Monday, 1 December 2014

Food, Funerals, Parties and Pirates

   So the other day we went to someone's funeral. After which there was a lunch of some sort, which of course was food, not some alien kind of food off the planet Ebmeked where they (they being the aliens) fly around in ships (being starships) and while they're travelling in their ships they eat this kind of weird grub that goes skree skree, and it turns out these aliens are not actually aliens but they are people trailing their cloak behind them waiting for the pirates to bite it....

   So, back to the point, there was food. Luckily there was also a lot of it otherwise there might have been a shortage after I'd finished. Actually, now I come to thing of it, there was...
   As Alice said to me on the day, I was on the list of people who they where catering for. Only problem was, they didn't realise that I would eat enough for three people, or more.
   At first I had no idea where the food tables were (it didn't help that there where 80 somehow-relations and even more friends at this funeral) but then I saw my little brother had a plate of food so I asked him where the food was from. He told me and walked outside. And then, I saw them; the crowd literally parted and I saw the food tables.... So I ate some (food not tables). 
   The lunch time continued on with me dodging in and out of people in my attempts of getting to the food table.  It eventually ended when I, without thinking or looking, accidentally picked up some food someone who obviously liked funerals must have put there. If someone told me that it had a plain chilli on it, I wouldn't be surprised.

   I nearly died. 

   I started eating the fruit that was on the tables with such vigour that I'm surprised that there was any left by the time I'd recovered. After that I decided it might be safest to stop, before we had to have another funeral.

Now for the second part of the title! Parties and Pirates!

   On the morning of the party I was dressed up as a pirate. The party was supposed to be a glitz and glamour thing but...that's not really me, besides, I'd never live it down if I did dress up like that.   My brother Samuel came into my room and asked me, "Aren't you going to get your cutlery?" 
   I have a feeling he meant cutlass.

   Besides the cutlass isn't mine, it is borrowed from the master swordsmith who made it for his sister, who also lent me her pirate shirt, as I didn't have one. So I would thank you both. I had failed to find myself a pirate hat so I had to make do with a bandanna. (my belt was real leather and solid brass by the way)

Everyone seemed to thing it was funny to have a pirate so that was good. It was a progressive party thing where we went to four different houses and we had lots of food at all of them. At the place where we were eating pizza I ate...a whole in whole pizza, not whole piece.

I didn't actually have any dessert because I don't really like sweet stuff that much then I decided that I would have to join those in the pool, as I'd been so disappointing so far (as in I wasn't joining in on all the random crazy dances). It's really weird swimming in the dark, but it's also fun.
I went home before the sleepover and so avoided all the other girly stuff (which I really like).
Those who know me will know just how disappointed I was...
So all in all it was quite fun.

~ Jane, Misty Maiden

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