Monday, 11 January 2016

My New Lookin' Blog and a 'Lovely Tag'

As you probably have noticed, I have redone my blog! Thanks so much to my sister, Clare, for helping me. I just decided that it was time to upgrade to something cooler. New year, new look, eh? How do you like it?

So this 'Lovely Blog Tag' (I'm not entirely sure what it's called) to me by Clare -- my great source for receiving such tags...But guess what? I had to make a picture myself this time! *Gasps* Oh the horror!

So here are the rules that always come with things like this:

Give seven fun facts about yourself, and then give this tag to fifteen other great blogs.

Wait, what?! Does that say fifteen? Phew...okaay, I dunno about the 'fifteen' but I can do the fun facts bit. And here we are:

I am an expert at going. "Here, I'll show you how to do it," and then failing utterly at whatever it was. Oh, and then I laugh at my own idiocy and make a mental note not to offer again. A mental note which I almost always lose, forget, or just plain ignore.

I have three real fake swords/katanas. As in, I have three metal, ornamental-and-therefore-not-sharp swords. They're pretty cool, but the only problem is that Clare wants to take photos of me with them...Oh, the woes of having a photographer as a sister.

I attract bruises. They just seem to like me -- and I like them too. I've had some very interesting looking ones from archery, and it's so fun to show them to people and see them wince. Particularly if the bruises don't actually hurt much.

I don't like chocolate. I don't like most sweet things actually. Some biscuits are okay, and cake is too, but generally I'll say no to basically anything else. I've got up to number five now. Umm, my watches have a habit of smashing several days after I get them. Seriously, the last...four, I think, have broken no more than a month after I was given them. The first one I got on a Christmas about four years ago I broke the next day. But, I got another watch for this Christmas and it's survived with only one scratch! So far...

I am doing Potions for schoolwork this year. Well, not Potions technically. The cover of the book says Chemistry but Potions sounds much more interesting. I'm kind of getting slightly worried and more determined at the same time about that book. Clare started it, but switched to something else because it was too difficult, Alice probably wasn't going to have to do it. I was fine with all that, it just made me want to go, "Oh yeah! I can do this." And then I was told that Zach had also done it (this I already knew) but then I found out that he hadn't actually finished it and had gone to a different chemistry thing. That's got me worried. But it also makes me want to succeed even more...So I really don't know...I'm kind of just going to wait and see what it's like.

I think having a birthday on the 29th of February would be so fun. I could go around saying that I was three and a half! Can you just imagine that? It would be hilarious!

So there we are, fun facts about myself are all done, but if you wanted to read some more you can check out my 'About me' page. It's a whole page full of crazy facts.

So, fifteen other blogs. I'm thinking that I'll
Sarah (Novus Papilio) here is an excuse to go do another blog post!

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to check out the latest Fragment of If Adventure Comes Your Way, and leave a comment while you're there.

Fare Thee Well!


  1. I really like your new blog look Jane! You and Clare did a good job with both the photography and the design! It's much brighter now and has a dreamy, adventurous feel! Perfect for you and your content!
    Good luck with your "Potions" class! I too started Chemistry in high school and then switched. If you are good with math you will probably find it easy.

  2. I love the new look! I tagged you in the Gratitude Tag over at my blog!

    1. Aw, thanks Anna! I'll try remember to do the Tag Post next Monday. :)


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