Monday, 28 April 2014

Welcome to The Misty Mountains

Far over the misty mountains cold
to dungeons deep and caverns old,
we must away ere break of day
to seek our pale, enchanted gold

   Welcome to my blog, I am the Misty Maiden of the Misty Mountains, otherwise known as Jane. When my sisters, Clare and Alice found out I was starting a blog for school they started an argument about whether I would use Blogger  or WordPress, as Alice has a WordPress blog and Clare has a Blogger blog. I decided to have a blogger blog, not because I didn't want a blog like Alice's, but because that is what I decided. I managed to get them united to help me make a good first blog post, they both hate their first ones, go look at them and you probably wont disagree. 

   I called my blog The Misty Mountains for two reasons, 1. Because it hadn't already been used, 2. Because I am learning the poem Over The Misty Mountains Cold By J R R Tolkien, and also the song was stuck in my head. You can listen to it and then it can be in your head too!

   I haven't actually watched The Hobbit but Clare has. I have read the book multiple times though, and the books are always better than the movies.

   I started this blog because mummy and I where talking about school, and she suggested that  I start a blog where I could post my nature stuff on, that way it would fall into the category of technology and nature. I must say, if I was to post only things about nature I don't think I would have very many exited viewers, so I am posting other things as well...I suppose you can see that, as this post has nothing to do with nature.

   So, that is about all I can think of saying. Fare ye well, and don't get lost in the Misty Mountains!

~ Jane, Misty Maiden


  1. Oh this is a so much better first post than mine.... only look at mine if you want to see something truly boring and obviously awful... but it does show just how much better I have got.... though when I wrote my first post I had never even read blogs before so I did have no idea.

  2. Getting aid to write the first blog post is cheating. I'm sure of it....

  3. Hullo! I'm new to your blog and I like it very much :)


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