof while holding a chook without me noticing...
      Thank you again for sticking around for so long. <3

  5. Okay, that vlog was hilarious xD But, anyway, HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY (or blogversary, but I don't know who came up with that word XP)

    And... no. I will not eat vegemite on a spoon. I would probably make the weirdest faces and the video would become an internet sensation. I think you did a great job keep your expressions under control though. xD

    audrey caylin

    1. THANK YOU AUDREY. *snickersnorts* It was pretty funny while doing it actually.

      That was the weirdest thing actually. When I was eating it, I felt like I was pulling very extreme faces, but when I watched the video later, I hadn't been, and I was like whoa. I don't even know how I managed to do that.
      "Internet sensation: Audrey Caylin is convinced to eat a spoonful of vegemite and /this/ is what happened to her." XD

  6. Happy Blog anniversary!! *throws confetti*
    and to answer your question I would but I would make sure to bring a glass of water
    so I would be able to swallow it quickly.


    1. *bounced in confetti* Thank you thank you Quinley!!! You've been a great commenter on my blog, and I really appreciate it so much. <3
      Yes. Swallow it quickly. And then eat ice cream or something, afterwards. xP

  7. Trying to comment for the anniversary (these fandangled computer things). Well done putting yourself out there, learning and growing as you do. I think you should describe the taste sensation that is vegemite on a spoon. Was salty?

    1. Yay!!! (Good job on working it out :P)
      Hmm well it was salty and very strong tasting, but it was no where near as bad as I was expecting. It just tasted like vegemite normally does, but just in larger more concentrated amounts, without the taste of bread/toast. *wise nod*

  8. WHAT WOW?! This is amazing! I'm really happy you've been blogging for years now <3 (And I just started my first three months, haha)

    I look forward to reading more of your posts! I would try vegemite, but where I live I don't think we have it readily available. :(

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    1. Yeet thank you!!! ^-^ <3 (But seriously! That's epic!!)

      This comment makes me very excited, Andrea. -And yes, if you ever get the chance, you should try vegemite. xD

      *goes to check out your blog instantly*

  9. Vegemite, why, Jane? Why? xD
    Congratulations on your blog! Three years is amazing!!

    1. BECAUSE I'M CRAZY. XD Honestly though, I'm not sure why I had that idea. It was a bit random. xP
      Thank you!!! :D

  10. Oh Jane... only you! I think your blog is fine, but then again... I'm not the one to ask. At all. Would I eat vegemite on a spoon? Yes... if you ate some Burmese cuisine of my choice... like chilli salad. Then sure! I would DEFINITELY eat vegemite on a spoon. Actually... if you tried, you'd definitely be able to make me... meh!

    1. *snickersnorts*
      Hey, I'm asking you anyway. xP *shrugs* At this stage it's staying mostly how it is, anyway, so yeep.
      WE'RE ON. *claps hands together* Chilli salad here I go. XD

    2. Oh no, you were not meant to take me up on that... oh well, good luck!

    3. You should know me better. xP

  11. Wow, three years is a rather long time. Congratulations on sticking to it for all this time. Did you ever feel like stopping or have you loved it all the way?
    Wouldn't eat a teaspoon of Vegemite unless you paid me a million bucks. :D

    1. Thanks!! :D Well, I'll just say that it's only really been in the last year that I've actually been improving and being consistent and really enjoying it. I was just kind of 'eh' about it before and went through stages of "Oh wait yeah I have a blog, don't I? Oops. Forgot about that." XD I'm definitely very glad I didn't stop, though.
      Heheh good plan. You should stick with that plan. XP

  12. I would eat a spoonful of Vegemite. With a few bites of toast (is that cheating? still with a spoon, just a bit of toast as well??)

    And of course we Aussies totally eat it with a spoon on holidays and anniversaries and such! (The other main use of Vegemite is, of course, applying behind the ears of tourists to ward off drop bears.)

    (And I feel your pain with the postage business... seriously we're in Australia, not Narnia; postage shouldn't cost half as much as the thing you're buying/sending!)

    Lovely vlog... maybe you should collaborate with your sister again sometime ;)

    Jem Jones

    1. Yesss. CHEATING. But I'll allow that. XD

      Totally. The drop bears are very dangerous though. *wise nod*

      Ugh yes. Very much so. The postage should be less insane, honestly.

      Thank you!!! XP It was a heap of fun. And maybe I shall...

  13. Happy blog anniversary!:-) Your vlog is so great!
    Yes, I would eat it if you asked me, I think... I don't know if they sell that where I live... :-Z
    BTW, love your accents. I've always wanted to visit Australia. ;-)

    1. Awh thanks! :D
      Truuuue. That is a slight problem.
      Haha cool! XD You should definitely come over sometime. (I mean it only costs, like, $2,000 and pfft that's nothing XP) (And that way you could buy some vegemite)

  14. Hey. Only just saw this blog now (thanks to the link on KP). I actually love Vegemite. I use quite a lot of it and have eaten a spoonful of it on multiple occasions. I practically grew up on it (Obviously... That's how every Aussie kid is brought up). Beware the drop bears! XD

    1. HEYYY. I KNOW YOU. :D *waves enthusiastically* Welcome welcome and thank you a heap for dropping in!

      I love vegemite too. It's really great, and all the Americans are missing out. :P

      Yess careful we have bears. XD


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