Monday, 6 June 2016

The Fellowship of the Keyboards

The return of Camp NaNoWirMo draws near! And with it I have an announcement to make.

Never heard of the Fellowship of the Keyboards? Just hold a moment and I'll explain.

With the approach of July's Camp NaNo, I have been preparing for my second adventure. I had masses of fun last time, and reached my 15k goal way faster than I expected. it comes folks...This time round I have begun to draw together some brave comrades-in-arms to embark on the quest together.

In other words: I've made my own cabin.

And called it The Fellowship of the Keyboards. 'Cause I'm just like that.

Thus far, I have had four people volunteer to accompany me: Clare (my sister), Jessica (cousin), Bethany (Jessica's friend), and Sarah (my brilliant friend). Together we make a Moon Magic-er, a Knowledgeable Thief, a someone-I-don-not-know, a Super Powered Life-Saver, and me, an Outlaw. But we are only four.

How can four people alone save the world?

So that is my announcement. There are seven more places in the Fellowship, just waiting for YOU.  I am offering out those seven places to my lovely blog readers. If it's your first or one hundredth time, I don't mind, I'd love to have you join us.

Not interested yet?

No problemo, I'll tell you some of my hopes... my aim for the Fellowship is to have a crazy cabin of besties who can come sobbing when the words don't come, who can cheer and eat pizza together when someone reaches a goal or finishes a chapter, and just generally have a great time. High word count, low word count, no one will care, 100 words or 100k it doesn't matter! (Though low word count is probably going to be prominent) We'll all just band together and go on an adventure. (And question the sanity of anyone with a 100k word count goal.)

Interested now?

Good-o. If you're wanting a chance to join the Fellowship there are two options (because I'm so good at thinking up options) to choose from:

1. You can shoot me a message via the Campsite. My 'name' is Peace Rider Lydia. (A reference to one of my WIPs)


2.  You can comment on this post and tell me your username.

But remember, there is a limited amount of space, so if you're interested don't hesitate! I'd LOVE to have some of you join the Fellowship.

Adventure is waiting, my friends!

Fair Winds!


  1. Aaaw, this sounds like so much fun! I love your name. :D

    I've already started my own cabin that's become quite a tradition over the years... so I'm afraid I can't join yours. We call ourselves Cabin "Michtam," which means "one who has been given the gift of writing." Yours is a lot easier to pronounce which is awesome. xD

    Have an awesome Cabin! :D

    1. Cabin "Michtam" sounds like an interesting name. We had several different ideas tossed around at first but decided that The Fellowship of the Keyboards was the best. :D

      I actually started the Fellowship because in April my sister Clare and I were in this cabin that was completely silent most of the month and everyone felt like complete strangers, and only us two even reached our word-count goals. That was a little depressing for the first time round, so we came up with the plan to make our own, better cabin!

      (P.S. If there are any writers you know that want to do Camp NaNo but don't have a cabin (and there's no room in your's) do feel free to refer them over to me. ;P)

  2. OKAY HOW DID I NOT FIGURE OUT THAT YOU WERE CLARE'S SISTER, OMG. I FEEL LIKE A SILLY GRAPE RIGHT NOW. 😂😂 (Also I think it's awesome that you are blogging sisters!! EEEEP. I used to blog with my sister [until she abandoned me *sniffles*] so YUS. Just sayin' you both are awesome. ;D)
    And I love your cabin name and GOOD LUCK WITH THIS. I think I'll be writing in June because I'm too impatient to wait until July. XD

    1. Haha! That's really funny actually. We've had several other people having that reaction - slowly connecting to dots after following both our blogs for ages! xD
      Thanks! I wish you luck with all the writing!

  3. I'd love to join! This sounds like so much fun! My Camp Nano name is Autumn Girl 23, count me in! Last time I was with a bunch of people I didn't know and made for some really boring chats. This sounds amaze though!

    1. That's so cool El! I'll send you an invite right away! :D I really hope you can enjoy the experience in The Fellowship!

  4. is there still room left in the cabin? because I would love to join!:)


    1. Ooh Quinley! I'll have to check with the rest of my cabin, but I'm sure you'll be very welcome!! :D If you could drop me a link to your profile please?
      (Mine is

    2. here is the link:


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