Friday, 25 November 2016

NaNoWriMo: I wrote a full draft in...22 days???

On the 22nd of NaNo November 2016, at a time I do not remember, in the strange land of me, a first draft was finished.

Thus Agent Kit, book two of  The Outlaw Legends, is completed. Not mentioning any red underlines or strange typos or highly painful grammar that may or may not be through the entire thing.

Agent Kit is officially the longest novel I have ever written, with 91,946 words in all (Although technically that wasn't from all in November. I'd written about 13k of random scenes and dialogue and stuff before NaNo started. But who cares about technicalities like that?) and 42 chapters.

How in the world did I write 42 chapters in one month?


I am quite shocked to discover this insane Jane (oh look, it even rhymes. Bonus points to me) who can write 840 words in ten minutes. I mean, I thought I was crazy before when I wrote Monsieur Scattlocke for Camp NaNo and finished draft one in two months at 63k. When I could write 1k in two hours. But now?

Now I don't even know what to think. So at this stage I'm avoiding that thing called 'thinking' and try rediscover this other thing called 'life.'

Who am I even kidding? I never think. Except maybe about sandwiches.

There was no way I entered this month even vaguely thinking it might turn out this way. Winning on day ten was not something I expected would happen. And finishing the entire draft monster of 91k in twenty-two days??? I honestly didn't realise that would ever be possible for me.

I have discovered I have inner depths of crazy that I never realised.

I also discovered that over a month of late nights eventually catches up. Even if Brain is burried somewhere in a mess of writing land, it's gotta come out eventually. And when it does, you gotta watch out.

On Tuesday, I wrote 'The End' and almost started flailing and shrieking but then...

My brain died.

Over a month's worth of late nights crashed onto me and I turned into a zombie. It was like I'd been so hyper focused on the story that my brain had zoned out on everything else, but as soon as the first draft was completed and 'The End' was written on the last page it realised that it didn't actually have any energy to do...anything at all.

So I promptly flopped on my bed and wished it was night already.

When night fiiinally did come, I went to bed early and crashed. It was basically one of those 'head touches pillow - is asleep' moments that are only meant to happen in books. Or if you've just finished writing a book apparently.

But enough of that. It's time, my friends. A wonderful time. A time...for snippets!!!

I'll just mention that I did edit the typos -ahem- so that it was vaguely logical hopefully.

And you may have noticed from the title picture thing, that I have a very cool happening. My sister and I co-bought Scrivener after Camp NaNo and we both are super glad we did. It's really handy and stuff and everyone should totally go join my Camp NaNo cabin and win and get a discount code and buy it. *shameless advertising*

But the point I was getting to was that there's this epic 'compile' thing that can literally make your novel into an ebook. YES. You heard right. I ticked a couple of boxes, my lovely sister helped me insert a cover and boom.

My novel was an ebook.


I mean, sure, it's not published. Not even nearly. Also, it's a first draft. But!!! I stood and flicked through the digital pages and stared at the cover and flailed in general because it looks like a real actual book.

And one day I hope it will be.

Also, the pen. The AusIntel pen. (I've mentioned it before, I think) I own a pen from my own book. Although, in the chaos of NaNo I kind of forgot to put it into the actual story, but that'll be fixed in some draft sometime. It's all very cool.

Wow. This post has been pretty crazy and rambling. But that's pretty normal, I guess.

How is all your writing going?
Has anyone else found this month is going way too fast???


  1. You did amazing Jane. I am not at all surprised that you crashed like you did. Well done!
    Thanks for being such a cool sister and letting me read your first draft typos and all (and as an ebook!)... it is super exciting to have it!

    1. *hugs* Thanks, my wonderful sister! I'll admit that it did come as a surprise to me. I was like " This isn't meant to happen now. I wanna celebrate." But it didn't seem to help. :P

      EEEK YES. It's super super excitinger for me. ^-^

  2. Go JANE! you are amazing, maybe you won't have to have a career as a pizza deliverer after all!

    1. *flails* Oh indeed. Maybe I'll manage to do without that. xD

      Thank you for being such an epic sister and making me do NaNo. :)

  3. HOLY COW, JANE! :D THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! ROCK ON. *high five* *throws pizza and brownies at you for your victory*
    Ahhhh this is so cool!! :D I love the snippets. And an EBOOK. WOW!
    YHVH bless, and congrats!
    -Angela |

    1. Eek thank you!!! *takes allll the pizza and brownies* *shares some with you also*

      It makes me so super excited to hear that. *flails* I'm glad you liked them!!!

  4. GO YOU THAT IS SO FANTASTIC. I am so proud and you are basically a writing beast. Surprised you didn't have pictures of your golden typewriter in this post... Hmm... ;)

    But speaking of pictures... these are so pretty! They make my heart so happy with their gorgeousness. :D <3

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SO MUCH KAITE. YOU WERE THE EPICEST. But the golden typewriter was a little shy and all. Maybe next time. xP

      Thanks! I can't take any credit for them other than the idea though, because my awesome photographer sister took them and everything. I have the bestest sisters. *hugs* :)


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