Monday, 23 January 2017

Cinnamon Apple Pie of Gloriousness

Am I the sort of person who would hug a laptop?

Just because there was a glorious photo of an apple pie on it?


Yes I am.

On Saturday I decided to try my hand at a new sort of pie. I've ticked off Mulberry pie, Raspberry and blueberry pie, and a mash of random fruits pie that I don't remember what I put in it.

But now I can add cinnamon apple pie to the list!

The inspiration for this pie came from Julia, after her pie photos set my stomach yelping for apple pie, but she didn't have a defined recipe to give me. Hence I looked up half a dozen and got the best two and smashed them together into some sort of a mishmash with my mulberry pie recipe until I had some random jumble of something.

Tasted good though.

I was rather nervous because to start off with the recipe was a mishmash invention of weirdness, I didn't know exactly what I was doing, and to top it off I accidentally put too much water in the pastry and it was a jolly lot more difficult than I appreciated to roll it out.

But when it was all flattened and mixed and filled and cooked it turned out to be a glorious a specimen of a first-time apple pie that I could've asked for.

It smelt sooo good, and the crust was all crumbly and cinnamon and sugar and I just wanted to eat it right then.

But no. I practiced some self control and waited for a full two hours (I'm not entirely sure actually) until after dinner. And it was worth the wait.

So much tasty.

I'm rather happy with how it turned out and I'm definitely going to be cooking it again. Along with mulberry, raspberry, blueberry, what-even-was-in-that pies. 

What is your favourite type of pie?
Ever made a pie yourself?


  1. Oh wow, that pie looks delicious!
    I used to be able to make a pie called "Impossible Pie" that my grandma used to make but unfortunately it was rather impossible for me to remember how to make it, not to mention the specific little details it required to be a nice pie... Hmm oh well.

    Anyway, jolly good job again :D

    1. Yas! I was muchly delicious! :D
      Ooh cool, sounds tricky. *googles recipe* Yikes. Yeah, maybe not. It looks far too impossible. xD My recipes (mishmash though they are) are all nice and reasonably simple, otherwise my brain would probably revolt. :P


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