Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Sunflower Award

   Yes, it is another thing like the Sunshine Award, but this time it's the Sunflower Award. I have been nominated by His Princess from Growin' Up Country

So here are her questions...

Favourite book?
   That question isn't as hard as I thought it was at first...The Bible.

If you could play any character in any book or movie who would you be?
   Now this is a hard one....hmm, maybe Lydia from Brotherband, or maybe Leonora from The Unwritten Tale, I am planning on writing her story. And no it isn't actually called The Unwritten Tale, I came up with the name just then.

Most disliked Hollywood figure?
None. I don't know what 'Hollywood figures' there are so I can't really like them or dislike them.

Pit fire or BBQ?
   I like camp-fires and bonfires better than either of those, but if it had to be one...maybe a BBQ, but then maybe a pit fire, I don't really know.

Least favourite school subject?
   That would be... Maths, or maybe writing.

What time is it?
   9:30 in the morning...Why did you want to know?

If you had five minutes to get out of your house before it collapsed, what three things would you grab?
   I don't know but some suggestions from my family: Some food, my Ranger's Apprentice books, my Brotherband books, my bow and arrows...that sort of thing...

Sweet tea or lemon aid?
   Hmm, is there any coffee on offer?

Favourite Summer food?
   Something that tastes nice and that there is lots of.

   So there we go, I answered all the questions. Now I nominate:

Sarah, from Novus Papilio. Now you will have to do another blog post.

Zach, from Zach's Abode. It was tempting to nominate your test blog but I restrained myself.

And Alice, from Hope in Our Saviour.

And now, my questions:

Which do you use more often the computer or books?

What is the most common spelling mistake you make?

What is your favourite pastime?

Why should you wear arm guards when you are doing archery?

What is the biggest bruise you've ever got?

Which is better, WordPress or Blogger?

Do you ever wish you could keep breathing in without having to breathe out again?

How many times a day do you quote books or movies?

What is a verb?

Why do these award things have to have something to do with the sun?

~ Jane, Misty Maiden


  1. I must say though the previous award was the sun*shine* award and not sun*rise*.

    1. My apologies, and I say so with the greatest fulsomeness of my heart.

  2. But 'The Unwritten Tale' is such a cool title! Sure, it would be a lie by the end of the book, but it is still a cool title...

    1. Really? Well maybe I will call it that..


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