Monday, 9 November 2015

'Brace Yourself'

So...something happened that, a while ago, I wouldn't have ever expected. I've kept you all in suspense, although most of my followers already know, because they've seen me. I almost considered not doing a post just for a certain cousin of mine (yeah, Jessica, I'm talking about you...),  because I thought it would be funny to just turn up at Christmas time and freak her out. I did rather want to see her face when she saw me. But...just 'cause I'm nice, I didn't. 
Right, so to get right to the whole point of this post:

 I Have Glasses.

Okay, it all started with the projector at church. I'd been having trouble reading it and I eventually mentioned it to someone. This resulted in a frown and a few weeks later, an eye test. To use the exact words of the Eye-Doctor-person: "You are the best case for needing glasses that I've had today." (Sorry about that very generalised summary, I could go into more depth, but it's not much of an interesting tale.)

Yeah, so after that I had to choose frames for the glasses. Those who know me will also know that I really don't like making decisions. Really. And this wasn't just any decision, it was one that was going to stay around for quite a while. In the end I decided on a black frame, nice and simple, nothing fancy, just like me really (In case you didn't know, I have a strong distaste for most things fancy).

Last Tuesday they were ready so Daddy and I, along with my three littler siblings, went down to pick them up. When I put them on I just said, "Wow." I couldn't think of anything better to say. It truly is wow-ish. Driving back home I read out about every sign we passed just 'cause I could, and commenting on all the jacaranda trees, that are flowering now, had so many flowers! The trees have so many leaves, the grass is so...umm...grassy, my feet look really small, not to mention that I can't work out if the ground looks close or far away.

Sadly, Tuesday and Wednesday were all cloudy, but finally on Thursday the sky was clear. And at night I went outside to look at the stars. So cool. I thought I could see heaps of stars before. But now? Now I can see loads more. And they're not just random blobs of light, they're actually more like holes in the sky, opening up into some other realm full of adventures and fantasy.

Naturally my sister Clare, who is also a photographer, would not allow me to do a post without pictures. So we managed to find a sunny few minutes just before the sun set the other day and she took a few photos. 

Yep. Just a few (I know, it's amazing). As I said, it was only minutes until the sun set so I am still to be subjected to a more lengthy photo-shoot. But to look on the bright side: I don't even have to pay! Which is a good thing, because I've already spent all my money on Christmas presents. Two Christmas presents (Guess what! They were books!).
I didn't really have much money to start off with. Actually I still haven't earned the money to pay my Mum back. I'm doing that at the end of this month though, so it's all sorted. I still haven't had any inspiration as to what to give any of the rest of my family yet, but I'm working on it. 

Right, sorry, I'll get back to the point.

One sad thing is that I can't show other people how much difference the glasses make. Everything looks so amazing! But if I'd always been able to see this much I wouldn't think it was amazing, it'd just be normal. I think all my siblings have tried on my glasses, most thought things looked really over sharpened, but my almost-two-year-old little sister, Ann, didn't say. She just stared at me and then smeared her hands across the lenses so I had to clean them if I wanted to see anything other than smear. I wonder why she did that? (Sorry...sarcasm runs in the family.)

Basically I have to wear my glasses all the time unless I'm doing something that's close; like stuff on the computer, reading and school work. Apparently if I wear them while doing that kind of thing my eyes could get worse. And I'm already half-blind enough, so I'm fine with taking them off. :)

 So there we go. Now you know that I have glasses. To finish off this post I think a poem (written by Skilf, naturally) about my glasses would be fitting. She wrote this as if from my point of view, after I told her about my glasses. She seemed to find it rather amusing when I mentioned the church projector being the bane of my life, as you will notice...

The Bane of My Life

Oh the bane of my life, the projector.
To glasses and short-sightedness lie,
Forever to squint, or glasses to wear,
For I have the myopic eye.

Pray, come near me not, my dear friends,
For catching, my case may well be,
And you do not want to have glasses,
All the bother and annoyance, trust me.

All the smudges and all of the dust specks,
All the smears and the random chap’s stare,
I haven’t decided, but they might just be worth it,
For all that they rather impair.

For now I can see, what astonishment!
An amazing occurrence, I’m sure.
Oh the stars in the sky are quite brilliant,
Of the trees and the land I see more.

So maybe, just maybe, I don’t mind much,
Does the benefit outweigh all the blight?
I am yet unsure, but I’ll say one thing;
Glasses ain’t that bad...well, not quite.

Fare Thee Well!


  1. Oh, you make my side hurt, Jane.... or should I say Skilf.. or whatever.

    1. Skilf does have random moments of poetic inspiration at times. And, sorry, she seems to be quite good at making them funny. :)

  2. You look good with glasses Jane! Very intelligent! ;) I remember my cousin said that after she got glasses she was shocked to see individual leaves on the trees! Before they had just looked like blobs of color.
    Enjoy your new glasses!

  3. You look really cute with glasses! I actually just realized that you and Clare are sisters. I've been following both your blogs for a while but I didn't realize that you two are sisters until I saw this post!

    1. Really? Thanks! I have done something similar before...some times it takes me waaaay too long before I realise. :D

  4. Heh, personally, I would describe stars (when wearing glasses) as random points of light, as opposed to random fuzzy things in the sky when not wearing glasses.

    It's amazing that one never really realizes that they needed the glasses, until they actually have them, isn't it?

    1. Yeah, my description was mainly just a random writer's moment of inspiration. :D It sounds better than just saying 'random points of light', and if I mentioned the smears people might realise how much I really, really needed glasses...

      Yes, it is quite odd, I never realised just how bad my eyesight was until I got them.


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