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Choose the Adventure ~ Dusty Red ~ Part One

I've decided to start a story writing thing on my blog, inspired by Gillian's "When Destiny Comes Calling". So, this isn't any normal story writing, yeah I do the writing, but what is different is You choose what happens next.
What I'll do is after every post on "Dusty Red" -as I've called this story thing- I'll give you three options to choose out of. To vote for your favourite just comment on the post and whichever gets the most votes is what I write about next!
No editing whatsoever has been done to this and it is simply for the fun (and practice) of writing for me, and the fun of reading for you. (I'm assuming it's not practice reading for you...)
I can't say how frequent I'll be at doing these posts, it depends if I can bother or how long it takes to think up the story.
Now for the story!

Flicks Tiller had an interesting reputation in her town, often it was said to describe her: “Eyes as green as the Mallee trees and hair as dust-red as the streets of the town,”- which was, ironically, called Dusty Town.

And it was. Very. So were its occupants.

Flicks was no exception, especially after a long ride on her horse. She had just completed such a ride and walked into the tavern for lunch.

 “Look ‘ere! It’s the Tiller kid finally coming to join us,” Kendal’s harsh, cruel voice stood out in the tavern, as her lean and wiry, albeit rather dusty, figure entered though the main door.

The girl’s gaze swept the room for a second then she took off her hat, shaking her hair, and strode over to the bar.

The bar holder was a kind fellow with a smoke coloured beard, for which reason everyone had forgotten his name and called him Smokey.

“What’ll it be today me girl?” he asked, not unkindly.

“Just a plate of grub and a dash of that tea will do thanks,” Flicks Tiller replied, gesturing to the pot over the stove.

“Coming right on, Miss Tiller.”

The large, brawny Kendal snorted, “Well now? Miss Tiller is it? I thought it were Flicks. Don’t yer know ‘er name Smokey? Flicks Tiller it is, not Miss,” he said scornfully.

Flicks ignored Kendal’s comments. Ever since her parents died two years before she had tried to steer clear of him, knowing him as nothing but trouble. But living as she did in small Dusty Town it was impossible for them not to crash into each other sometimes.

Kendal’s two friends, Derron and Lars weren’t so bad, but still, they helped him in his schemes and weren’t the nicest fellows.

Smokey pushed a plate of beef and buttered potatoes across the bar and a cup of tea beside it. Flicks smiled and opened her mouth to thank Smokey when Kendal interrupted again, “Why do we have the pleasure of seeing you here today, Miss Tiller?”

Flicks looked at Kendal, “I don’t talk much during lunch, so if you don’t mind I’ll keep that to myself.”

Kendal scowled, and Flicks looked away, shrugging inwardly. Kendal was a man hard to please.

She was about to grab her plate and cup when the crash of a gun sounded behind her, and the bullet whistled through the air, hitting the tin plate and knocking it and the tea off the bar. There was no doubt as to who had shot. 

Flicks paused then…


Now you can choose what happens next...your three options:

1. She nodded to Smokey, and passed a few coins across the bar, as if nothing had happened, “Just tea please,” she said.

2. Took a deep breath and turned slowly to face Kendal,

“Do you have nothing to do but sit in here and annoy people?” she asked, her eyebrows raised, a picture of complete calm. 

3. Turned around to leave, but a movement in the window caught her eye. A yell burst from her lips as she saw two men at her horse untying the reins. She dashed out the door, leaving Kendal smirking behind her.


Make sure you comment and vote for your favourite!

~ Jane, Misty Maiden


  1. I like 2. It is certainly not what I would do, but I like the idea of a character brave enough to chose it! :)

  2. I choose #1! Tho all of them really! :)

  3. Replies
    1. There has been an uncommented vote for 1 so I'll go with that!

  4. I know the voting is already over, but I would totally have voted number 1 too! :)


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