Monday, 8 August 2016

Getting Hungry for a Reason

This. Will be strange. Just warning you... I'm going to be doing World Vision's 40 hour Famine for the first ever time this year. It's gonna be...


And hungry.

But I'm still excited about it.

Soo...What's the 40 Hour Famine, Jane?

Glad you asked, Bob. The 40 hour famine is...uh, well...*clears throat* *opens parchment scroll* The 40 Hour Famine is where a bunch of people make a commitment to go without something important to them for 40 hours. Traditionally, it was food, but then a heap of other stuff came along. You set a target of how much money you want to raise. All the money goes to World Vision and they help peoples who are actually starving.
*re-furls scroll*

Oh, and it happens in August. This year it's the 19-21 of the month.

So yeah, check out their website for a better explanation.

And you're going without...?



I know. This is the girl who eats an entire pizza herself (in one meal naturally). This is me. I eat a lot. My parents said that they'd be able to donate to me because they'd have saved so much money from me not eating for 40 hours.

Yeah, it'll be fun.

You said something about donation goals?

I did indeed, my friend, I did indeed. I had (and still don't) no clue how much to set so I just put five thousand. It sounds like a lot. So y'know what I need?


Nice try, Bob, except I think you do. I don't even own five thousand dollars so I need a hand with raising that money.

(It feels very weird to be saying this on my blog. Just...random. I don't know why. This is quite possibly the reason I'm pretending to talk to an imaginary person called Bob...)

So, if you feel like donating anything, even the smallest amount (five cents might be a bit pathetic, though Bob) I would feel massively excited. And even if you don't, that's all cool. Just raising awareness is half of the thing, and if you let your friends and family know about the random Aussie blogger who's doing this thing maybe they'll be called to donate.

Even a quick share of my page could do heaps.

There's a ton of people doing this, how am I meant to know who's you?

Ah, good point. Here's a link to my profile: 40HF 2016 Jane. Easy to tell who it is. The one with the dork as the profile pic. That's me.

Aaand that's probably about it. Again, if you want more info, totally check out the 40 Hour Famine Website, and maybe you could even give it a go! Personally, I'm really excited, and I think it's going to be a great experience. Hard, but great.

No food for 40 hours. And, even more seriously, no virtual pizza either. And trust me, that is serious indeed. Just ask any of my Camp NaNoWriMo cabin mates. They'll assure you that we feast on virtual pizza every day. Like...every day.

This, Bob, is serious.

See why it's such a big thing?

But I still think it'll be fun. I'll be able to walk around with my sister, Alice (did I mention she was doing it too? Click here for her page), and sing parodies of the Misty Mountains about food and not being able to eat...

Plus, I'll be able to describe what it feels like to be really hungry much better.

I know. Writers can get inspiration from everything.

Erm...Pretty sure I have nothing else to say now. Thank you to Bob for being here with us today! So...yeah.

Fair Winds!

Jane Maree


  1. Good for ye Jane! To be honest, I'm not exactly sure if I'll be doing it (Being on Zach's Birthday weekend and all..) But go you!

    (Bob..? *sniff*)

    1. Aww you should! (please?) It doesn't have to be would work. There's no furniture at the bonfire birthday...Or something else minor...Maybe? *grins hopefully*

      (Yeah, Bob's my virtual pizza delivery man *nods knowingly*)

  2. *chokes* You, Prill, are one amazing human bean. Loved your comment about learning what it's like to be REALLY hungry. Totally something I would do :D. I hope you succeed!

    1. THANK YOU SAVVY! I'm really nervous and all, and I keep thinking WHAT IF I DON'T REACH THE 5K??? But I'm praying, and God'll do whatever is his plan. :)

      And yeah, you should totally give it a try sometime even if it's with something other than food. It'd be fun!

    2. ALSO I must say you gave us the wrong profile. I couldn't find a dork in that picture. Actually, that girl (it says her name is Jane in the profile), is exceptionally pretty *nods sagely*.

    3. Aww really? Thanks so much Savvy. *hugs comment* :)


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