Monday, 13 July 2015

Have you ever?

   I had this random idea for a post a few weeks ago but only actually got around to doing it today. It is kind of similar to a game of 'Have you ever'. I'm going to post a list of random and quite possibly funny things that I've done and I want you to comment and tell me if you've ever done any of those things. Some of them I highly doubt...I decided to think of thirteen things to start with just 'cause I'm thirteen years old (although soon to be fourteen). But we'll see if I can think of any more... The things are in no particular order, some of them I did years ago and some I did just the other day. Enjoy!

Have you ever...Dropped a full tin of Milo on the carpet? Thus causing about half the Milo to empty out of the tin and into a nice little pile on the floor.

Have you ever...Tied a friend to a pole with rope? This makes for a very memorable occasion, trust me.

Have you ever...Been given a completely random nickname? Mine is Egret. I was at a learning-about-edible-weeds camp thing, and one evening when me, my sisters and several friends were standing around talking, a little girl, Heidi, randomly decided to start giving us all names. The funny thing is mine name was the only one that stuck, so I was Egret for the rest of the weekend. It was very funny.

Have you ever...Laughed at your own joke and then realised that no one else was laughing? (Very awkward)

Have you ever...Jumped into a freezing cold creek in winter? I did this on the winter solstice...

Have you ever...Gotten a sore mouth from smiling? I do this basically every time I go tubing. Tubing's fun, unless of course before you go tubing you hear that a shark was seen in the same body of water that you are about to go in...that makes it not so good. :)

Have you ever...Been hit with a saucepan? In my case my oldest sister Clare was the wielder. We were duelling, I had a half broken stick and she had an old saucepan. Guess who came out of the fight most injured...

Have you ever...Been laughing so hard (and trying to do it quietly) that you couldn't stop laughing long enough to suggest to your laughing-too-hard-companion that you go laugh somewhere else where the noise doesn't matter? This was me and my cousin, Jessica...we weren't even laughing about anything the end I think we were laughing about the fact that we were laughing about nothing.

Have you ever...Made a parody to a song? I did back in January, it was a parody of I See Fire, the credits song for 'The Desolation of Smaug' Hobbit movie number two.

Have you ever...Seen a microphone try to hang itself? For those who don't know, when I play my flute a church I get a microphone and it seems to like hanging itself by the cord (it falls out of the stand). Really bad when I'm trying to play and in the middle of some song it attempts to commit suicide. I once had a dream about that microphone...It was a Bad dream.

Have you ever...Flopped onto a mattress only to find that it is so hard you may as well sleep on the floor? I did this on holidays once. I was just like, "This is going to be my bed!" and flopped...Ouch...It was only that bed that was so hard, the others were luxury compared to it, but I did manage to sleep. I have practice of sleeping on hard things when it's a nice, warm summer night and I get my cloak and sleep outside.

Have you ever...Seen someone drop spaghetti on their face? This one is extremely funny.  Quite a sight especially when the spaghetti is nicely covered in sauce! And then to add to the amusement, someone sitting at the table didn't see what happened to it had to be demonstrated...And naturally the demonstrator ended up with spaghetti on their face as well. 

Have you ever...Had to have two plates to hold all your dinner? I did that last Monday and I did actually eat it all.

So, there is thirteen random/amusing things that I have done. I'm sure I've forgotten something hilariously funny but maybe I'll do this again sometime and think of several more things. 

Have you done any other random funny things that you can remember?

Fare Thee Well!


  1. "Gotten a sore mouth from smiling?" Yep "Been laughing so hard (and trying to do it quietly) that you couldn't stop laughing long enough to suggest to your laughing-too-hard-companion that you go laugh somewhere else where the noise doesn't matter?" Yep "Made a parody to a song" yes "Seen a microphone try to hang itself" definitely!

    1. I forgot to mention, "Have you ever had a microphone fall on your head?" That's when it gets really bad... :D


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