Thursday, 28 August 2014

Random Funny Things

   I have this really good way of telling how well people know me. When I'm not wearing shoes people who don't know me very well say things like this: "Aren't your feet cold?" "Doesn't it hurt?" "Where are your shoes?" People who do know me well who see me wearing shoes say: "What!? You're wearing shoes!" "What happened?" "Are you all right?" And other such things.

   The other day we (Mummy, Samuel, Joshua and me) were in town; we were at big w and Mummy and I saw a baby who had lots of hair. We were just talking about it when Samuel asked, "What are you talking about?" We told him and he said, "Where?" Mummy said, "Just back there." After a minute or so Samuel said, "Why would someone want a box of hair?" Mummy and I started laughing and told him we were talking about a baby with lots of hair.

   Later that day, I was just about to start peeling some potatoes for tea and Mummy was cutting up some chicken when Samuel wandered into the kitchen and said, "Mummy, how will we do the potatoes if the garbage truck hasn't come yet?".... Mummy and I both turned around and looked at him, then at the same time we said, "I think we misheard you...could you repeat that?" Samuel must have realized how weird what he'd just said was, and he started looking up at the ceiling and he walked out of the kitchen without answering us. It was weird! How he connected the garbage truck and potatoes is still a mystery to me!

   Looking through folders with pictures I drew when I was 3 or so. Isn't it funny how people used to be potato shaped, with sticks for arms and legs, and, as Alice said about one of the drawings, pancakes for hair. Just looking at my pictures shows my great artistic talent...which I seemed to have misplaced sometime, I haven't been able to find it for years...

   A funny school story that my cousin, Jessica, told me:
   Well, Jessica's class went to the library for some reason, when they got back to the class room, all their desks were upside down with the chairs on top of them. You see, their teacher and the teacher of the class next door were uni friends, and the other class had 'rearranged' their room...So Jessica's class, after they had fixed up their class room, decided to rearrange their neighbour's class room.
   They were, very conveniently, away at another place, so before they got back Jessica's class put all of the desks, chairs and other things...on the roof (It was a flat roof). They even arranged it so it looked like it did before they moved it, apparently it was rather hard to get the teacher's desk onto the roof but they managed it. They had enlisted the gardener's help with his ladder, he seemed to think it was funny.
When the other class came back they didn't know where all their stuff was, then the gardener came and said, "I didn't think people were allowed to do their school work on the roof."...

   I'm walking around at church (no shoes of course), then I step on something spiky, I say, "ouch." The person next to me stares at me in amazement and says, "You said 'ouch'!"

   The other week I went walking in the paddock. I decided to try and climb a tree (no surprise). I took my shoes off (yes, I was wearing shoes, I know, it's amazing) and climbed the tree. There happened to be cows around that place, nice friendly cows, one of them was just a little too friendly decided my shoes looked it started trying to eat them. I might not like these shoes but I needed to walk back through the tiger pear infested paddock so I didn't really want the cow eating my shoes. I had to climb down the tree, rescue my shoes and then climb back up again...then I just had a staring contest with the won.

~ Jane, Misty Maiden


  1. Not true not true! I did not say that someone said that about one of my drawings!.... not me about yours I object!


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